Toucan Rescue Ranch Needs a Clinic

Raising funds to build an on-site medical clinic at the Toucan Rescue Ranch, a Costa Rican wildlife rescue facility.
Leslie Howle
Costa Rica
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A quote from Leigh Adams, who visited the Toucan Rescue Ranch:

“What you do is so much greater than just helping the injured and sick animals, so much greater.  You are replenishing the planet so that our grandchildren's grandchildren can see a toucan in the wild, can hear the call of an owl at night, can witness the beauty of nature, whole and complete, healthy and strong and reproducing for centuries to come!”

The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a RAINFOREST WILDLIFE RESCUE, REHABILITATION AND RELEASE ORGANIZATION.  A licensed Costa Rican rescue facility for 10 years, now we receive injured, orphaned and confiscated wildlife from MINAE, the Costa Rican wildlife ministry. We provide medical treatment, critical care and rehabilitation, and training for release. We provide a loving home to those that cannot be released.

Translated quote from Jorge Hernandez Benavides, Coordinator of the Program of Conservation and management of Wildlife, Conservation Area Cordillera Volcanica Central:

“The Toucan Rescue Ranch, a Costa Rican wildlife rescue center, is of great importance to our institution, since the state does not have the facilities necessary to realize primary care or rehabilitation of injured animals. The Toucan Rescue Ranch is of vital importance for us and they help with their personal funds, without any type of financial help from the state.”

We are one of the government’s favorite sites for training wildlife rangers, officers of MINAE, firemen, and policemen.  We train them in handling injured wildlife and to provide animal first aid. They learn things like how to pick up a porcupine or what to do if you find a sloth in the road!


We have tremendous success with injuries and difficult endangered species, especially the babies that are so hard to rehabilitate. We need a small on-site clinic to be able to continue to effectively treat all the injured and orphaned birds and animals that arrive at the Toucan Rescue Ranch.

We have become the 1st choice of many wildlife officers for the injured birds and animals that they have found.  We often hear comments like….

“Leslie we trust you. I am on the way to the zoo, but I want you to care for this baby sloth and owl with a broken wing, so I am stopping at your place first.”

The number of injuries we receive has been increasing dramatically! Currently an injured bird or animal has to be treated in our driveway or on our porch. If an x-ray is needed, we have to transport the injured bird or animal an hour away. Often after they have already had many hours on the road being transported to us. This is extremely stressful for the bird or animal at a time when they should be resting to recover. Getting to see the x-ray is a lengthy process when quick results can mean the difference between life and death.

The clinic will also provide us with a small area designated as quarantine. We have had many cases of birds and animals with infections, some that could be transmitted to our healthy population. Currently it is very difficult to find space to isolate these severe cases.

We need to build and equip a small clinic so the injured and orphaned birds and animals we receive can be treated and cared for in an environment that gives them the best chance at recovery and release. Please help us achieve this goal.


Contributions will be used to build and equip a small clinic:

 Anesthesia Equipment   5,000
 Anesthesia induction chamber (small y medium)    700
 Masks and Diaphragms   200
 Surgical Instruments   600
 Instruments stand   200
 Patient warming system    1,200
 Cuffed endotraqueal Tube    200
 Digital X- Ray Machine   24,000
 X-ray Aprons  (2)    300
 X-ray Thyroid cover (2)    100
 X-ray Gloves   200
 Microscope   2,000
 Fluid Warmer    400
 Oto/ophtalmoscope    500
 Exam / surgery Table (stainless Steal)    1,500
 Ultrasound    6,000
 IV Stands   100
 Veterinary scale   700
 Construction of Structure
 TOTAL $ 58,900


Please donate whatever you can, every little bit helps…. We appreciate it. 

You can also help by telling your friends and facebook groups!!!! 

Does your company do matching funds for donations? We are a registered 501(c)3, EIN: 80-0516453

If you have any questions, contact Leslie at

You can also visit our facebook, blog, or website

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