Tormentum - Dark Sorrow

Full of Darkness Point & Click Adventure Game. The action of the game is set in a dark world.
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Tormentum is a 2D adventure game developed by
the independent 3-person OhNoo studio. Immerse yourself in a world from the border of dream and nightmare

Tormentum was Greenlit! 

Thank you for support us!
Keep in mind, everyone who buys the game through our Indiegogo fundraiser for 9$ will get a key Steam when the game releases!

You can download our demo Here:

Windows, English, 48 MB

OS X, English, 41 MB

Windows, Polish, 48 MB

OS X, Polish, 41 MB

Selected quotes from the press:

“But beyond the story this game is full to the brim of incredible art work, probably the most amazing looking details I've yet seen on Indiegogo for an Adventure game.” - Inide Retro News

“And really, Tormentum actually looks like something with a lot of potential, with a decent chunk of gameplay and design ideas already showcased.” - Gameora

"The three-man team has previously developed a small, storybook title called Amelia and Terror of the Night, so this is something of a big step forward for them." - Bit Pulse

“Polish OhNoo Studio’s newest game, Tormentum, is a point-and-click adventure with art you’d mistake for van Gogh’s in a museum.” - Indiegamemag

The dreamlike atmosphere featured in the game was inspired by the works of a Polish painter, Zdzislaw Beksinski, and a recently deceased Swiss painter, H.R.Giger, among others. The game's final appearance was also greatly influenced by the worlds presented in such games as Demon's Souls and Dark Seed. From this mixture we created a world full of darkness and depression.

Unfortunately, bigger problems seem to arise. The flying ship lands in a big castle and the main hero is soon imprisoned in it. This is how this surreal story from the border of dream and reality begins...

Traversing different areas the hero learns the dark world in which he was imprisoned. Visiting new lands, he slowly starts to uncover the truth about himself.


  • Dark adventure from the border of dream and reality

  • Outstanding soundtrack with more than 20 tracks

  • Unique, hand-drawn illustrations
  • 3 lands, differing in terms of architecture, weather, and creatures dwelling in them

  • Moral choices which will have an impact on the game's end
  • Characters with unique personalities, which will help or try to prevent the hero in reaching his goal

  • A variety of riddles integrated into the game in a form of different locks, traps, gates, etc.

  • Incredible atmosphere

Like in every other adventure game, our hero will be equipped with a bag in which he'll be able to store items found throughout the game.

The game is going to include many additional logical riddles, apart from the ones found in the standard adventure. By that we mean different locks to open, unusual mechanisms, and puzzles to solve.

While on a given screen, we do not control the hero's steps, but the camera that watches him. Moving the cursor in a given direction will move the plans by a certain distance. Thanks to that solution, a player can experience a 3d effect achieved from applying 2d illustrations. In some of the instances the number of such illustrations will amount to 20!

It is an idea which we've already successfully executed in our previous, smaller product. Now we've just made it better.

Platforms and technology

Tormentum is being developed with the use of Adobe AIR Technology. Our plans include a version for PC, Mac, Linux and mobile versions for iOS and Android.

Why IndieGoGo?

Previously, for many years we've been working in different companies. Our first own product was a humble children's interactive book made for tablets, called Amelia and Terror of the Night.

Finishing this app mobilized us to start a more ambitious project and this is how we came up with the idea of creating a simple and short adventure game. Contrary to what we've been initially anticipating, after eight months of work it turned out that the game in the making isn't really going to be simple, nor short. Our project has gotten out of control and started living on its own. Since that time another 8 months went by and this is how we've reached this place, that is...

Why do we need your help?

Above all things, we dream of finishing this game in the exact form on which we previously decided.

However, to accomplish that we need more time and more time means more money. The amount of time we can devote to Tormentum is running short. At present, more often than ever, we need to take various additional casual jobs.

Additional money would buy us some time, which would allow us to shut ourselves in our home offices and fully concentrate on making the game.

We're estimating that we still need about 20 more weeks of constant work of our three-man team before the game is finished.

To sum up, we're gathering funds in order to be able to pay the bills, buy food, etc. It'll allow us to fully concentrate on finishing Tormentum.

Apart from that, we would also like to professionally translate our game to English because, for now, the game is being created solely in Polish.

OhNoo Studio Team

Previously for many years we've been creating games, but not under our own name and not necessarily the way that we wanted. However, thanks to that we've gained some experience and, above all, we became tight friends, which is very important. Our first own product, a children's interactive book called Amelia and Terror of the Night, was published in 2013. It only whetted our appetites and so we came to a conclusion, that we need to publish our own game. And this is how we've found ourselves in the current place.

Stretch goals

Our dream is to dub the whole game but, unfortunately, this isn't very cheap.

We would also like to translate Tormentum into more languages besides English; this way we would be able to interest more people in our game. But for that we also need more money.

Risk and Challenges

Our campaign on IndieGoGo is both a big challenge and a great opportunity to us. This way we hope to raise the funds needed to finish the game faster and better than currently possible. We do all sorts of odd jobs in order to finance Tormentum, but by doing so we're losing much time as well as concentration which we would much rather invest in the game.

The risk is very little because as of today the majority of our materials is ready. We also have two big playable chapters completed. Now we just need a little bit more time to refine the details and finish the game.

OhNoo Studio may be a very small team, but our ambitions are great. Reaching our goal will let us fully concentrate on our work for at least the next 2 months. You won't be disappointed.

Rewards and Perks

1$ - Scraps of Life

9$ - Part of a Dream

20$ - Cty My Name

25$ - The Dark Vision

40$ - Dementia

49$ - Early Death (Limited)

55$ - Behold the Darkness

75$ - The Box of Despair

99$ - Shell od Sadness

150$ - Shadow Cocoon

199$ - Elegy

299$ - Nocturne (Limited)

499$ - Tormentum (Limited)


How many languages will Tormentum support?

Polish and English, at least for now. The English version still needs professional editing which is one of the reasons for our campaign. Availability of other language versions will depend on the amount of help received.

Will Tormentum be DRM free?


How long is the game going to be?

At present, it is a little bit difficult to say, but depending on a player's experience with this kind of games, we estimate that it will be possible to finish it in about 4 to 6 hours.

Is Tormentum going to be one of those HOPA (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure) games?

Puzzle and Adventure - YES, but Hidden Object - NO. We aren't big fans of this type of games. :) Generally speaking, expect a gameplay based on using objects on other objects as well as logical mini-games. The game is also going to feature environment exploration, different characters to meet, as well as moral choices.

Is Tormentum going to feature complex interactive dialogue options during conversations with other characters?

We'll be able to listen to whatever those characters want to tell us, but we won't be able to ask them questions. It is possible to skip the dialogues in case the player just wants to focus on the puzzle side of the game and not the story.

Will I be able to move the character freely?

The interface was invented in such a way as to not unnecessarily frustrate the player. After playing many adventure games we came to a conclusion that waiting for the character to move from one place to another can be very boring and discouraging. Because of that, in our game the character stands always in the same place. The player, however, is able to explore an area with his cursor (or fingers, in case of tablets), by moving the camera.

Should we be afraid of the so-called “pixel-hunt”, so often found in adventure games?

We've applied a non-invasive tip system to the game. Additionally, it is going to be possible to zoom into every pickable item in the game, letting the player to watch it closely, even before picking it up.

How many endings there are going to be?

There are going to be two endings, good and bad, both dependent on the choices made during the game.

How big the game world is going to be?

We plan on making three big lands open for exploration. Access to the next land is gained after completing the current one.

Is the game going to be brutal? Will there be blood?

The game is intended for adult players.

When will I receive my rewards?

All rewards will be dispatched as soon as we finish working on the game. To us, it is a matter of honour.

On what platforms do you plan to release Tormentum, and when?

PC, Mac, iOS, and Android! The dates depend on whether we'll be able to raise the necessary funds.

How much should I add for shipping?

Shipping is free for all locations.

What t-shirt sizes will be available?

We are currently planning to give our backers a choice of S, M, L, XL and XXL t-shirts.

Thank you for taking your time

reading and watching this!

Official Website:

Contact email:

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  • $1USD
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    Thanks! Every dollar helps us bring Tormentum to life!

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    Everything above, plus: ● Access to closed beta version (only iPad/iOS). Try the game before anybody else! and give us feedback on it. ● You will be mentioned in credits as a Beta Tester. (This is a unique perk and is not inherited by higher perks. See the table.)

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    Everything above, plus: ● We will send you (via snail mail) an illustrated postcard, signed by our whole team

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  • $99USD
    -= Shell of Sadness =-

    Everything above, plus: ● A t-shirt with a printed illustration from the game, in two different versions for you to choose from (we will contact you via mail in order to arrange the details such as the size and version of the t-shirt) ● An even bigger metal badge with an illustration from the game

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  • $150USD
    -= Shadow Cocoon =-

    Everything above, plus: ● Physical copy of the artbook (hardcover), full of artworks, character designs, and concept arts. It will also include photos detailing the process of making the game. ● A bag with an illustration from the game ● The biggest metal badge with an illustration from the game!

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  • $199USD
    -= Elegy =-

    Everything above, plus: ● Your name carved in a gravestone in one of the locations within the game ● A mousepad with artwork ● Special thanks for the biggest support at the end of the game ● Limited singed box edition of Tormentum (only on IndieGoGo)

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $299USD
    -= Nocturne =-

    Everything above, plus: ● Find yourself in the game as one of the many dead bodies which the hero will discover in one of the castle's rooms. Your body will be reproduced based on the photo you'll provide us with. That is, if you only dare...

    2 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $499USD
    -= Tormentum =-

    Everything above, plus: ● Unique, hand-drawn illustration made specially for you by Piotr Ruszkowski, the main illustrator of Tormentum (who knows, maybe some years down the road it will be worth quite a lot... ;) )

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
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