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A documentary series that creates community campaigns addressing social and environmental issues using solutions imagined by children!
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Tomorrow's Roundtable is here to bring people together and give a voice to the ones that have been ignored, overlooked, and silenced. Starting with children, and extending to EVERYONE. It's time for you to be heard. This is a roundtable for YOU, and for all people. It’s time to celebrate our individual communities, embrace our differences, and learn from each other. Welcome to the table.

We live in a time of massive global challenges, where changing climates, exploding populations, shifting paradigms, and accelerating levels of scarcity push every natural and man-made system on the planet closer to collapse. As a result, in every sector, in every city, thousands of projects focus on sustainability and preserving the environment, on innovation and revolution. Others focus on increasing health, justice, or education. Still others work towards rights for children, animals, and all heritages... the list goes on.

Tomorrow's Roundtable is a project that finds all of these issues connected. The common thread in all of these concerns is stewardship of the future. In that singular purpose, many different causes unite as one. 

This is about radical inclusion. It's a project for the 100%. This is the roundtable of the next generation, with a seat for everyone.

Tomorrow's Roundtable explores the brilliance of children while providing a charitable platform for communities to address problems that affect the world of tomorrow. The show uses solutions imagined by young children to launch ongoing community improvement campaigns. 

Childhood is a liberated state for the human heart and the human mind. There is genius and magic in it. Children see and feel life as it is, a field of unlimited possibility. The artistic mission of the project is to provide viewers and communities with a lens to see and feel life as children do.

Each episode of the series begins as five children from across the nation join our host Ivy Joeva, at the roundtable. We watch as they come together to explore, brainstorm, and ultimately work to solve one of the world's big problems. Ivy moderates the discussion, helping connect their vivid imaginations with practical adult perspectives. Once they have come up with some great solutions, the audience votes to determine a winning idea to put into action. 

It's not just a talk show, it's an action show.

The kids pitch the winning idea to celebrities that are passionate about the problem. We document the weeks to follow as celebrities open doors to companies and charities that improve and implement the idea in a community that needs help. This allows the insights and feelings of children to be acted on so they can really make a difference. Meanwhile this connects people and organizations in unity of purpose, while creating awareness for important causes and innovative solutions.

The story doesn't end with the episode, it begins - the campaign evolves on the web with the power of the crowd... 

The Seeds of Change

Each campaign features the convergence of what we call “The Seeds of Change.” When planted individually, each of these seeds possess tremendous power and influence, but what happens when they grow together?

  • CHILDREN ~ The leaders of tomorrow. Children are the most innocent and imaginative people on the planet, yet their ideas go unnoticed when it comes to "real world" issues. What will happen when we begin to honor the perspectives of these 2.6 billion creative, unbiased minds?
  • CELEBRITIES ~ The stars of our communities. The embodiment of dreams that came true. The trendsetters. Not just entertainers, but thought leaders from all fields - anyone with an audience. These days, celebrities are using their influence to make the world a better place. Wouldn’t it be great to have a platform that amplifies this influence to lift up entire communities?
  • COMPANIES ~ The gears of the movement. Key products and services will save the world. Innovations in technology, science, medicine, design, networking, entertainment - these are the evolutions that will push humanity toward a sustainable, prosperous future. Who better to sponsor the campaigns than the makers of these products?
  • CHARITIES ~ The heart of society. Charities provide a mirror to the tenderness of the human spirit. Giving. Helping. Caring. Loving. The best elements of Humanity. For every great problem, there are even greater people and organizations working to solve it. They deserve a platform designed to support and champion their efforts.
  • COMMUNITIES ~ The soul of all living things. Communities nurture the collective, lifting our individual spirits to a higher, more connected state. It is where all of the components come together in unity of purpose.
  • THE CROWD ~ The community of communities. All of us. The unstoppable force of humanity when it comes together. This is what empowers real, lasting change. Our actions as a crowd create the net effect which leaves the imprint on the planet. Isn't it time to make the imprint for a better future? The power of the Crowd is what is needed now, to ignite this movement.

Globally known prodigy author, education innovator, public speaker, and child advocate, 16-year old Adora Svitak brings a tremendous voice to Tomorrow's Roundtable. Watch her TED Talk below! 

"In my 2010 TED Talk, 'What Adults Can Learn from Kids,' I cited kids' boundless imaginations and youthful naiveté as strengths when it comes to dealing with some of the world's biggest problems. Throughout my work championing youth voice, I've seen firsthand that kids' ideas can be quirky, fun, and different enough to work. I'm so glad that Tomorrow's Roundtable is going to bring young people's voices front and center--it's exactly the kind of opportunity I'd love to champion and embrace." ~ Adora Svitak

Of all the challenges facing the world, deciding where to begin was no small task. However, when we saw them all from a macro point of view it seemed a lack of education was at the root of all of these issues -- and our children, the icons of our future, were right in the middle of it all! What could be a more urgent topic for our little ones at ground zero? And what could be a better place to begin this story?

In America alone, 8,300 students dropout of school every day and are responsible for 74% of the crimes committed. Those same people are also unqualified for 90% of jobs. And even if they do graduate, 19% of them can't read. What kind of world are we living in? We're drowning in information, yet starving for knowledge. Why is this? What exactly is education? What does it mean to learn, or to teach? How can students and teachers thrive? And what technologies can assist?

We recently chatted with some revolutionary educators at PlayMaker School and - just a couple of the types of innovators we will follow throughout the production of the pilot - and this is what they had to say...

We've been so fortunate to gain some incredible new allies in promoting this campaign! Thank you to everyone who has helped share this special mission. 

  • Learn Help Teach ~ "We see a GREAT value in this project for promoting youth education, new systems and new ideas."
  • Good.Is ~ "No matter where you might be in the world, this is your chance to take part in this incredible project."
  • One Miracle at a Time ~ "Every kid should have the chance to do something great. For $5, you can help 5 kids help communities."
  • Dr. Rosina McAlpine ~ "We can help our children become aware of environmental and social issues and empower them to be change makers and have that sense of wellbeing thorough their whole life. [...] This project is so important as it has the potential to inspire all children to know that they can make a difference in the world."
  • ~ "An interesting idea - creating a "cause-driven documentary series" to look for new ideas and possible solutions to issues affecting our society, yet instead of the 'big thinkers,' they're going to talk to children." 

If you're part of a press team that might be interested in featuring the project, please let us know directly at

Tomorrow's Roundtable has come into contact with amazing people and organizations. Below are some commitments and interested parties.

Ivy Joeva ~ Roundtable Host

The host of our roundtable. As a life-long dancer and healer, Ivy is passionate about helping guide people back home to their body-centered wisdom. As a seasoned reporter and host, her passion is raising awareness of issues facing our world. Her journalism career includes credits with Current TV, One Beat Channel, and Channel One News. After finishing UC Berkeley with a double major in Psychoneuroimmunology and Dance, she became aware of the need for a holistic approach to healing- one that addresses mind, body, and spirit. She is a holistic health counselor, state certified massage therapist, DONA-certified doula, and Khalsa Way prenatal yoga instructor. //

Charly Emery ~ Community Host

A personal strategist and author, Charly is a trauma survivor who used her own instincts to transform virtually every area of her life before becoming the uniquely strategic resource for others that she couldn't find. She's a master at recycling your experiences into wisdom that propels you forward with immediate results. Gifted speaker and host, Charly's exceptional insights have attracted appearances on Fox LA, Fox Boston, NBC affiliates and Opening Act on E! Network. //

Mike Wike ~ Execution
Mike brings many colorful life experiences and a diverse professional background to Tomorrow’s Roundtable: health and fitness, charity, writing, marketing, law, theater, filmmaking, sales. The list goes on, but here it seems Mike has finally found a project that he can pour everything he has into. //

Veronica Morale ~ Communication
Vee does the impossible. She managed banking firms before she was old enough to rent a car, ran a marathon barefoot, and has given countless hours to charities. She has the heart of a mother for humanity. Her fearlessness, balance in beliefs and love for people, keeps the morale of the team alive. //

Adam J. Richman ~ Visuals
Cinematography meets design. Director of Photography credit on dozens of shorts, features, commercials and music videos, and the design guru for numerous companies. BFA from Chapman University. Whether behind the lens or behind the brand, Adam brings form and function into spiritual union. // 

Brooke Dooley ~ Production 
At 8 she made her first TV show. At 16 she worked in a law firm. Brooke has travelled the world, earned a B.A. in Cinema from SFSU, communicated media across all platforms, and managed budgets up to $800,000. She's produced two feature films and dozens of shorts, commercials and music videos. //

Steve Feld ~ Story
7-time Emmy winner with credits on all broadcast and major cable networks. Career highlights include Charles in Charge, The New Lassie, Raid on the Reactor, 100 years of Hope and Humor, Wild & Crazy Kids. Special Olympics, Al Gore's Climate Reality Project and the 2008 Democratic Convention. //

Stephanie Pearl ~ Social
Stephanie brings a background of volunteering, both in the states and abroad with an NGO in Nicaragua. She has an incredible talent for the written word and is dedicated to helping others discover their passions, cultivating community, and working to connect like-minded individuals and organizations to create lasting change. //

Tina Imahara ~ Editorial
With almost 20 years of experience, Tina has edited over 60 films. Most notably, ON TIP TOE received Oscar and Emmy nominations. FUEL won the Sundance Audience Award and was short listed for an Oscar nomination. THE BIG FIX was an official selection at the Cannes. BFA at Cal Arts and an MFA in Film Editing at AFI. //

Paul B. Frieling ~ VFX
Earned his BFA at College for Creative Studies and went on to become a world class 3D animation artist with credits on such films as Avatar & Spider Man 4, and the cinematics for video games like Batman, DC Universe, and Star Wars. Winner of a D Show Award for best conceptual animated short film in 2007. He also loves to eat carrots. //

Jeb Cook ~ Technology
Art and culture enthusiast, digital media expressionist. Jeb began his career in music and later earned a degree in Multimedia from CSUN. He has worked in all aspects of web-related new media development. Content design must be intuitive and functional. Jeb diligently organizes these solutions. //

David Blau ~ Legal
Founding partner of Blau & Associates, with a B.A. in Psychology at UCLA and J.D. at Loyola. Extensive experience in law including entertainment, intellectual property, corporate formation, development and compliance. He has engaged in all aspects of litigation, arbitration, mediation and trial. //

Crystal Cassidy ~ Accounting 
Crystal is a licensed CPA serving small business and nonprofit organizations since 1995. She is widely experienced in tax, accounting, reconciliations, payables, payroll, consulting, cash flow, forecasts, budgets, bookkeeping, business plans and audits- she keep the books in check. //

Special thanks to Eric Corriea and James Emley for their wonderful work scoring our Indiegogo video, and to Sylvia for her beautiful voice to narrate it! :) 

Princess Karen Cantrell ~ Advisor
United Nations Ambassador Princess Karen has dedicated her life to making the world a better place through her philanthropy, community activism and humanitarian work.

Matthew Frieling ~ Advisor 
Matt brings to the table a wealth of business knowledge, from Sales and Marketing to Advertising and Production to extensive experience with startups. He is also the Strategic Account Partner at Local World. BBA from Eastern Michigan University, as well as multiple study abroad excursions in business and in culture.

Brandi Veil ~ Advisor
Brandi's holistic approach to producing transformative events led to a focus on corporate social responsibility and shared economy to bring together conscious products, partners, and events. She spoke at the United Nations World Information Transfer Conference 2012 about community building in emerging markets for positive change in health and the environment.

Jason Farrand ~ Advisor
20 years of experience in advertising and entertainment. Jason's love for filmmaking is evident in his writing, directing and collaboration. His storytelling and knack for directing tropical comedy brings him great success. His TV series "Head Case," which runs on Starz, has had over 40 celebrities appear as cameos. 

Brendon Cadell ~ Advisor 
Brendan provides the team an excellent and relevant slate of experience of business building, sales and capitalization. As Founder and President of Local World Staffing, his insight and guidance provides an additional pillar of strength to the core business of Tomorrow's Roundtable. 

  • Funding successful and released to production crew in January 2014.

  • Set up and prepare production facilities.

  • Auditions begin in February to find a diverse group of vibrant, wise, engaging, imaginative leaders (children) to become the stars of the pilot.

  • Pre-production and packaging continue through February and March to coordinate and align all necessary moving pieces, people, and organizations.

  • Production begins in March and continues for 6 months, allowing maximum documentary coverage of: the community’s school year in session, summer programs, and the beginning of the following school year.

  • Post-production begins as soon as production does, allowing us to edit and stream various content online as it is being shot in the field.

  • Ultimately, the story will find its full arc and be completed as a “pilot” by January 2015.

  • Remember - the story does not end with the episode, it begins. The pilot starts a trajectory of ongoing content, tools, and resources so the campaign can evolve online and grow in other communities. The goal is that viewers are able to learn from what is revealed in the pilot and take it far beyond the episode; with not just talk - with action! Just like the show itself. An education revolution that really heals the future will require people everywhere to implement similar campaigns in their own communities.

  • If the pilot episode is successful, 11 more campaigns will be launched during the following year, addressing the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. With further funding, the project will integrate a social media vehicle and mobile app platform, thus becoming a powerful catalyst for real-world change.

What we can accomplish with our $500,000 goal:

  • Hiring all necessary film crew members for pre-production, production, and post (at significantly reduced rates) for 6 months.

  • All supporting services for 6 months: food, transportation, lodging.

  • All administration costs. Management, legal, accounting, etc.

  • Pre-production for 2 months with supporting staff to package all production elements.

  • Coordinate the children, celebrities, companies, charities, and the featured community.

  • Build and run the campaign.

  • Education program implementation - building and launching an ongoing program that will make a real difference in students’ lives.

  • Production of the pilot episode. Ongoing filmmaking. 4-6 months.

  • All post production including editing, VFX, audio work, and music licensing.

  • Grassroots advertising to promote the show during production and upon completion.

It's unfortunately not possible to do EVERYTHING we want to for this project immediately, even if we hit our $500,000 goal. Two critical elements had to be set aside to focus money and resources on the pilot campaign. If, however, our initial goal is reached, a stretch goal for an additional $500,000 will be introduced... 

What we can accomplish with a stretch goal of an additional $500,000:

  • The social media platform: this will provide tools and resources for online users to connect and bring the campaigns to life in their own communities.
  • Mobile app development: this will put the power of change (the above tools and resources from the social platform) in everyone's pockets, allowing for immediate and local action to support community improvement projects.

It's all about championing everyone's individual voice. We encourage you to submit your own reflections on the project. Please reach out to if you'd like to share yours! 

Ryan Heflin ~ "On Childhood" 

A visionary artist and musician, Ryan truly believes in Tomorrow's Roundtable. In this wonderful video he shares his thoughts on the wonders of childhood, and performs an acoustic version of Kermit The Frog's classic: "Rainbow Connection" dedicated to the project. Thank you for your support, Ryan! //

10 year old Meliah ~ "On Kid's Voices" 

Do children have anything significant to say? 10 year old Meliah thinks so. When she heard about Tomorrow's Roundtable, she was compelled to make a video about her thoughts on a show that champions the ideas of children. 

Do you have something other than cash you want to contribute? Maybe you can engineer software, build community, know a celebrity, or have film equipment, hard drives, food, locations, or something beyond our wildest dreams? If you feel a special connection to Tomorrow's Roundtable and want to contribute goods or volunteer your services, please please do LET US KNOW!! Send an email to

Lots of love :)

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    Exclusive early access to behind the scenes content and featurettes + an advanced, downloadable, online screening of the pilot + a downloadable copy of all music used in the pilot. You'll also receive an invitation to join the beta team of the social media and mobile app platform when we receive the funding to support this element of the project. THANK YOU!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + Your child will be part of history, featured in the pilot as a member of the community action project. They will take action, work with celebrities, charities, companies, the 5 roundtable children, and our production team to bring the education revolution campaign to life! This will be a powerful learning experience and opportunity to change the world. THANK YOU! *Limited to children aged 5-17. Lunch + ground transportation provided. Airfare and accommodations not included.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + Official credit as "Executive Producer" on screen, in all titles, posters, IMDB, festivals, and all advertising where producers are listed. This entitles you to attend monthly producer meetings, award ceremonies, special events and parties, exclusive on-set privileges, and behind-the-scenes access to many other exciting components of Tomorrow's Roundtable. THANK YOU!

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