Toma Coconea: Ten Years of Red Bull X-Alps

A film about paragliding star, Toma Coconea, overcoming the human limits and going beyond them, at the Red Bull X-Alps, the world's toughest adventure race.

A film about paragliding star, Toma Coconea, overcoming the human limits and going beyond them, at the Red Bull X-Alps, the world's toughest adventure race.

The film will follow Toma's adventures trough all six editions of Red Bull X-Alps, from 2003 to 2013.

Toma is one of the best known figures in the sport to have emerged from the Red Bull X-Alps. In 2013, he will be just one of two athletes to be invited to all six editions of the 2 week race where athletes can only fly or hike from Salburg Austria to Monaco, Monte Carlo.

The Romanian won the hearts of millions of X-Alps fans in 2007 when his exploits on foot earned him the nickname “Running Man”.

In 2011 he did it again, with an astonishing performance of running 84 km without stopping to meet the finish time window, also while carrying his mandatory backpack of 12kg despite having a 2nd degree ankle sprain. He won 2nd place on the podium, after 2 weeks of epic flights and marathon style runs.

The film will include interviews with well known figures from the paragliding scene and talking about Toma and X-Alps. Chriegel Maurer, Hannes Arch, Jimmy Pacher, Pierre Bouloux, Thomas de Dordolot, Mike Kung and many more are just some of the people being interviewed. And of course, Toma will tell us his inside stories about this amazing adventure.

You can find more about the X-Alps race at: http://www.redbulxalps.com

Check Toma's Facebook page, join the thousands of friends and find out more about what is Toma doing right now at http://www.facebook.com/tomicoconea


About the production stage and the crew

We started this project in 2003. At that moment we didn't mean to make a film, we just wanted to have some nice footage to document this great adventure. We filmed all the X-Alps events and so far the finished film is more than 60% complete using footage from the past 5 editions of the X-Alps and prior training sessions. Also, most of the interviews have been filmed.

We have also secured the rights to use some of the stunning footage filmed from Red Bull helicopters.

In 2011, we knew we had enough footage to make a film but lacked the funds for post-production. We postponed everything until 2013, when it would be the 10th anniversary celebration of the first X-Alps adventure.

The video above is the first version of the trailer using footage from 2003 to 2011. A new one will be ready two weeks after 2013 X-Alps event is over.

This fundraising campaign will help us to complete the film. It will help finance part of the travel expenses in Alps, from Salburg to Monaco (20 days) and equipment rentals for filming the 2013 X-Alps even. Also, it will cover some of the post-production costs such as film editors, voice-over artists, colorist, etc, and also for DVD duplication and distribution. The remaining finances will provided by our film partners and sponsors.
Also, a portion of the funds raised from this campaign will go to help Toma Coconea to finance the logistics for his team.
The production company of this film is 7G Films http://7g.ro and the fundraising is managed by CULTAR Non-Profit Association http://cultar.com

Directed by: Mihnea de Vries http://devries.ro
Cinematographers: Mihai Lazar, Matei Plesa, Mihnea de Vries
Music: Cristian Faur, awarded composer, two time winner of Eurovision Romania.
Editor: Lorand Toth of Meridional Media http://meridionalmedia.ro
Producers: Mihnea de Vries, Mihai Lazar
Mihnea is an experienced and accomplished film director. He has directed many music videos, tv commercials, documentaries and a tv series pilot for a major Romanian television channel. He was also a member of Toma Coconea Team at X-Alps in the past. He is represented by Proletariat Films and 7G Films


The Perks, also known as rewards

This fundraising campaign will help us to finish the film and you will get some nice perks, and we all love the perks, don't we?

All the perks are on the right side of this page, some of them are self explanatory but some of them may need more explanation below:

The Ultra Limited Edition. Toma's autograph will include a special dedication made especially to your name. (the name you registered in Indiegogo). Your name will be mentioned in the final credits of the film, in the "Special Thanks To:" section.
The Associate producer and Executive producer packages are for film professionals who may need more IMDB.com credits records, or for die hard fans that want the ultimate perks.
Associate Producer Package. You will receive an Asscociate Producer record on IMDB. Your name will be mentioned on the opening titles and credits roll as Asscociate Producer.
Executive Producer Package. You will receive an Executive Producer record on IMDB. Your name will be mentioned on the opening titles and credits roll as Executive Producer.
If the Associate Producer and Executive Producer packages are sold out, we will organize a private screening where you can meet with Toma Coconea and the film crew. Date and location to be announced. Transportation and accomodation not included.

All perks include standard mail world wide shipping. (except The Digital Download)
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Sharing is Love

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