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A series of high quality videos covering Japan's contemporary subculture.
Niko Lanzuisi
Video / Web
2 Team Members
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raised in 22 days
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€1,000 EUR goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
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This campaign ended on February 25, 2013
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  • €1EUR
    Ramen Supporter

    You just bought Niko food for a whole day! Stay in touch with the campaign through our email newsletter updates!

    2 claimed
  • €1EUR

    ニコに1日分の食べ物をありがとう! プロジェクトのオフィシャルニュースレターを通じて、キャンペーンの進展を応援して!

    0 claimed
  • €10EUR
    Takeaway dinner supporter

    Bon Appetit!! Help Niko survive with a modicum of human dignity. Besides our email newsletter updates, you will receive an HD digital download prior to the official launch.

    18 claimed
  • €10EUR
    "テイクアウト"サポーター !

    Bon Appetit!ニコにわずかな人間としての尊厳をありがとう!ニュースレターに加えて、完成後にHDクオリティの映像のダウンロード優先権!

    0 claimed
  • €50EUR
    Steak dinner supporter

    ITADAKIMASU!! Honto ni arigato! For helping Niko survive in comfort and getting him off the vitamin supplements your name will be immortalised in the credits, HD digital download & official updates!

    4 claimed
  • €50EUR

    いただきます!ニコに安らぎとビタミン各種を本当にありがとう!あなたの名前は永遠にUAMOU本編のクレジットに残ります! もちろん、HDデジタルダウンロード優先権とオフィシャルニュースレターも!

    1 claimed
  • €75EUR
    Classic Malt Supporter

    KANPAI! You will be awarded with a limited edition TOKYO x CREATIVES - UAMOU key-holder (only four will be produced!). further more your name will be immortalised in the credits, HD digital download & official updates! ______________________________________ "クラシックモルツ”サポーター 応援ありがとうございます!あなたには上記の全てとTOKYO x CREATIVES - UAMOUのLIMITED EDITIONキーホルダーお届けします。(キーホルダーは4っこしかないです!)

    0 out of 4 claimed
  • €100EUR
    Bon gourmand supporter

    Merci beaucoup! Even though we would like to pretend we can live on haute cuisine now, we'll just stick with eating regularly and doing more work. You will receive all of the above rewards plus a personal illustrated thank you note by Niko Lanzuisi!

    1 claimed
  • €100EUR


    0 claimed
  • €500EUR
    Grand Buffet supporter

    This is your chance to associate your (respectable*) business with Tokyo X Creatives! Your name and (company) logo will be featured at the beginning of the video plus all of the above! *Seriously, we reserve the right to deny your logo if deemed offensive. ______________________________________ "豪華ビュッフェ"サポーター あなたと"東京xクリエイティブ"がつながるチャンス!あなたの名前をとあなたののロゴ(会社可)が映像の冒頭に登場、もちろん上記の特典全ても付きます! (*ただし、あまりに相応しくないものはお断りする可能性があります)

    0 claimed
  • €1,000EUR
    Opulence Sundae Supporter

    We thank you for making Tokyo x Creatives episode 01 the best it can be! You will be awarded with an Executive Producer credit plus of course all of the rewards above! ______________________________________ "超豪華絢爛スペシャルデザート”サポーター 上記の特典全てに加えて、あなたが名前はエグゼクティブプロデューサーとして映像内に登場します!

    0 claimed
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