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Do you want a happy ending to the prematurely-eradicated series "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil"? #ReanimateTodd
Andrew Rosen
Email Verified
Toronto, Ontario
3 Team Members



Hi Supporters of Pure Evil,

Here's our first "post victory" update, to let you know about the status of your perks!

1) Your digital Crowley High Diplomas are being created this week - please email us at toddindiegogo@gmail.com by Monday, June 24th to tell us what name you'd like on your diploma (otherwise we'll use the name or email address you signed up with.) Please be patient as we email them out to you, as we have to send them to more than 1400 different Toddies!!

2) If you were one of the 250 lucky bastards to get a Yellow Crowley High gym shirt perk and you didn't message us before about your size, please email us at toddindiegogo@gmail.com by Monday, June 24th to let us know the size you want (they only come in Men's S-XXL...Ms. Dempsey doesn't approve of "girly gym shirts."). Otherwise, we'll default at a Large. Shirts will be printed and sent out in July!

3) We will soon directly email the Curtis Weaver perk recipients and Hannah B. Williams perk recipients, to make special arrangements. You are lucky lucky lucky shit roosters.

4) Chris Leavins will be in touch with his Atticus Pizza Party peeps to make pizza-y arrangements.

5) Anyone who got a Package of Pure Evil or higher - we'll be in touch soon about your unique perks that we can start sending out in July (i.e. video messages from the Gang of Pure Evil, tweet from Jason Mewes). And we'll be talking to those crazy Toddies who will get their animated likenesses in the final film!

ALL THE OTHER PERKS will be sent out when we're finished the film in Spring 2014 (anticipated date). This includes perks like the HD download, DVD, limited edition poster, character drawings, etc. We can't send these out until we finish production of the movie - we may be stupid, but we're not THAT stupid!!

So we're not bothering you too much, we'll send you monthly Indiegogo updates to let you know the progress of the production of "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End."

But otherwise, be sure to regularly check our Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel and our Official Website (all links are listed at the bottom of our Indiegogo page) to catch new updates and other cool contests and events we'll have throughout this year of production.

If you have any questions or want to contact us about your Indiegogo perks, please email us at toddindiegogo@gmail.com.

Thanks again - with your support we're finally getting "The End of The End" we all deserve!

\m/ The Producers of Pure Evil \m/


We're happy to announce that the band Enceladus has won the Todd Indiegogo Band Contest, so they get a song on our movie soundtrack. Coooooool. Congrats guys!

And all the other bands are winners in our eyes...just not the "winning" type of winners that Enceladus are. Check out the list of all the bands who entered the contest, on our official Facebook page. You might find some awesome new music.


Hey Toddies with bands, listen up!

We know you're all into "the metal music", so we want you to be a part of the musical awesomeness in "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End." We're holding a Todd Indiegogo Band Contest to offer a spot in our movie's soundtrack for one of your bands' songs.

All you have to do is get your band's fans to go to our Indiegogo campaign (igg.me/at/bookofpureevil), sign up and comment "[Your Band Name here] will rock The End of The End." (and whatever else they want to add). Your fans will have to register with Indiegogo in order to comment, but we're not forcing anyone to contribute to our kickass cause (although it would be really really nice if they did!) 

Only one comment from each fan will count, so please don't have them spam or flood our comment board. And "anonymous" comments won't count either - we need to make sure each comment is from a unique fan. But "private messages" count (so you may not see all the comments on the official Indiegogo comment page.)

The contest runs for THREE DAYS ONLY, starting on Monday, June 3 at 12:01amET and ending on Wednesday, June 5 at 11:59pmET. The winning band will be announced after our Indiegogo campaign ends.

By the way, we're not choosing you on the quality of your song, but by how good you are at getting your fans can rally behind you, so get them off their asses!! You may say to yourself, "Hey...this sounds like a popularity contest!" Yes. Welcome to Crowley High, Shit Roosters! And if you want to get more popular, may we suggest using The Book of Pure Evil. What could possibly go wrong?


1) Any band WORLDWIDE can participate, with music in ANY GENRE.

2) We are offering one spot on the soundtrack of "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End." to the band with the most fan comments with their band name included on our Indiegogo comments section between Monday, June 3 at 12:01amET and Wednesday, June 5 at 11:59pmET. Only one comment from each "non-anonymous" fan will count.

3) In order to OFFICIALLY REGISTER YOUR BAND IN THE CONTEST, please email your band's name to info@toddandthebookofpureevil.com saying "My band, [your band name here], agrees to the rules of the Todd Indiegogo Band Contest." We need to know you're a willing participant in this contest - we can't have people putting Metallica's name in without their permission (as we know, they're very litigious!) You NEED to do this to enter, or your fans' comments WILL NOT be counted. So don't be an ass taxi, make sure you register with an email to info@toddandthebookofpureevil.com.

4) You acknowledge that your song is an original (NOT A COVER) and all rights to the song's lyrics, music and production are owned by you and/or your band.

5) By entering this contest, you agree to allow your song to be included in our movie soundtrack free of charge (but any residual fees will be paid out accordingly.) We will sign an industry standard song licensing contract with you once we begin production.

If you have any questions, message us on our Official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/toddandthebookofpureevil).

Now go out there and rustle up your fans!

\m/ The Producers of Pure Evil \m/

May 31st:  THE BEST PERK YET? (...with just 8 days to go...) 

We've added a new very limited perk for Toddies who live in LA. An Atticus Pizza Party! Only 8 in total, so get yours today! Also, we're launching an Indiegogo music contest for independent bands who want to get a song on our soundtrack. Rules to go up here and on our Facebook page on Monday, June 3rd. If you win, and as long as you're better than Barbarian Apocalypse, we'll be glad to have your song on our soundtrack!

May 28th:  ANOTHER PERK UPDATE! (and only 11 days left...) 

In the last 11 days of our campaign, you'll see some new cool perks coming up. Some of our cast have graciously lent their non-acting talents to our campaign, so see what they have to offer. And all you Toddies with bands out there, be ready for a three-day contest to get one of your songs in our movie (for free of course, but think of the exposure!!)

We thank all of our fans and contributors for their ongoing support and look forward to bringing you the Todd movie in the near future! Let's keep the momentum going - the more money we can raise now, the faster we can get the movie out to you in 2014!!

May 20th:  YOU DID IT! (with 20 days left...). And our stretch goal is...

We hit our goal! This means we're definitely getting an ending to "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil"! Thanks to everyone who contributed so far. But that doesn't mean it's over - there's still time to JUMP ON THE TODD BANDWAGON and get some killer perks. In the next 20 days, you'll see fresh new perks, cool news and a wicked contest for indie bands to get a song into the movie's soundtrack!

Now that we've reached our initial goal, we wanted to let you know about our "stretch goal." If we get to $100,000 we'll guarantee a NEW MUSICAL SEQUENCE in the film. This is brought to you by the same folks who gave you "Freak Love", "Love is Heaven, Love is Hell" and "Horny Like The Devil."

So keep spreading the news - our Indiegogo campaign is still going on for EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to join. Let's go for it, Toddies!

May 15th:  A PERK UPDATE! (with only 25 days left...)

We have added a one-off perk to our line-up! A Yellow Crowley High Gym T-shirt!! This is a stand-alone perk (it doesn't include any other items.) And please note: These limited edition t-shirts are not part of any other packages - even though they say "ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS" - that only refers to the original packages (see the graphic below). THANKS!

Toddies from around the world UNITE! #ReanimateTodd

Help bring back "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil" for more blood & tears.*

*(Tears of both the laughter and heartbreak variety.)

Thanks for joining us. If you've gotten this far, that means:

  1. You're a fan of "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil" (aka Toddie).
  2. You're a friend of a fan of "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil".
  3. You're a fan of horror and comedy
  4. You've watched all 26 epic episodes on FEARnet or Netflix already...and NEED more.
  5. You're bored and rich and you got lost on the Internet looking up "Brazilian Smother Monkey" and somehow ended up here.

In any case, we love you and need your help.

Here's our story so far. We made two amazingly fun, critically-acclaimed, award-winning seasons of the television series "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil", seen internationally by hundreds of thousands of people. We thought it was an awesome show, and so did legions of our fans around the world. But unfortunately last year we got cancelled...and right after airing one of the coolest (and saddest) cliffhangers in television horror-comedy history.

We want to bring you more "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil", but we're going to have to do it together. You, us, the Internet...LET'S DO THIS!! This campaign is open to everyone around the world. No borders can stop "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil"!(excluding North Korea and Quebec...just kidding Quebec, take a joke for once!!)

Believe it or not, "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil" wasn't a cheap show to make. It cost a lot of money to make it look that cheap! Without the same financing we had before, we don't feel we can bring you the same quality that our previous seasons had. This is why we need to shake things up...Book of Pure Evil style.

We have decided the best way to bring you the final part of the story of "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil" is by making an INDEPENDENT ANIMATED FEATURE-LENGTH MOVIE!! It's going to be called "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End" and we need your help to make it happen.

Indiegogo Banner for Todd Animated Movie 

You'll enjoy the same sharp & witty dialogue by the same sharp & witty writers, the same unforgettable voices by the same unforgettable actors, the same kickass metal music, the bloody gore, the same crazy team behind it...but in a more indie animated fashion.

This will be an indie animated film like no other. Except maybe a combination of Heavy Metal and South Park. And let's throw some Ralph Bakshi, Don Hertzfeld and Bill Plympton in there, too. With a dash of Manga for taste. But all "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil".

Why We Need Your Help To Make This Movie!

Ever since we were cancelled in 2012 we exhausted all "normal" routes to get a "proper" Season 3 financed, but there were no takers (TV networks, Internet networks, anyone in the TV or Film biz, any business with money anywhere, rude relatives who didn't die and leave us money in their wills, etc.). But our fans were with us the whole time - because they want to see what happens next; because they related deeply with the characters; because they got to know the other fans. And hey, we're fans of the show too. We love the world of Crowley Heights and the people (and monsters) that inhabit it.

With your contribution we won't have to say "Gee, I wonder what happens next?"...we'll be able to SEE what happens next. A proper conclusion to a show we all love and laugh with.

What We Need To Get Started...

To make an independent animated movie we'll need money, time and fan support. We've got lots of the last two, but we need money to get it done. We think we can make a pretty cool movie for $250,000. As you can see, our Indiegogo campaign goal won't necessarily raise ALL the funds we need, but it'll give us a great start. And we'll find new ways to keep production going. Selling international rights? Yup! Prop auction? Hell, yeah. Bake sale? Sure...what's in those brownies anyways? You get the picture - we won't stop until we bring you an amazing animated wrap-up movie.

Of course, if we raise more than $75,000 we'll be even further on our way. And let's just put it out there - if we raise more than $1,000,000 we WILL make a live action feature for you.

We need our fans and friends to contribute at least $75,000 to get us started - this money will mainly go to the animators, scale actor fees (don't tell their agents!) and some kickass metal music. Here's an idea of how the budget will break down:

Budget Breakdown

Just so you know, our cast and crew will be doing this for little to no money because they are such fans of the show themselves. But we really want to pay our animators their proper wages, since they'll be working their asses off to bring you THE BEST ANIMATED WRAP-UP TO A LIVE ACTION SHOW, EVER!!

What You'll Get With Your Contribution (aka The Perks)

Like the finest ribbed condom, our perks are designed for your pleasure. And they're strawberry-flavoured. They range from Crowley High diplomas to an evening of dinner and a movie with the cast and crew at the premiere in Toronto. Take a look at all of the great perks on the right hand side. Get one for you and one for your parents - you know they'll love it. Parents love "the metal music". AND SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Perks of Pure Evil

Perks will be delivered throughout the year as they become available (you should get your well-earned Crowley High diploma soon.) We anticipate having the film ready by early 2014.

We're also going to have updates, events and contests throughout the next year of production on "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End." We want our loyal Toddies to be entertained, interact with the cast & crew and keep on top of what's happening while we make our little epic indie animated movie.

Too broke to contribute? No problemo...so are we! Why do you think we're here? And you can still help by spreading the Pure Evil word.

If you can't afford to contribute, or if you're morally opposed to getting cool rewards, or if you don't have a credit card or Paypal account, there are still some excellent ways to help out:

  • SHARE this Indiegogo campaign with EVERYONE you know! (link to share: igg.me/at/bookofpureevil) and use the hashtag #ReanimateTodd
  • Tell all your friends, enemies and frenemies about the first two seasons - get them to watch it wherever they can - Netflix, DVD, Amazon, iTunes...let's hook some more Toddies!
  • Follow this link to our amazing fan-created "Save Todd & The Book of Pure Evil" website for more ways to save Todd. www.savetoddandthebookofpureevil.com
  • Make Todd & The Book of Pure Evil fan art and share it with the world! And add it to our Tumblr of Pure Evil.

Thanks for reading (since we know you really like to watch.) Now go buy some awesome perks! We're excited to see you in 2014 to share our animated movie "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End"!!


The Producers of Pure Evil

p.s. Huge thanks to Todd fan and kickass artist Martin Whitmore for creating the cool cartoon concepts for this Indiegogo pitch. These may or may not end up being the design for our characters in the movie, but we are totally inspired by his passion for the show and his creativity. Give the dude your work - he's awesome!! (www.martinwhitmore.com)

Find This Campaign On
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164% funded
No time left
$75,000 CAD goal
Fixed Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on June 8, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $13CAD
    The Crowley High Package

    Thanks Shit Rooster! (If you didn't know, that's our term of endearment.) Now you can sleep well at night knowing you've helped bring more Todd and The Book of Pure Evil into this crazy world. PLUS: -you'll get regular updates about the movie -a personalized digital "Crowley High" diploma as a reward for what an awesome person you are!

    46 claimed
  • $25CAD
    The Blood Mop Package

    "Could you pass me that blood mop? I'm gonna need it later." With this package you'll get ALL THE ABOVE, PLUS: -an HD downloadable copy of the final movie when it's done. How cool is that? (If you didn't know the answer: super cool.)

    652 claimed
  • $66CAD
    The Hhhhomunculus Package

    "Don't we all need a little Todd in our lives?" You'll get ALL THE ABOVE, PLUS: -a set of six 6"x6" cards with an illustrated version of each of our lead characters (Todd, Jenny, Curtis, Hannah, Atticus and Jimmy.)

    39 claimed

    The Curtis Weaver

    Only 10 of these special perks! Our resident artiste BILL TURNBULL will draw an ORIGINAL HAND-DRAWN DRAWING for you and sign it with a personalized message. We'll also throw in one of Atticus' "A One-Way Trip to Hell" mini-comics from B.Y.O.B.O.P.E. (Shipping Included) (Please note: This is NOT part of any other perk listed below.)

    10 out of 10 claimed

    The Hannah B. Williams

    Only 10 of these special perks! Our resident baker MELANIE LEISHMAN will bake you a DOZEN COOKIES & we'll include a photo of her baking them which she'll sign for you with a message of great thanks! We'll also throw in one of Atticus' "A One-Way Trip to Hell" mini-comics from B.Y.O.B.O.P.E. (Only for North Americans, sorry rest of world.) (Shipping Included) (Please note: This is NOT part of any other perk listed below.)

    10 out of 10 claimed
  • $99CAD
    The Fisting Fantasy Package

    You'll get ALL THE ABOVE, PLUS: -a DVD of the final movie (with lots of super cool bonus features) Oh, and good luck explaining the charge on your credit card for "The Fisting Fantasy Package". Sure, everyone will believe you're just trying to save one of your favourite shows. Yeah, right...we don't even believe that.

    218 claimed
  • $140CAD

    Do you like pizza so much you don't know whether to eat it or suck it off? Spend a glorious dinner with the elusive and effusive CHRIS LEAVINS at a pizza joint in L.A., getting guidance from him, counselling from him. Guidance counselling from him. Be his pal! And he'll have some special Todd swag for you too! 3 key rules: -perk for 1 person only (8 in total) -you MUST be available in Los Angeles between 6-7:30pm on Sat. July 6, 2013 -1 alcoholic drink paid for (but lotsa pizza)

    6 out of 8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $150CAD
    The Metal Dudes' Package

    With this killer package you'll get ALL THE ABOVE, PLUS: -a limited edition* Todd and The Book of Pure Evil movie poster signed by the creators (*limited to 500 numbered posters) And no, we didn't mistype that apostrophe after "Dudes". It's possessive. Like you. And we're saying something about how big the Metal Dudes' collective penis is. Loser.

    156 out of 300 claimed
  • $666CAD
    The Package of Pure Evil

    Can you say "collector's wet dream"? Now we're into some very unique awesomeness. You get ALL THE ABOVE, PLUS: -your six illustrated cards will be signed by the cast members -a copy of the script signed by the writers -your choice of the Gang of Pure Evil (Todd/Jenny/Hannah/Curtis) will send you a short personalized video telling the world how metal as fuck you are. And that's a good thing.

    12 out of 50 claimed
  • $1,000CAD
    The Monster Fat Package

    Big support means monstrous rewards! You get ALL THE ABOVE, PLUS: -our animators will draw a character in your likeness, to be seen as a background actor in the movie (with an end credit!) -you'll get a custom recorded voice message from Chris Leavins (Atticus Murphy Jr.) to put on your cellphone, your answering machine or wherever you like to keep clandestine messages from sexy guidance counsellors.

    13 out of 20 claimed
  • $2,500CAD
    The Metal God Package

    Okay, now we think you're either a bored trust fund kid with impeccable taste, or a super diehard fan who will only eat Kraft dinner for the next two years. And either one is great...we don't judge. You'll get ALL THE ABOVE, PLUS: -your animated likeness will get killed in a gruesome but totally wicked manner on-screen -you will get an Associate Producer credit (we'll call you Ass. Prod., btw) -Jason Mewes will tweet his 250,000+ followers about how much pussy (or dick) you get

    7 out of 10 claimed
  • $5,000CAD
    The Pure Evil One Package

    Holy Jupiter Shit! You are the "Pure Evil One of Funders" if you pony up for this beast. You'll get ALL THE ABOVE, PLUS: -you'll be our special guest for a Cast and Crew Dinner and the Premiere of the movie in Toronto! (please note: flight not included...but we're pretty sure Bill will let you crash on his couch.) (note: offer of Bill's couch may not be real.) (note: but, hey, you never know.) (note: we'll spring for one night of hotel, in any case.)

    1 out of 3 claimed
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