Title: SHAME ON YOU! Subtitle: Freedom from Social Oppression

This is the 2nd book of a series that addresses stress, shame, abuse, trauma and social oppression as part of a "brain-freeing and paradigm-shifting project".
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I have had four decades of experience across a broad spectrum of healthcare and communication skills. I graduated from Harvard College (1975) and Harvard Medical School (1980). In college, I focused on social, developmental, cross-cultural, and neuropsychology–– especially bio-personality and consciousness. I then pursued studies in neuropsychiatry and international public health in medical school.

Subsequently, I specialized in mind-body psychotherapy in my alternative medical practice, and also worked in virtually every aspect of conventional primary care. I am the first physician to address the topic of shame and social oppression, pinpoint their psychobiological roots, and devise a treatment program for their toxic ramifications, which effectively advances the biomedical sciences by 20-50 years

I became an expert in advanced reading and writing technology, listening skills, and public speaking as a communications skills trainer. I have been a national lecturer on stress management and frequent radio show guest and host. I am rapidly earning a reputation as a brilliant writer since publishing “Hide and Play Dead” in August 2013. “Shame on You!” will be my second published work, with more sequels waiting the propitious moment to be released.



There has never been a project of this magnitude and urgency.

About three years ago I made a visionary decision to take on a tremendously challenging, far-reaching and potentially risky project to implement my discoveries in carefully designed stages, even knowing that the repercussions of doing so would threaten and challenge the corporate elite, transform academia, revise our social institutions, and probably accelerate the evolutionary stage of our species.

I devised a bold stepwise strategy beginning with the first of a series of books that are capable of freeing the reader from the “mind cap” of social oppression and its correlates, and quickly leading up to the application of powerful, but non-invasive and safe, technological inventions to directly free the human brain from oppressive and traumatic imprints— as well as advance the curative scope of modern medicine by several decades.

Here is a partial list of what this project represents and the essence of what you will help me achieve:

  • The creation of riveting and emotionally compelling literary masterpieces…
  • The invention of a new writing technology, advancing literary “healing” far beyond the limitations of self-help books…
  • The début of a powerful therapy system to repel the toxic effects of oppression…
  • The disclosure of hundreds of first-ever revelations that revise our collective cultural history…
  • The full depiction of the true nature of shame, abuse, trauma and social oppression…
  • The long-awaited treatise that will change the social and political sciences…
  • The acceleration of the course of social engineering, with an impact upon all aspects of life— from childrearing to adult relationships, from the meaning of life to death with dignity…
  • The clearest path to resist social inequity and curb the core of human suffering…
  • The consolidation of a peaceful resistance movement against the agenda of the corporate elite: a two-class society, elimination of our democratic government, and neoslavery of the working class…
  • The preliminary stage to introduce fully researched and tested technological inventions that not only resolve trauma and repel oppression, but also advance the curative power of medicine and psychiatry by several decades, and also accelerate the evolution of the human brain…
  • The retrieval of innate psychic skills, inherent in our survival instincts, which offer the experience of expanded awareness and ecstatic states, and possibly leading to a spiritual renaissance…


“Shame on You!” is a summary of social oppression in America. In our majority minority nation, most people have experienced some form of rejection or abuse— sometimes in the workplace, at home, or within a social institution.

My work teaches people to recognize toxic shame and abuse, reverse or repel trauma and oppression, and re-invoke the state of blissful love, to then engage with loving and trustworthy peers. But it is difficult to do this when our brains have been warped by childrearing practices, educational systems, corporate indoctrination, and institutional propaganda. To get off the radar screen of human predators, and to quickly get out of an abusive or exploitative situation, are critical for survival.

Yet it is nearly impossible after the age of twenty-five to stay creative, centered, focused and loving as one struggles to protect his or her integrity and boundaries. With increasing age and relentless stress, the human brain becomes increasingly imbalanced: Cynicism, prejudice, self-doubt, compulsions, restricted social lives, remorse, and postponed gratification of essential human needs, tend to dominate most individual’s consciousness.



As a duet, the first two books are carefully constructed to accomplish many literary, academic, sociopolitical and visionary goals. In essence, “Hide and Play Dead” is an extraordinary enticement, a remarkable and timely “hook”, that subtly opens the dialectic about freedom and slavery and promises to show the reader how to attain a full knowledge about the nature of oppression and a full training in how to also achieve liberation in this sequel, “Shame on You!” Both books dare to free readers from oppressive imprints using advanced neuropsychological principles applied to the process of reading.

Whatever may have been left dangling, unclear or unconscious in “Hide and Play Dead”, where the emphasis is on attaining a strong emotional bond with the reader and to impact the limbic system of the human brain, will be spelled out, made clear and brought into full consciousness with detailed explanations in “Shame on You!” The new book elaborates a treatise, demonstrates somatic principles by “exercises”, and includes an expanded range of examples, such as case histories and further personal narratives.

“Shame on You” will highlight and critique many sensitive and thorny social issues related to oppression and clearly set forth a new paradigm for the social sciences with graphic explanations in explicit text that define the "shame, abuse, trauma and oppression" paradigm from developmental and bio-psychological angles. It will present the technology of shame, abuse, and trauma desensitization, and the “cure” for oppression.

This second book is 90% completed and will be more academic than my first book, but also more humorous in a reader-friendly way. It will include a wider and more scathing social critique of sensitive issues related to oppression. I will reveal pioneer discoveries about the nature of human predation, and demonstrate a variety of treatments for social oppression that can be implemented on a mass scale. 

I truly believe that the ultimate agenda of attaining liberation from oppression is the most worthy cause I could aspire to have in my lifetime. There are many reasons to resist the corporate elite’s final conquest, which may well lead to the demise of American democracy, a two-class society, and systematic social oppression. 

The "Occupy Wall Street", the "99% Movement", the rift in Congress and the resurgence of racism seen during the last election, the deepening schism of wealth, and lack of transparency in government, make this work into a banner or a slogan about self-liberation from the reinstitution of subtle, but devastating, mass enslavement. The concept of neoslavery helps unify and galvanize the disparate elements of a populist resistance to this crisis that emerged in the past two presidential elections.


I will need $75,000 funding to take the project to the next level. This critical mission depends on your generosity. 

The funds will be used for: 

  • Finishing, editing, and publishing "Shame on You!"...
  • Website up-grading, blogging, and mailing the book with customized cover letters to hundreds of key individuals in academia, politics, medicine, organized labor, spiritual groups, watchdog agencies, and the media... 
  • Book promotion by publicity campaigns, media appearances, and the cost of both a local and a national lecture tour...
  • Basic living expenses as I devote my full energy to the project…

I will be frugal, with the hope that any residual funds can be used to cement the next stages of the project:

  • Writing a "workbook" to be distributed to New Age churches, aficionados of psychology and technology, and social activist groups (combined with sample brain-freeing devices)...
  • Writing a professional guidebook for psychologists, therapists, social engineers, and physicians...
  • Designing and patenting neuro-stimulator and, in some instances, magnetic deregulator devices, along with several other essential products that restore balance to the most evolved part of the human brain: the prefrontal lobes. 


Copious research and clinical studies have proved that this technology is safe, non-invasive, extremely effective, and easy to use. The process is completely different from electroconvulsive therapy (ECT or shock therapies). The voltage used is the same as a flashlight, but focused for external use of the prefrontal lobes. 

The neurological treatment for shame and trauma, and the resistance to abuse and oppression, is linked to a heightened positive mood, enhanced altruism and loving engagement with others, creativity and adaptability, non-violent approach behavior leading to social activism, and the prevention or cure for literally hundreds of disease states. 



If you are unable to contribute financially, please recognize your tremendous power by spreading word of this project and encouraging people to read the books. You can buy a copy of my first book, "Hide and Play Dead," and tell people about your experience. 

Here is a little summary you can print out and either give people or post in public sites:



“Hide and Play Dead” and “Shame on You!” are the Trojan horse of literature. Some readers will just appreciate the books as thrilling adventure stories with psychological intrigue, or masterpieces of progressive literature and self-help methodologies.

On the surface of “Hide and Play Dead”…

  • The novel tells the true story of my remarkable ancestry and how I overcame a lifetime of unimaginable trauma.
  • It is a family saga about the passage of slave-based behaviors across generations, long after Emancipation.
  • It is a “memoir with a message”: Democracy is close to extinction and slavery is currently being reinstituted in America on a mass scale.

Like the analogy of the Trojan horse, there is a deeper level. “Hide and Play Dead” is arguably the most innovative and complex novel ever written. Beneath the surface of “Hide and Play Dead" and fully explained in “Shame on You”…

  • These are the first books ever written that reveal a shocking treatise about the core of human suffering: the full nature of shame, trauma, abuse and social oppression.
  • I introduce my therapy system, developed over a period of thirty years, to reverse oppression and desensitize shame by means of a new writing technology, which is embedded within the book’s construction and invisible to the reader’s conscious awareness— with conscious somatic de-programming exercises added in the second book.
  • Simply put: Reading the books changes the brain structure of the reader from any oppressive or traumatic imprints to altruistic or loving social engagement or non-violent social activism.

In short, the entire project will:

  • Revise American and African-American history…
  • Change the core paradigms of the social and political sciences…
  • Advance the field of medicine and the treatment of trauma by two or three decades…
  • Accelerate social engineering by influencing every major institution, including childrearing practices…
  • Galvanize an empowered resistance movement to the corporate elite’s schemes to thwart democracy and institute a feudal two-class society of omnipotent rulers and powerless slaves…

This is the literary strategy and brain-freeing technology that Martin Luther King would have dreamt of.


I encourage you to enjoy the wonderful slideshow I've prepared about this book at: http://youtu.be/-YD-2oboqgs

You can also read a large sampling of excerpts from the book at: www.facebook.com/michaelhollowayking2

Finally, my first book, "Hide and Play Dead," is available from Amazon.com, Kindle, or the book's website at: www.michaelhollowayking.com

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    50% discount on up to 4 copies of either of my books! The format of my first book is a memoir-driven, nonfiction novel fused with my real-time journal of self-discovery. “Hide and Play Dead” is a riveting exposé and psychological thriller filled with international intrigue and startling revelations. By the end of the book, both the reader and I realize that neo-slavery has finally returned to both America and Europe. A treatise on shame and its therapy is unconsciously embedded within the book.

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    "Hide and Play Dead" T-shirt and baseball cap plus Steel perk! The shirt and cap are of the finest quality and will be automatic "conversation pieces". The value of the two books is inestimable, for they both change the reader's brain structure away from trauma or oppression, and towards loving social engagement. They represent masterpieces of progressive literature and a quantum leap for the social sciences.

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    Signed copies of both "Hide and Play Dead" and "Shame on You!" plus all above perks!

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    Limited edition books plus all above perks! The limited editions will be full of color pictures, hardcover, and have additional information based on the book's content that will make "headlines."

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    A hand-held EEG (electroencephalogram) monitor to test for prefrontal lobe function with instructions plus all above perks! The easy to use EEG monitor comes with full instruction. A weak signal from the left prefrontal lobe indicates oppression, loss of creativity, depression, and susceptibility to 100’s of diseases. Conversely, a strong signal from the left indicates altruistic, social approach behavior and a capacity for love, creativity and a lower stress lifestyle.

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    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $3,000USD

    Neuro-stimulator device with instructions plus all above perks! The neuro-stimulator device will be in an attractive headband and come with full instructions. The low-voltage prefrontal lobe stimulation treats the socially induced imbalance between the two lobes, leading to cure or remission from proclivity to social oppression or manipulation—as well as 100’s of chronic and otherwise incurable diseases.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $5,000USD

    Five personal treatment sessions using my psychotherapy system and full neurofeedback technologies plus all above perks! The value of one-on-one therapy is tremendous, and a full course of treatment is usually ten sessions at $250 per session. The psychotherapeutic system that I’ve created over twenty-five years has proved to be the most advanced treatment for social oppression and the many diseases that accompany it. Group sessions and brain biofeedback clinics amplify the individual work.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2015
  • $10,000USD

    Ten personal treatment sessions, airfare or transportation to California plus all above perks!

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    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $20,000USD

    Mention of your name in the book's acknowledgements, extra treatment sessions, airfare, and hotel accommodations depending on the amount of the donation-- as well as all the other perks!

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