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We are fully funded! Thank you. Insulin Pens are about to get smarter in the U.S.A.

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“If you've ever put a pencap back on a pen, then you already know how to use the Timesulin.”


“Now a product that’s been available in Europe for a couple years to help simplify tracking of injections is about to come to the U.S. thanks to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.”

Timesulin, the world's first and only smart cap that snaps onto existing insulin pens.

  • Designed by people living with diabetes.
  • Already used by tens of thousands of people in over 40 countries.
  • Funds to this Indiegogo campaign will be used to prepare and submit our FDA application and launch into the U.S.A.

Timesulin was designed to take away the anxiety of not knowing for sure if you have taken your insulin injection - a problem facing 77% of insulin users up to six times per month. Timesulin helps you to avoid missed or double injections - and the anxiety of being unsure.

We believe that everyone around the world should have the same opportunity to control their diabetes and choose the tools they use to do so. That is why we launched Timesulin to European consumers back in 2012. A simple device that tackles a complex problem with the following principles in mind:

Simplicity - Above all else

Dealing with diabetes everyday is complicated enough. Our goal was to address the most important question of controlling your diabetes - ‘Did I take my shot or not?’ as simply as possible. No buttons to push, nothing to program, no change to your existing regime. Simply click Timesulin onto your existing insulin pen and you are ready to go! Timesulin does one thing and it does that really well. And really simply.

Empowerment - You decide

We saw a problem in how we managed our own diabetes, aimed to solve it and developed Timesulin. As users of Timesulin ourselves, we want you to be able to decide for yourself if Timesulin is right for you.  By pledging your support to this campaign you are putting yourself in the driver’s seat by providing us with the funds, proving demand and ultimately getting Timesulin launched into the U.S.A.

Experience - We live with diabetes

Our CEO and co-founder John has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 28 years. John's brother and co-founder Andreas was one of the original creators of Skype and has built his career on making products that are super easy to use. Together with a third partner from MIT our team set out to solve a real life problem. We know the challenges of carb counting. We also fear night time hypos. We know that sometimes diabetes just does not make sense. By looking at actual people, actually using insulin pens, we designed Timesulin to make life with diabetes a little bit easier.


A study conducted on over 3,000 patients by the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk highlights that more than one in three patients skip insulin doses, or fail to take their insulin as prescribed, stating that they have done so on average three times in the last month. 77% of physicians estimate that in reality this number may be as high as six doses according to the GAPP report.

It's easy to forget whether or not you have turned off the coffee machine, or unplugged the curling iron. The difference with forgetting whether or not you had taken your insulin shot is that it can have very severe consequences - an accidental double dose can lead to a coma. Or even death.

  • 25,000 car accidents in America resulted from severe hypoglycaemia in 2011.
  • $17,564 is the average cost of a hospital visit caused by severe hypoglycaemia.


Riva Greenberg, Huffington Post contributor, diabetes advocate and author of 'Diabetes Do's and How To's'

"You and your team have a winner. It is needed, simple in concept, easy to use, inexpensive, promotes safety, decreases concerns of patients, loved ones and healthcare providers, increases the balance of diabetes for many (most, even the brightest, forget sometimes), and again it is NEEDED!"

-Paul B. Madden, Former Chair, Education and Research Foundation of the AADE. Living with diabetes for 51 years. Early Timesulin user.


Timesulin has been made to fit all major disposable pens, without additional bulk, turning your insulin pen into a smart pen.


As a small but growing company the task of bringing a medical device to the market is a huge undertaking. This can cost millions of dollars. 

We have found that the barriers to launching our product into the United States have been too big for us and we can’t put our company’s survival at risk, without knowing that we have the support of the most important people we know - fellow people with diabetes. Indiegogo allows us to test and ensure that people in the U.S.A. need our product and are willing to join us on this mission to make life with diabetes easier. 

We have done all the groundwork to prepare for submitting our application to the FDA and this campaign will raise the money needed to complete the process.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and have stayed true to our mission of simplicity. With your help we can all benefit!

"Having met and worked alongside thousands of people living with diabetes - and as illustrated in the DiabetesMine 2013 Patients Voices Survey - it's clear that the diabetes community wants simple solutions that empower individuals to live a safer life with diabetes, with less daily hassle. We need tools that help us achieve this goal, and I support the work of the Timesulin team to help us get there."

-Amy Tenderich, founder of DiabetesMine.com Living with Type 1 diabetes for 11 years.


“The design challenge was to make the cap as simple as possible: no instruction manual, no buttons, and no need for users to change their routine.”

“This is all to say, 1) sometimes bad things happen to good people 2) don't beat yourself up, just remedy the situation and try to do a little better next time 3) technology is producing some great new diabetes devices…”

“... a genuinely interesting product”

“As we all know, there’s A LOT to remember when it comes to diabetes. So Timesulin...help patients remember whether or not they’ve taken their insulin injection.”

“If anything, I would say that Timesulin made me aware of how often I truly forget whether or not I have given an injection.”


  1. PRODUCT QUESTIONS (quantity, options)
  2. BUYING & SHIPPING (Shipping costs, International, Timeline)
  3. WHO CAN USE TIMESULIN? (age, type of diabetes)


How long does Timesulin last? Each Timesulin cap comes with a built-in battery, which is non-replaceable. Your Timesulin unit's battery will last for at least 12 months - sometimes longer, depending upon use, temperature etc. Once the battery starts running low on power, your screen will start fading, giving you a visual indication that it's time to replace your cap.

Can the battery be replaced? No. After a year of use your Timesulin unit will be quite dirty and worn - not so strange when you consider that it followed you around everyday for a year! The Timesulin product can be easily recycled when it has reached the end of its lifespan.

Is Timesulin an alarm? No. The wonderful thing about insulin pens is that they allow us flexibility to decide for ourselves when we want to eat, when to bolus, when it is convenient to inject.  We believe most of us living with diabetes want to balance our diabetes into our normal lives, not live according to a super strict routine with alarms that ring 4-6 times per day.

If you've ever had to figure out how to program a device with tiny buttons and difficult instruction manuals we think you'll appreciate Timesulin's simple approach to making life easier for all with diabetes. No buttons to push, nothing to program, no new systems to learn.

Why doesn’t your product have wifi/bluetooth/NFC etc? While we absolutely think there is a lot of value in connected products - and especially the data that comes from managing our diabetes - we wanted simplicity above all else. Our team has a background making technical hardware and software products. Bluetooth often leads to connection problems, wifi doesn’t always work and uses a lot of battery power, USB connections...don’t we all have enough cables at home already? Additionally, the software that you need to manage all these things is often not very user friendly.

The value of this data is unquestionable, however we believe it comes at the cost of products that are easy to use. We believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Is it one size fits all? No. Timesulin is custom-made to fit with the most widely used disposable insulin pens in the world, covering twelve different insulin types, listed above. 

Can I check how much insulin I have before I leave home without Timesulin resetting? Yes, we thought of that. There is an 8-second delay built into the cap so that you have time to check how much insulin is left in the pen before you head out.


What are the shipping costs? All shipping in the United States is free of charge. There is an additional cost of $15 for international shipping, which you have to add to your total backing amount. Please note that shipment does not include extra fees from customs, or additional costs associated with your country if you live outside the United States. Also, it is important to know that we can only ship to countries that our product is registered in and/or that honors the CE mark (our registration in Europe) or the FDA registration. If it turns out that shipment to your country proves impossible, we will reimburse your order.

I do not live in the US, can I still back this campaign? Absolutely! You have two options:

  1. You can back this campaign if you want to support this new and innovative method to crowdsource products. We would love to have you join us.
  2. If you live in one of the countries our product is already sold, you can visit our website and either order directly OR we can put you in contact with our partners who can provide it to you. Send us an email and we will help you out.

When can I expect to receive my product? Our estimated shipping date for the device to the United States is between July - October 2014, depending upon how quickly we get approval from the FDA. As soon as we see that our campaign will be successfully funded, we will start the application process with the FDA. We will need approximately 3 weeks to modify our existing European regulatory file so that it suits the FDA in the best way and will work with FDA application experts to do so.

  • We will submit our application a maximum of 3 weeks after the campaign closes (we have one member of our team focusing on this as top priority)
  • According to our communications with the FDA the average clearance time is around 150 calendar days. Speaking with other medical device companies, it may be possible to shorten this to 90 days.
  • As soon as we have the regulatory approval, we are ready. We will be able to build stock ahead of this time and send it as early as the day after we get approval.


Does it work for people with both Type 1 and Type 2? Timesulin eases anxiety for people living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes using insulin pens to administer their slow or fast acting insulin. The nature of the product allows anyone who administers insulin injections with pens to benefit from the use of Timesulin.

In addition to people with diabetes, we have identified the following groups who use our product:

  • Parents of a child with diabetes who worry that their child may have missed a dose

  • Parents of a child with diabetes, where the child is too young to communicate that a shot has already been administered by the other parent

  • Parents to a teenager who worries about their child maintaining control over their diabetes

  • People with diabetes who travel across timezones and want to keep track of their insulin dosage times

If you visit our website you can see testimonials from our users around the world.

Does it work for long acting (Basal) and short acting (Bolus) insulin? Yes. Timesulin counts up to 99:59 (99 hours and 59 minutes) so it is perfect to ensure you take your basal within the 24 hour window you’re supposed to. Additionally, it starts counting up from 00:00, first in seconds then in minutes, immediately after you replace the Timesulin cap onto your pen, so whether it’s been five minutes or five hours since your last shot, you will always know.


How will you use the funds. We are not expecting to make a profit on any of the money raised in this campaign. The bulk of this campaign funding will be spent on the actual FDA application fee and getting professional legal/regulatory support  to help us prepare the application (estimated cost, $28,000, excluding fees). If we were to exceed our campaign goal, all additional funds will be used to help make Timesulin more widely available in the United States.


What risks are there to this campaign? We have already completed the development of the product, we have been producing it for over two years and it is being used by people with diabetes all over the world. The product is done.

Our only risk is that the FDA does not approve our application, or more likely, that we need to compliment it in some way. We believe the risk that they wouldn’t approve it is very low. We have already been in discussions with the FDA and they have been very helpful thus far.

Does your product already exist? Yes. Timesulin has been sold in Europe since February 2012. Since then we have secured distributors in over 40 countries around the world, including Japan, Canada, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. We have sold thousands of products and you can find many client testimonials on our website.

Do any patient organisations work with you? Yes, we work closely with Europe’s largest diabetes patient organization called Diabetes UK. In fact, our product is one of their best-sellers. We work with a number of diabetes patient organizations around the world, both to provide our product and, importantly, to advance diabetes advocacy. Beyond our work with Timesulin, we volunteer towards a number of patient advocacy groups including the International Diabetes Federation, Life for a Child and the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

If you have any other questions about Timesulin, please feel free to get in touch with our helpful support team by sending an email to support@timesulin.com, or visit our website where you will find more FAQs: http://support.timesulin.com/

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    With this reward we will donate ten Timesulin smart caps to the diabetes hospital or clinic of your choice in your name - or anonymously. With this perk you are going a long way to support innovation for people living with diabetes and helping others lead a safer life. Everybody with diabetes thanks you! Good karma comes in all shapes and sizes...

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    You are joining the team and showing that you want to make a difference to all of us living with diabetes. This will help us get our product into the United States in a major way. Includes: x 1 ticket from anywhere in the U.S. to London x 2 hotel nights in London x 1 dinner with the entire team (low carb but super tasty) x 1 ride in the London eye Includes a Timesulin smart cap for every person you can name with diabetes during dinner.

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