Time perception

A little webapp for track your time perception.


The other day

The other day I saw a report about how we feel sadness, hapiness, and other feelings [1]. So I was thinking about time and thought about it... it would be nice to see how we measure or perceive time.

This is mostly an experiment, that is I want to see how people participate and what we can get from the collected data. And I will also use it for learn a new language called scala and I hope that will drive my future developments (I hope so).

By the way, I'm David A. O. Lozano Im a graduated from ESCOM from IPN on México city. Actually I work full time for a consultancy that works for another consultancy and so on. So to speak I want to start my own things doing what "I have in mind" or that just jump in front of me like this idea.

So by helping in get this funded you

Are helping me in build trust about this type of funding. And I hope to launch a later/next project with "more impact on people".

You will let me see if some of this "extrange" ideas have a place in this world so I can start doing them.

You will help me learn a new environment (scala and liftweb).

The "experiments" are simple for example I have in mind they can be clock guided and without clock (you see even that you use a clock for count seconds it is hard to keep the beat some times).

  • clicking or pressing a key for a certain amount of time in seconds.
  • click or press a key when you think a minute has passed by
  • what about 3 minutes?
  • what about an hour?

Also I plan to use some pointers

  • (geo)location
  • gender
  • age (if you are willing to answer than information)
  • also following the investigation about feelings it will be possible to indicate if you are in such a state, the feelings in that place where this: Anger, joy, fear, sadness and love.

So that is, collect information... perhaps now as I write... it would be interesting to try to see how childs sense time I don't know if they like the idea of click each second, minute, 3 min and an hour... this "feature" I'm not sure about, perhaps you/we can still use the normal app.

What I Need & What You Get

This project will be made on my free time, I think it require a 1 or 2 full time weeks (also because I need to learn/search/research and apply) but I can be biased cause I always think things are shorter than what they are.

You will get the satisfaction to participate in found a little project-experiment that if successfull will collect a variaty of data about time perception (or at less that is the idea). Also I encourage that people suguest "features" about the project... I don't know if I will be able to include them or not, because I have defined it like stated above, but it will be helpfull to know others ideas about this idea.

The money will be for buy a domain, graphics, rent a little develop place if possible and anything that I don't have take into account.

Is this interesting?

I really don't know if it is interesting, but it is just curiousity trying to get outside of a doubt... to be able to know if there exist "something" there.... on the data, if not for me for other people out there.

Why there is a perk a lot high?

Well, like I have said before I will like to do some things and fund one or two projects, depending on this "little experiment" I will see if I can fund them here or a part.

Also there is no limit for number the apportations. So the idea is simple, I really don't know the features that I will implement and how much time resources it will take.

In the mean time, I will see how this works and how it get to a community/pleople for future projects here and by passing the limit you will be able to push a step before I even publish it.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute, you can talk to other people, or offer some great words here. Or use twitter, FB and watever you are glad to use for spread the word.

If you don't like the idea, you can still share, or talk about it.

Or give feedback about the idea, implementation.

ALL perks receive

A download link to a little video with a melody I "improvised" it is just about 26 seconds (or the original wav if I find it)... so no much there... but anyway, it is not completely new, in fact it has like 3 years or so... but I'm sure not much people have listed it. By the way, if you have suguestions about perks (in the future)... I really don't know. I think this is the best I can offer and sure the webapp running. I will see where I put the download link.

Why dont you just start with your next project?

In fact the first is now the second... or second in parallel with other (just thinking)... but this idea stoped by... and I don't think Im "fully ready" for give "life to it", so I will use this as a bridge to learn some things (like scala), know how can I fund a project, handle contact with people (so I can have if possible a second push from you people), see if I can do it alone... and how I handle my full time job and organization (that will be a hard test)... and maybe think in a little melody for the next.

And the next fundings will start right in march in this "time perception" I'm going solo next projects will not be like that, so keep and eye open I will gladly accept the help now or later.

And your page

Im (re)working on it.

If you don't end it on time?

And after some time I don't end it with my resources, then I will open the source code and upload the updates on the web (and see if my coding is clear enought for be used) and continue with the next... why would I not end it? don't know I dont have a reason, but you always need a plan in case of failure I think.

But I will do it if I get > $1, because it is a step for going fordward and also it help me to get the idea about crowd funding.

What is your plan in case of success?

Continue with the next.


[1] http://www.emotionallyvague.com/


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