Till My Last Breath

A story based on my Fiance who inspired and changed the lives of the people around her through love and the power of her faith.
charlotte, North Carolina
United States
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Short Summary

This Film is a story about my Fiancé. Her love and faith in God changed my life and the lives of her friends, family, and co workers. Till My Last Breath chronicles the events occurred during our final moments together. God was a big part of her life and this film will show everyone how no matter what you believe that God has blessed with Angels that can shape our lives in ways never imagined. This is a film about a woman who reconnects to her long lost love. As they reconnect her faith is tested at every corner by small events and situations that happen. Finally she must come to grips with telling her love about a secret she has kept from him his entire life, and prays that there love can survive the storm that’s coming, even if one of them might not. If you are looking for a film that will show Faith and love in a different light, while lifting your spirits of hope in people. Till My Last Breath is that film. 

What We Need & What You Get

Equipment: $1700-$2400

Till My Last Breath currently has a great camera, and some other equippment. The Camera has been the most important piece of equipment and we have a Panasonic GH2 which will give us an amazing film on the big screen.

We need appropriate lighting and excellent audio. We need our audience to be able to hear the message this film will bring so we need a Rode NTG-2.  We also need great lighting. We are looking to use LED lights and some color gels. Other equipment items that will be needed will range from c-stands, Dolly,Diffusers,China Balls,battery paks, small generator and shoulder rig. We will split up getting the equipment thru purchase and renting. 


We have an amazing cast and crew, that are coming from all over North Carolina and even neighboring states. With that said making sure the have the fuel to come to set and leave to go back home to their families is very important to me. Some cast will require overnight accommodations do to call times. 


We have an incredible cast and crew, and we will have long days of shoots. To get the best performance from everyone we want to keep them feed and happy.


Although this won't be a heavy makeup film we do have a number of moments in the film where extreme make will be needed.


This film will require the purchase of a number of props that will be used through out the film. We also need to rent special set pieces to be able to film some of our more dramatic scenes.

Locations: $2000

Although we have been blessed to have some locations willing to work with us, we do have other areas that we still need to secure or obtain permits that are needed.


We are very proud of this script and what the message the world can get from it that we want to market this film hard. Posters, internet, Film festivals, and even a few main theaters to start off with before hitting DvD. 

The Impact

By funding Till My Last Breath you will be giving the world a chance to see a film that not only will touch your hearts but may show you that any kind of faith can save your life in ways you never saw coming. We would like to start filming by mid June here in the Charlotte area. This is a beautiful film about an amazing woman who found balance in loving God and the man of her dreams. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not all of you will be able to finacially help get this film off the ground, but you can help in other ways. The sharpest weapon we have is our words. If this film intrigues you and the story touches you then tell your friends and family about the film. Direct them to this site to see if they can help, post this site on your facebook,twitter, etc... Everyone can help it doesn't all have to be through donations.

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