Tilian - Debut Album Pre-order

Over the last year, I have invested a lot of my time and energy into creating my debut album. Help me release this album and continue making music.

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Hey Guys,

My name is Tilian! 

I have been pursuing music for nine years now. You might know me from
a band called Tides Of Man, or you might know me as the current singer of Dance Gavin Dance.

You might not know me at all, and if so, it's nice to meet you!

About a year and a half ago, I set out to create my first solo album
with producer, Matt Malpass. I wanted to be albe to make music I loved and that
I could have artistic control over. After a lot of time, effort and
resources on my part and with the help of close friends, I was able to
create the product I so longed to realize. The album is called
Material Me, to be officially released on March 19, 2013.

Now, I have hit an interesting point. I want to release my album and
have it heard by as many people as possible. I also want to reach the
dream of making music and touring for the next year without constantly
having to be interrupted by the glaring elephant in the room for
musicians: No matter how hard I work making music and pursuing playing
it, I can't continue for any extended period without money $$$!!!

So, I decided that instead of doing an ordinary pre-order package,
with your help, I am going to use this album to fund the next album, and
any additional funds raised will go directly toward future tours. The
way it will work is you will select a donation option, and with each
option you get a perk.

Some examples of the perks would be:

A digital download of material me, a physical copy, along with a
custom hand-written lyric book, the album along with a signed poster
and an exclusive t-shirt, bonus acoustic tracks, etc.

One of the bigger perks is a personalized song. With this perk I will
call you up or video chat with you and you will commission me to write
a song tailor made for you. It can be about yourself, a girl you like,
your favorite video game, movie or book, or even a song for your mom.


Keep in mind the suggested donation is a minimum. You can always throw in a little extra.

If you can't contribute with money, don't fret! Feel free to let all
your friends know about this campaign through social media and the top
promoter gets to choose any perk, $1500 value or below.

Now, the goal is to raise $10,000. That should cover a lot of the
recording budget for the next album. 

I thank everyone for your continued support and hope to see you soon!

Note: Just so you know, it's obviously not free to record an album. I have had a lot of support up to this point, namely from a good friend of mine, Trevor Monks, at Vital Records.

He has been lending his resources and counsel to the project of Material Me over the last year and a half. Together we have put a lot of hard work and sacrifice into making the album a possibility.

Vital Records is a completely independent venture that has as its vision the support of independent artists and bands and their creative goals. I wouldn’t have been able to make this record on my own, and I am greatly appreciative of everyone who helped me along the way, especially Trevor at Vital. 

We want to continue to watch this project grow, and a lot of its future hinges on the success of this album and this campaign. We appreciate the support!

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