Til The End Of The Road

A young couple runs with dreams of a bright future in Las Vegas as they drive against the accident.
Per Anders Nilsson
2 Team Members

"It´s not about what you´ve done, it´s what you do that matters..."/Jan- Ove Englundh.

We made it!

The pilot film is done and will be used to keep working with this project. 14 minutes of drama in a car, with a stunt scene, a lot of rain and help from our friends made us do it! Thanx. /PA Nilsson

The project:

Mot resans slut/Til the end of the road (working title) is the start of producing a feature film and our major goal is to broadcast that feature on festivals world wide. First we want to shoot a pilot (two quite long scenes after a car accident) and put them together into 8 - 10 minutes as a pilot film.

We are also going to shoot parts of a scene in the car, moments before the accident, to create a flow in the composed sequence. Using high quality equipment is giving us a choice to keep the shots for the feature. It´s a step by step progress that hopefully will bring us closer to the next shooting period. This is just the start!

The pilot:

In April we´re shooting the pilot. This will give you an idea of how the coming feature film will look- and sound like, and then we can use our pilot to sell the story in a larger context. As for the actors, auditions will be held in March.
In all, this is a step by step project. It will develop along the journey but the thin red line is constant, like the essence of the story.


The Pitch (pilot):

Katja is a young woman constantly on the run from bad experiences men causes, but she is attracted to things that makes life easy and to provocative art, just like Erland which has chosen a dark path in life, with drugs as an escape.
When they meet, Roland falls in love and they decide to leave everything behind, aiming for Las Vegas. The young couple is driving through the countryside of Sweden, filled with dreams of the future. Suddenly everything turns around when the car crashes into the woods...

What we need & What you get:

This project needs you! Even if we get other sponsors to the project in the future, we have to show them the right spirit from start and I think this creative spirit is global, not only a virtue for people in Sweden. You can help us in many ways, we are happy for all contributions that supports the project!

We need 6000$ for rentals and productions costs and we have good connections with the people at Camera Center which is located at Gothenburg Film Studios. This may lead to affordable prices for the rental of the equipment and the gathering of a creative and skilled team.

  • Hard drives.
  • Camera equipment, high speed prime lenses, monitor.
  • Lights, stands, cables and grip.
  • Dolly & rails (for camera movement).
  • A generator for charging batteries and to the lights etc.
  • Sound recorder and microphones etc.
  • Production design and props.
  • Costume. Torn clothes can´t be refunded after a car crash!
  • Cars for transporting the team and equipment.
  • A trailer to transport the wrecked car.
  • Catering for the hungry crew and actors.

The team (so far):

The team is growing as this is written and we are dealing with some people we want to join us. What we can offer the personnel and the actors, is a minor fee for travel and subsistence costs and to be first in line for the job on the feature with fully paid.

  Peter Malm (cinematographer). He has experience from a lot of TV and film productions and will give the project a nice looking touch!

  Pippi Stenberg (FAD). She have a great knowledge in storytelling and read the script for the feature as a dramaturge. She also will assist at the casting.

  Eva Enström (Script Supervisor). She has experience from feature film and the right attitude for this project and wants to get more experience for her coming career as a film worker.

  Sigge Fabiansson (camera assistant). He is a film school student and will help out on the camera department.

  Bengt Grewin (Electrican). He is also working as a filmmaker and we change ideas for the pilot and are discussing how to solve different lighting situations on set among other things concerning film!

  Henrik Norberg (Sound). He is doing the sound recording on set and will do the sound mix in post when time comes for that. He has the right feeling and thinking in how a film should sound.

  Shero Rauf (Best boy/FX effects). He is a talented film worker on set, does stunt and in post, he knows how to make art in 3d! A great person that enhances our production in many ways!

  Andreas Alme (music). When I heard some of his tunes, it became clear that his music fits in this project and he has already started to work with some ideas!

  PA Nilsson (Director and producer). He has directed and edited films such as shorts, commercials, music videos and promos. A few of these films has been broadcasted on Swedish national TV and other on festivals, art exhibitions and internet. 

We will attach missing personnel and will get back with an update on this, when we receive their "ok" for the shooting. We will keep the team small and effective though.

Other ways you can help

If you can’t contribute with money, there is still some ways to help us:

  • Visit us on Facebook. Every visit counts!
  • Watch our pilot and share it! (the project goes beyond this campaign!)
  • Get the word out- use the Indiegogo share tools!
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