Til Death

When a young boy loses his soul mate, he sets out on an adventure to bring her back to life.


We are University of Victoria students looking to complete a professional short film.

We have shot and edited our film 'Til Death but it is not quite ready to submit to film festivals.


We are looking for funding to make the best possible film so that we can help launch the careers of our talented actors and crew.


Where the Funds will go:

  • $1,000 towards visual effects
  • $750 towards sound mixing
  • $750 towards film festival submission fees


All the money raised will go to talented artists or towards film festival entry fees. 

Denver Jackson is a talented visual effects artist and is taking a massive pay cut by working on this project.

David Parfit, feature film sound mixer and professional composer, is also helping us out by agreeing to be paid far less than his standard rate.

Film festival submission fees range from $20-$50 per entry! We want to submit to as many film festivals as possible, but the fees quickly add up.

This is a very modest post-production budget compared to other short films.

The Goal

After making the best film we can, our goal is to get into as many film festivals as possible.

There is much to gain from being accepted into film festivals:

  • Exposure for the young actors
  • Ability to apply for filmmaking grants for the next project
  • See our hard work pay off as we watch the little film on the big screen!


Other Ways You Can Help

We understand not everyone has the ability to donate money, but please help our indiegogo campaign in other ways:

  • Send the campaign video to friends and family
  • Share and ‘Like’ our facebook page
  • Share the video using social media #tildeathfilm


Thanks for supporting indie film!

                                                    -The 'Til Death Team

Team on This Campaign: