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Help us introduce America to Fast-Casual Indian Food (and give an Army Veteran a career)!
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We are dreaming big, but starting small...and MOBILE!

This campaign is to raise funds to put a down payment on a fully equipped Food Truck!  We hope to someday raise enough money to open a Fast-Casual restaurant, but also love the idea of mobile vending.  So, we are asking for your help in collecting funds to buy a truck.  If you have a few minutes, like Indian food, want to help us make TIkka Tikka Taco a reality, and can spare some cash in exchange for a reward, then please donate here and spread the word.  THANKS!

Tikka Tikka Taco Foodie Truck will "deliver" the unique and incredible flavors of Indo-Pak (Indian and Pakistani) cuisine in modern style; using fresh and high quality ingredients paired with a shiny, clean and attractive distribution method:  A Food Truck!

I know, I know, there are plenty of food trucks in the U.S.  There may even be a decent Indian food truck in your town (especially if you are sitting in Mumbai as you read this).  In my town though, NOPE.  And this isn't just about more of the same Indian food.  Our recipes have been adapted and modernized to appeal to the masses, thereby enabling me to introduce people to a new and exciting flavor!  All I need is the opportunity.


What We Need & What You Get

The request for $15,000 is to place a downpayment on the truck itself.  Right now we are doing some catering and working a booth at an upcoming event, but do not have enough cash to buy a truck.  So, if you can help us with as much as possible to put down, we will finance the rest.

On IndieGoGo, you will not get any ownership by donating, but you also do not have to walk empty-handed!  Hopefully, you find the rewards listed to the right to be compelling!


The Future.The Impact.The Dream

There are many people in this country that love ethnic food of all types.  We are a few of those people.  We have learned along the way that sometimes the difference between someone that loves vs. hates these foods are the way they are introduced.  So, we seek to introduce the masses to Indian Food in a way we feel will make them comfortable with it.  That's our vision! 


Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help.  We also need to reach more and more people.  If you can help us reach thousands, even if they only donate $5, we can be successful!

Help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign.  If your excited about helping us, others will be too!  

The message is simple, so feel free to copy and paste:  

Please help our friends and receive a delicious reward!  Click here, donate as little as $5, and spread the word further:  https://www.indiegogo.com/tikka

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Shaun and MikeWhile this idea is not exactly the reinvention of the wheel, it is a journey into a previously unoccupied space. So then, what makes me the ideal guide for this journey? The rather unique background I have experienced has led me to desire this type of food enough to bring it to market myself. My grandparents spent time living in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma before moving to the U.S. Having been raised in the United States by their son and my Italian mother has made me a very American man with a very ethnic taste for food. When I was young, I grew up on foods from all over Asia as well as my mother’s spaghetti and (well-meaning attempts at) meatloaf. I learned quickly what I liked and what I preferred not to eat, and most importantly, I learned about flavor. Of all the foods I enjoy today, there is nothing quite like the flavors represented in Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

My professional career (after leaving the restaurant industry) has been spent in three roles: as a Banker in 2005, then Mortgage Consultant in 2007 and now as a Sales Manager in charge of a team of Mortgage Consultants since 2010. I have been successful in each endeavor thanks to a relentless drive, good decision making, uncompromising ethics, and a skill for solving problems and recognizing patterns. I also have a substantial social network across the country that I plan to leverage to help this project succeed. I plan on trying to maintain my employment because I find the resources and network I have available to me at a national lender and bank to be extremely valuable, and I will need that income to maintain my non-business responsibilities. Thankfully, my brother Shaun has plenty of food service experience and will be right along side me managing the day to day truck operations.


Swaleh Family


I hope to have daily management responsibilities transferred to Shaun quickly so I can focus on business development and maintain my career at Citibank.  He has more recent restaurant experience as he currently works at Chili’s as a server and quality assurance manager.  Through his employment there he has access to a network of “industry” people that will come in handy to find trusted employees for our business.  As far as management experience, he has a unique skill set.  While he has never managed in a restaurant or in corporate America, he was a Team Leader in the 101st Airborne division of the U.S. Army.  During his deployment in Afghanistan he was responsible for a team of infantrymen and led several successful enemy engagements.  He was honorably discharged this year after earning his Expert Infantrymen Badge, Combat Infantrymen Badge, Air Assault Badge, two Army Accommodation Medals, Army Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal as well as several others.  He made E5 quickly, as he was pinned Sergeant on his 3-year anniversary.

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    We will happily take what we can get, so if you gave $5.....THANK YOU!!

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    When we fund, we'll give you a personal shout out on each of our Facebook pages. That way everyone knows we couldn't have done this without you!

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    The Coupon

    A fancy little voucher for a free meal as soon as our truck opens for business.

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    The Out of Towner

    If you don't live in St. Louis and are worried that you won't get to try us out, then have no fear! We will ship you a packet of our special spice blend and a recipe to try it at home (along with some tips and tricks we have picked up over the years). Grill it up for friends and family, or hoard it all for yourself...we won't judge.

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    Estimated delivery: February 2013
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    At this level, we owe you a big THANKS. We will invite you to join us for our launch party in March and be treated to an all you can eat Tikka Tikka Taco dinner!

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    Estimated delivery: March 2013
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    NEW: Get YOUR name on either or truck or our restaurant "WALL OF FAME" section, whichever comes first. We know we are going places, but we need a little help getting there. You can show everyone you helped back when it all began! You can also earn this reward by getting $100 worth of donations from you friends! When people click the link on your Facebook or Twitter page and those clicks lead to donations, we'll give you the credit!

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    Everything in The Local, plus bring a guest to the party. Also, we'll outfit you with one of the stylish T-Shirts we are sporting in the video and give you a sleek window decal. ***SPECIAL REWARD*** Anyone that donates at this V.I.P. level or higher will get their name on our truck under a SPECIAL THANKS TO: section.

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    Choose this level if for some reason you just really like us and want to help us out (or just happen to be related). We will still give you a Spice Packet, Recipe, T-Shirt and invitation for two to the party, but we know that's not why you donated. We love you too. Special Reward: For your donation, you will also receive a framed certificate identifying you as an honorary Founder of Tikka Tikka Taco. If we ever make it big, this would be pretty darn cool.

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    The Foodie

    FREE FOOD FOR OUR ENTIRE FIRST YEAR OF EXISTENCE! Get a VIP card that entitles you to 1 free meal per day that our window is open for business (estimated to be 200 days per year). WOW!

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    Estimated delivery: April 2013
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    The Sponsor

    Take advantage of our popularity by putting an advertisement up on our website and facebook page. We plan to use Social Media heavily to promote our food, so join us for the ride! Gauranteed exposure for 24 months.

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    This is a heck of a deal. Get everything below plus the real value: Take advantage of our popularity by putting an advertisement up on our truck itself! Talk about cheap advertising. You will get to advertise on essentially a mobile billboard with thousands of monthly views. Gauranteed exposure for 24 months with a 18"x18" ad that people will stare at while in line for food.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2013
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