Help fund the first large scale production run of Tiki Toss: a fun game for all ages that uses part of its profits to help children suffering from Autism.
Chris Puglisi
Small Business
Santa Barbara, California
United States
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 “I can't believe how addicting this game is! You'll be the hit of the party when you introduce Tiki Toss to your guests at your next gathering!! This is an all age game! You won't want to stop playing. Love this game!!!"

- Elisa Swan, Long Beach, CA

"Our customers LOVE Tiki Toss!! Everyone, from young children to adults,
enjoys playing our demo in the stores. Just open one and have a demo in your
store for customers to play and they will BLOW OUT of your store!"

- Amanda Burch "AB", Wonderworks Operations Manager

"Just wanted to let you know that Tiki Toss was far and away our best seller for the holidays.  Thank goodness you are local because I could never have anticipated selling as many as we did. It seemed like I got five or six dozen every other day for the last 10 days.  What a great idea and product!"

- Bob Humphreys, Boca Surf And Sail

"The Tiki Toss’s have been flying out the door! It’s not uncommon for customers to buy one for themselves and one as a gift for a friend."

- Adam Whittington
Owner, BlueLine Paddle Surf


Thank you Indegogo'ers  for checking out our project!



Tiki Toss, the classic hook and ring game, is being called, "The New Dartboard" by retailers ranging from Sporting Goods to Department Stores to Toy Stores!

An easy game to get the hang of but a challenge to master, Tiki Toss offers multi generational fun for the entire family and gameplay is only limited by your imagination!

Close attention to quality and design result in a product that makes you want to reach out and touch it. The board is made from sustainable, solid Bamboo. The hardware is heavy gauge. The proprietary ring design allows for smooth set up and play.

Tiki Toss sets up in 5 minutes with multiple user friendly options for hanging. Inside or out, you'll be enjoying Tiki Toss in no time!

Hooking a "Ringer" is the initial challenge. Competitive multi player gaming quickly follows.


Setup in minutes. Everything included.

Setup in minutes.  Everything included for multiple setup options.

An instant classic! -  Enjoyed by all ages in casual and competitive environments alike!"  

- Allison Way, ThinkBig Editor

"Instantly intriguing! - Everyone is automatically drawn to Tiki Toss when they enter the room!"   

- Jack Glasure, Ignition Branding

"Tiki Toss brings the feeling of vacation and Island Living to any patio, parlor, family room, or dorm"

- Skye Molineux, Broward Design Center

 Tiki Toss on the dock.

Tiki Toss on the dock.



Where We’re Headed

With your support, we can get Tiki Toss to a store near you! We have spent 15 months testing and seeding the market with Tiki Toss. Based on the reception, the reorder rate and the proven universal appeal, we truly believe that there is no limit to the success of Tiki Toss. This game can truly become the next “dartboard”!

What We Need

Funds raised through Indiegogo will be used to execute the first large scale production run of Tiki Toss. 

We need to raise $60,000 for this project.

We’re determined to get Tiki Toss on the shelves of thousands of retailers around the globe so people everywhere can enjoy it. Your support will help is achieve that goal.

Why we need it

A) To keep our current accounts stocked with Tiki Toss. Our account base has quickly outgrown our capacity to assemble Tiki Toss in our backyard. The order size has quickly outgrown our means for purchasing the components to build Tiki Toss games.

B) We have an experienced sales force ready to take Tiki Toss to a higher level of distribution, but without the funding for our first large scale production run, we won't be able to keep up with the demand.


Backyard Production


We could not have come this far without extensive help from friends, family and general community support. We have had up to 9 people at a time in our backyard building Tiki Toss games; tying rope, drilling holes, packing shipments, etc. We are truly fortunate to have experienced such support and are eternally grateful. We’re now looking to the larger Indiegogo community to get involved and help us with our first large scale production run.

Consider joining our growing community of supporters and receive a Tiki Toss straight from the initial production run. Please see the perks to the right and get involved on any level. Be the first to have Tiki Toss in your community and let us know when you see Tiki Toss for sale in a local store!


We're excited about our Limited Edition Indiegogo 2012 Tiki Toss options below, but be sure to look to the right for the full offering of perks.




By supporting this campaign, you'll also be supporting our friends at Surfer's Healing, who are changing the lives of children suffering from Autism through the healing powers of the ocean.  2% of our profits go directly to them to help out.  Check them out at Surfer's Healing.

All of our Indiegogo supporters will also receive recognition on our website, and we'll always keep our Indiegogo supporters informed of our progress. Please keep in touch and help us grow with your continued involvement. Feedback & ideas from our community are always appreciated!


Immediately. Everything is in order for the the first production run besides the funds to it. As soon as the TIki Toss campaign is funded, the production run will be put into motion! You'll be  playing Tiki Toss in no time!


Vision, dedication, sweat and financial risk have gotten us this far. The most important factor, by far though, has been family and community support. Without the trust, confidence and the sacrifices that our families have made and without the physical help of an amazing community of friends, we would have been forced to give up on Tiki Toss long ago.

As our company has been built on this premise thus far, it just makes sense that we fund our largest project to date by extending our amazing community. We thank you for enduring our presentation and hope to see you join our growing community.




Mellow Militia is the company behind the iPhone app, Tiki Toss 3D and now the real life game, Tiki Toss.

Mellow Militia was almost instantly formed when best high school friends, Kyle McGetrick and Chris Puglisi again crossed paths after about 16 years. 

After spending only a day catching up, we quickly realized that we could combine our collective experience and pick back up on the entrepreneurial path that we had shared in the past.

We quickly decided to develop a mobile application and a lifestyle brand rooted in fun and positivity.  Our vision was to someday cross over into physical games to match the mobile applications and to promote positive lifestyle through both.  Thus, Mellow Militia was born and the Tiki Toss concepts were in motion.


In the Tiki Hut


Almost immediately after launching Tiki Toss 3D for iphone, we teamed up with Surfer’s Healing, a Foundation for Autism.  When we saw how this truly amazing non-profit transforms the lives of children suffering from Autism through the healing powers of the ocean, we decided to donate a percentage of our profits to help them out.  

Surfer’s Healing had a small booth at the upcoming Surf Expo in Orlando, FL and they invited us to share the space to help us promote Tiki Toss 3D.

Suddenly, the time to create the real world Tiki Toss was upon us!

With only a month to come up with a product, we did what any respectable start up would do and set up shop in Kyle's garage.

With a focus on quality, design and sustainability but without proper budget or time, we were pretty fortunate to land somewhere in the middle with our first 25 Tiki Toss games.

The design was great, the quality of the components were up to par, but we had no packaging or presentation to speak of.

So again, as a good start up should, we tapped into our vast resources and wound up settling on zipperlock lunch baggies with business cards stapled to them as a label.

We convinced ourselves that the product looked great and headed off to Orlando Surf Expo!


Tiki Toss Debut, Surf Expo January 2011 with Surfer's Healing

By the end of the first afternoon, we had actually gained a steady stream of on-lookers as some folks gathered around to play Tiki Toss. On days two and three, we consistently had one of the largest crowds on our side of the trade show floor!  

Orders started coming in from retailers. We actually shipped the product with plastic zip lock bags as packaging.  Not only did they sell, but the accounts all reordered! 


Tiki Toss indoors.


Upon returning from the show, we immediately got to work building Tiki Toss games to fill our orders.   Luckily our accounts were fine with the lunch bags as packaging (for the time being). 

Our goal was to come back to Surf Expo’s September show with a “real” product with “real” packaging and the face of a “real" company.  We scrounged together all of the funds and credit cards that we could, worked tirelessly on the project by night and weekend and actually (barely) pulled off a small print run.


January 2012 Surf Expo - Orlando, FL

Since September we have been caught up in a cycle of building small orders, collecting on the invoices, purchasing components for the following small batch and so on..

We have actually built, packaged and shipped over 10,000 Tiki Toss games from our backyard and garage this way.

Suddenly, the demand for Tiki Toss has outpaced our capacity to fill the re-orders and new orders coming in daily.  

Tiki Toss is now carried in over 200 retail stores! 


Tiki Toss in the dorm room

So since January 2011, we've learned a lot and we've grown a lot. We're excited about the future!  We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our friends and families for their ongoing help and support in getting us this far. We'd also like to thank, in advance, our Indiegogo supporters and welcome you!  Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions, provide us with insight and feedback and always keep in touch…


Many thanks,

Chris, Kyle & Amy

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  • $3USD

    Keep you're favorite beverage cold with a Tiki Toss Koozie and sticker it up with a Mellow Militia Decal. US domestic shipping is included. For international, please add $10

    9 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • $24USD

    Get the Original Tiki Toss Bamboo Hook & RIng Game. A 20% discount off retail plus Free shipping! You'll get a Mellow Militia Koozie & Decal too! For international, please add $10

    49 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2012
  • $40USD

    Own the limited Indiegogo 2012 edition of Tiki Toss. Custom designed just for Indiegogo supporters. And of course, a Koozie & Decal. Free shipping. For international, please add $10

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2012
  • $60USD

    With an officially stamped “BIG UP!”, and your name engraved into the “INDIEGOGO 2012” edition, our big supporters will be boldly recognized! BIG UP supporters will also receive a Mellow Militia FlexFit Trucker Hat, along with a Koozie & Decal. Free shipping. For international, please add $10

    24 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2012
  • $135USD
    6 PACK

    Grab one for yourself and 5 for your crew! Tiki Toss is a great gift and now you don't always have to host the party! A 25% discount off retail plus free shipping. You'll also get the Mellow Militia FlexFit Trucker Hat , Koozie & Decal. For international, please inquire.

    15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2012
  • $360USD

    Join our growing list of retailers and stock your shelves with 24 Tiki Toss games for the Holiday season, A 50% Discount & Free Shipping. For international, please inquire.

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2012
  • $1,080USD

    Pick up 72 Original Tiki Toss Games and we'll include a Tiki Toss video display rack to showcase them in your shop! Free Shipping. For international, please inquire.

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2012
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