Tigdi - The iPhone Wallet Case Wants to Hold Everything

Tigdi is a classic high quality leather wallet case, you can put your things where your phone is. www.tigdistore.com
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The Story

The iPhone is one of the coolest gadgets ever invented. It’s super-portable, intelligent and really puts the ‘smart’ in smart-phone. Most people who own one never go anywhere without it (and we’re talking about anywhere). The problem is that today’s’ consumer also has a ton of other stuff that they take everywhere they go as well. Cash, credit cards, keys, sunglasses and more. Wouldn’t it be convenient if, when you grabbed your iPhone on the way out of the house, everything else was already attached to it or stored with it? That would sure cut down on forgetting your most important things when you go out, wouldn’t it? That’s why we made the Tigdi, an iPhone wallet that protects your iPhone and holds all your other important stuff at the same time.


Why the Tigdi is better:

 We studied tons of other iPhone wallets to see what we liked, what worked and, most importantly, what was missing. We looked for convenience and protection most of all and, after we were done studying the other iPhone wallets on the market, we designed the Tigdi to do everything they could do and much more.



Q: What is a TIGDI 1.0 & a TIGDI 2.0

  A:  The Tigdi 1.0 is a classic wallet+case. Compatible with iPhone 4/4s/5 

          The Tigdi 2.0 is a wallet+sleeve version which you can use like a regular wallet, or add another phone in the back. Compatible with iPhone 4/4s/5 Pictured below if the Tigdi 1.0 and 2.0




Find My iPhone = Find My Wallet=Find My things

  It’s a grab-and-go solution for your iPhone that will keep you organized, cut down on lost items and keep everything in one easy to use and ultra-convenient place.


Easy Access:

Opening up the inner wallet is a one-hand job. Answering a phone call is also a breeze. One finger take out card.


Cash and tickets


There is plenty of room for the storage of cash and is suitable for many country currencies and perfect place to store a ticket,


 The Tigdi of style.

It’s a wallet that looks like no other and a case that keeps your iPhone from looking like everyone else’s.

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Supper Fit

The Tigdi case is a very thing fit, but never too thin to easily get lost.


Your phone is safe in a tigdi.

Protect your iPhone between two layers of genuine leather covers.It feels great in your hand.Tigdi 2.0

Material and Manufacuring

   The material is a top-grade leather that has been expertly finished for a soft feel and lasting durability. There are reinforced stitches at specific stress points and the edges have been sealed with a finish coating for added wear protection,durability and a seamless visual effect. The leather will be reinforced in strategic areas for additional structural integrity and the pockets will be lined to enable smooth storage of cards. These are typical characteristics of the finest leather goods, and we are excited to be able to offer these features on the Tigdi.

    We reviewed several different manufacturers until we found one that produces at a very high quality and timely fashion. We have the material designed and ready to go,Now, with your help we can get out the first production run of Tigdi! Your pledge will go directly into the production of the wallets.If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the wallet, or would like to give some feedback, we would love to hear it. Your support is greatly appreciated!!


Reasons to support:

  • Using a Tigdi makes your pants fit better.
  • A Tigdi is easy to find in your bag or purse.
  • It's small in your pocket,Cards are easy in, easy out.  
  • It's hard to make your case stand out, but a Tigdi stands out.
  • It's so versatile, use your imagination to decide how you'll use it!
  • Tigdi is the perfect size to carry everything you need.
  • Everyone has two favorite card to use; Tiedi will give you instant access to it.
  • Your clothes will fit better.
  • They can fit in any pocket or purse.
  • They can better organize and distribute business cards.
  • Everyday life can be chaotic. Perhaps this could help make it a bit simpler.
  • Help make loved ones' everyday lives simpler by gifting one.


When will I get my TIGDI wallet?

Production of the wallets willtake 15-20 days from the day we give the final go ahead

  • That will give us 3-4 weeks to ship product to our backers.

With your support and backing,we expect to have the wallets in your hands just in. Please share this link:(http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tigdi-the-best-iphone-wallet-ever/x/1807419)

with any of your friends and family that might be frustrated with their current phone wallet situation; or better yet, gift them a Tigdi.


Who we are

  We are love design unique product to solve simple problem.and make people happy with our products. That's all. Thank you for your time and consideration!



Do things fall out of it?

Nope.  TIGDI is tightenough to keep your cards and cash safe. =)


How many cards do the wallets carry?

They really are flexible to such a large extent that you could carry asfew as 2 or 3 cards, or as many as 20.  You could go further, of course,but that's not tight. ;)









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