Canada's Dropbox Alternative - Keep Your Data on Canadian Soil


What is TickleVault?  

TickleVault is a project formed by an Alberta based technology to provide a secure alternative to Dropbox hosted on Canadian soil.  The TickleVault system allows users to backup and synchronize files between their PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone and have the files stored encrypted in a secure location in downtown Edmonton.  Our easy to use web interface allows other devices to access files stored in the encrypted TickleVault storage, providing users access to their data anywhere.

Why is this better?  Can't I just use Dropbox?

Your employees (or yourself personally if you're an individual) are using cloud-based services such as Dropbox to share sensitive data with vendors, customers, partners and one another. They are syncing data to their mobile devices and home computers, all in an effort to get their job done faster and easier, and all without worrying about the risk of that data being compromised.

Your sensitive company data is stored on servers outside of your control, outside of your policy and regulatory guidelines – maybe even outside your of country – and not managed by you. The potential for data leakage, security breaches and harm to your business is enormous, but you do not want to hamper productivity.  

There are risks with hosting your data in the US:

  • Edward Snowden, American whistleblower...leaked a huge trove of data about a top-secret U.S. surveillance program known as PRISM in June.   Following the revelations that the U.S. National Security Agency had secured all-but-unfettered access to user data held by the largest U.S. tech companies, including Microsoft, Google and Yahoo, politicians and businesses around the world were struggling to figure out what exactly this news meant for them. (excerpt from Canadian Business article - http://www.canadianbusiness.com/technology-news/snowdens-fallout/)
  • Any data hosted in the US is subject to the Patriot Act (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_Act).  This act provides US authorities easy access to foreign data.  By signing the terms and conditions with a US service provider, you agree to all the conditions including being bound to the US Patriot act terms for releasing data which means there is not much protection for your data when hosted in the US.  

More than 75 percent of businesses have shared or stored sensitive company information on public clouds services - Symantec.

  • 40% experienced the exposure of confidential information
  • 40% reported that they had lost data in the cloud and had to restore it from backups

Ok, I get it.  Now, how will TickleVault protect my data?

TickleVault provides improved security through several mechanisms:

  • TickleVault is subject to Canadian privacy laws.  We will not release your data without your consent or court order (warrant).  Even if we do release your data to legal authorities, the data is encrypted using AES encryption at rest and only you have the key to that data.
  • TickleVault provides completely private hosted solutions either in our Edmonton data centres or through TickleVault storage systems installed on-site.  This provides businesses with the peace of mind they have 100% control over their data and do not have to worry about whom their data is being exposed to.

That's great, but can I access my data wherever I am?

Yes, you can.  TickleVault has tested with select beta partners synchronization clients that run on PCs (all versions of Windows), Macs, iPhones and Android devices.  The project founder uses the Android application every day to automatically upload the pictures he takes on his phone to the encrypted TickleVault storage.  

When you're away from your PC in a public location or visiting friends, you can access your files through a web interface.  This web interface is accessible through all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and even web browsers on popular brands of tablets.

What other features will TickleVault provide?

  • Share documents with external partners - Administrators can enable anonymous uploads for users; in addition to existing password and expiration options for publicly shared folders, you can offer anonymous uploads for folders you choose to share so collaborating with partners and contractors is now much easier, but is still managed, fully logged, and audited by IT
  • Undelete - Undelete a file that was deleted through the web interface; simply select the files in the trash bin and they are returned to where they were deleted from, with versions maintained
  • File versioning - Versioning includes an intelligent algorithm that automatically expires old version if running out of space.

Sounds good to me.  How do I know you will deliver?

  • The TickleVault is backed by a technology company with years of experience deploying cloud based technology solutions.  Fort Technology has a proven VMWare based vCloud computing platform hosted in downtown Edmonton, AB that has been operating since 2011 with no recorded downtime.  The Fort Technology cloud platform currently houses the TickleVault beta test environment being used by several beta test customers.  
  • Fort Technology has tested the technology platform with a number of beta testers in the print media industry.  The platform is currently being used to synchronize files created with Adobe Cloud software products for a team developing an auto parts catalogue.
  • Shawn Lawrence (the current President/CEO of Fort Technology) excels in taking specialized technology solutions to market for large scale deployments.  As one of the original founders of Virtutone Networks (TSX-V:VFX), Mr. Lawrence was responsible for the invention of the Fax Terminal adapter (FTA - http://www.virtutone.com/fax_solution.php) and deployed a VoIP network for over 500 CashStore Financial locations around the world (http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Virtutone-to-Provide-Cash-Store-Financial-Private-Voice-and-Fax-Network-1130613.htm).

I can't contribute cash right now.  What can I do to help?

Don't think you can help us out right now?  There's a number of ways you can help us even without contributing money.

  • Visit our Fackbook page https://www.facebook.com/forttechnology and follow us as we continue to build TickleVault.
  • Visit our website at http://www.forttechnology.ca and read the latest news about TickleVault developments.
  • Tell everyone and anyone you know there's a new secure alternative to Dropbox - named TickleVault.
  • Share our project with others using Indiegogo's sharing tools.

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