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  • $295USD
    PART 3 Training Gear

    Load-bearing resistance training is the key to Thrust™ and the PART System™. Designed and engineered, specifically for Thrust™ the Proton Sandbag™ is the most effective and versatile piece of home fitness equipment you'll ever use, guaranteed. Plus a bonus jump rope in fire orange with lightweight handles crafted for speed to improve stamina and coordination - a founder's favorite! *Note, PART 3 training gear includes early access, the full program, and PART 1 and 2 gear!

    Estimated delivery: November 2014

    9 out of 20 claimed


    FREE Thrust180™

    For a limited time, donate $1 and help us support the NYWCRF and you'll get the entire Thrust180™ program which includes six remarkably effective 180 second body-weight workouts and a recipe guide containing 180 calorie snacks to boost digestive enzymes, metabolic activity, and sexual performance. Plus a bonus Thrust180™ digital fact-book with easy to follow diet, fitness, and lifestyle tips to ignite your transformation!

    Estimated delivery: August 2014

    100 out of 100 claimed

  • $5USD
    Thrust™ Movement Hi-Five

    A little positive reinforcement goes a long way. Show your support of our Thrust™ movement and help us sponsor HPV and cancer research with the NYWCRF. *Note, reward includes a thank you tweet, $1 toward the NYWCRF, and #TeamThrust eternal gratitude.

    Estimated delivery: August 2014

    0 claimed

  • $75USD
    Full Thrust™ + Early Access

    Get the full Thrust Lifestyle Program™ with early digital access! Includes 18 feature length workouts that use the revolutionary PART™ System with science proven and guaranteed to lose fat, build muscle, and enhance performance in and out of the bedroom. You'll also receive a complimentary How-to-Thrust™ - Better Sex Health Manual with a 90-day calendar and guides for nutrition, exercise, and intimacy. Plus a bonus baseball or flat-brim Thrust™ cap. *Includes Thrust180™

    Estimated delivery: August 2014

    20 out of 25 claimed

  • $129USD
    PART 1 Training Gear

    Get faster, safer, and more effective results, all in the privacy of your own home! PART 1 gear includes a highly cushioned exercise mat and foam roller to increase active flexibility, lower joint impact, and improve recovery. Plus an aluminum Thrust™ water bottle to stay hydrated and satisfied. *Note, PART 1 training gear includes the full Thrust™ program with early access!

    Estimated delivery: June 2014

    2 out of 20 claimed

  • $205USD
    PART 2 Training Gear

    Highly portable fitness gear so you can Thrust™ anywhere! PART 2 gear includes a specially designed multi-use exercise ball, a perfectly sized stability ball, 3 variable resistance bands, and a pair of Thrust Bracers™ - our 100% custom wrist wraps are engineered for effective overhead resistance band training to improve joint health, blood flow, and more... *Note, PART 2 training gear includes the full program, early access, and PART 1 gear!

    Estimated delivery: November 2014

    5 out of 20 claimed


    All Fitness Equipment Sale

    Get the entire Thrust™ Lifestyle Program plus all bonuses, home-training equipment, and 3 levels of fitness gear!

    Estimated delivery: November 2014

    7 out of 7 claimed

  • $465USD
    + 1 Month of Supplements

    Do you struggle with proper balance in your diet? Get a 30 day supply of Thrust™ dietary supplements - professionally formulated for both men and women to enhance sexual performance! Includes essential daily vitamins, an intensity boosting pre-workout blend, and a performance sustaining amino acid cocktail for during your workout. Plus a bonus his and her's herbal intimacy trial pack! *Includes the entire Thrust™ program, early access, and all PART™ gear!

    Estimated delivery: November 2014

    1 out of 10 claimed


    Premiere Weekend VIP + Travel

    Help launch Thrust to the next level and receive personalized #TeamThrust coaching this fall in Miami Beach, FL! You and your guest will receive Five Star Hotel Accommodations and Round-Trip Airfare to Miami, FL on November 14th - 16th. Includes VIP access to all Thrust Detox Weekend Events plus a special bonus mention in our video credits! Travel options include: US Domestic 48 First Class, International Coach, or 80,000 AA Reward Miles!

    Estimated delivery: November 2014

    3 out of 3 claimed

  • $20,000USD
    Product Placement Advertising

    The latest trends in filming, post-production, and VFX allow us to combine your business' product, service or trademark to one of our custom-built virtual environments. Choose between the Warehouse, the Office, the Rooftop, and more to advertise your business. *Note, all rewards included!

    Estimated delivery: November 2014

    0 out of 2 claimed

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