'Through Time' - Not Literally's Doctor Who Parody

We want to share our passion for Doctor Who with you in this upbeat parody music video about adventuring through time and space with the Doctor!

Short Summary

Hi! We're Not Literally Productions, a small, Denver-based production company. We make parody music videos to express and share passion for fandoms with other fans. You may be familiar with some of our other work, such as our Slytherin and Hufflepuff house pride videos, our Ask Hogwarts comedy series, or other comedic shorts like Walk of Shame and Hogwarts Career Day. We think that what's most beautiful about fandom is that it brings people who enjoy something together, where new, amazing things can spring from that love they share. Fandom is about taking a form of media and making it bigger than itself.

So far we've been mostly Harry Potter-centric, but there are far more books, movies, and TV shows that we love. That's why we recently wrote a brand new Doctor Who-themed parody—and you can help us make it!

What We Need & What You Get

The donations we receive for this project will go to a few primary but essential places. When you're making a Doctor Who video, the most important part is in the title: the Doctor.

We knew that we couldn't represent the Doctor halfway, so we tracked down the incredible Matt Smith lookalike Matt Elliott and asked him to costar in our video with us.

Matt Elliot dressed as the Eleventh Doctor

He's excited to work with us! But here's where you come in: he lives in Bristol, which  means we need donations to fund his airfare, hotel, cab fare, etc. to get him out here to the States to film.

And of course, every Doctor Who episode has to have a villain! For our video, we chose the terrifying and memorable Weeping Angels. We have a talented duo of costumers at the ready to put together the angel costumes, but we need your help to cover the supplies!

In return, of course, you will be rewarded for your donations with all sorts of awesome prizes—from DVDs to t-shirts to cameos in the video! Make sure to check out our perks to help you choose which level of support to offer.

If we don't meet our funding goal, unfortunately there is no way for us to cut corners. We will still need the full amount of money, so anything that this campaign can't cover will have to borrow money from other current and future projects.

The Impact

All of our previous videos have been funded primarily by donations, which means everything we've done we couldn't have done without you! The incredible generosity of our friends and fans is what drives us on to keep making videos for you, so we can all share our passion for fandom together.

Thank you for your help in the past, and your help today!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't afford to donate, don't worry! There are still ways you can help us!

Share our campaign on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blog, etc. to help spread the word about what we're doing! Just because you can't afford to help doesn't mean someone else you know can't!

Remember that Indiegogo has their own built-in share tools—make use of those helpful tools to spread the word around!

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