Throbax TD

Campaign to finish a tower-defense game in which you have to survive wave after wave of fiendish enemies in a struggle for nothing less than your whole planet.


...approaching beta-stage. With your help we can complete it faster and add some more features.


Who are we?


Wyzau (Günter Unterrainer)

is a gifted provider of creative content, who has already done one or two minor games in Flash and doesn't shy away from a challenge.


LeRoi (Mark Scheuringer)

is a good friend of ours and he took on the time-consuming task of writing almost all of the music we used in the game.


Psilo (Gerald Unterrainer)

is a senior programmer who has always been fascinated by game development.


The three of us all have daytime jobs that consume most of our time and families, we like to spend the rest of it with.


So, in short, we are as indie as it gets.

Your contribution will help us to release Psilo of his obligations for a month or two to get the project done.


Join us to support this project, in which both of us have invested so much time, love and effort.



What We Need & What You Get


We are looking for you to help us fund our beta testing stage.


This is a flexible-funding campaign, as any amount of money will help us with the project. It is already at the end of closed-alpha-stage. What remains is the beta-stage in which we will add some more content, new levels and, most importantly, do the balancing over and over again, which is very time consuming but absolutely necessary for this type of game.

We intend to add a few new features and deliver a top product at the end.


In order to achieve this goal we need your help! We have put together a nice variety of perks, ranging from the game itself, over beta-testing accounts to a meet & greet with the whole team, where I (Psilo) will personally cook for you and one other person, you are welcome to bring along.



You only need to enter a shipping address when purchasing a perk that includes the Throbax TD T-Shirt, since all below that one consist of digital media only. If you have forgotten to do so, we'll get back to you when we start shipping.


Given the case that we don't reach our goal, we will have to postpone the release date of the game, but we won't cancel it. Promise. Any money raised allows us to spend more time on the development process.


For every game you buy here, you'll get a free Steam-key if we are allowed to release there.



Dev Diary

On Youtube or check out the gallery.


The Project


Early in April 2011 my brother and I sat in our parents' garden, talking, something we didn't do often enough in our working lives. We talked about doing a project together and since our last joint project lay back almost 20 years, we both thought that it was about time to do so again.


The first thing did, after coming up with a workable idea for the game, was to choose the technology we wanted to use. The winners were C#, since it was the language I used the most at the time, and XNA, which was completely new to me.

Nearly two years down the road we have quite something to show for ourselves. Getting there really wasn't easy at all and cost us quite a lot of time. That is why we started this campaign.


We want to dedicate more time to this project, but are unable to do so for financial reasons.
Help us finish the game without having to make any compromises.



The Game


The game is an old-school tower defense game (like Blizzard's tower-defense map in Frozen Throne) with a twist.

The game has an immersive story and the first half of it is a circle - tower defense game, meaning that the monsters will not vanish in a portal of some sort, but stay on the screen until you have destroyed them or there are 100 of them on the screen (in which case you have lost). Other than that, no bells and whistles, just basic action, neatly balanced, good controls and not too easy.


The game controls are RTS-like (that means you control a hero, who will do most of the work in-game) and the second half of the levels will change the gameplay to a standard tower-defense game.



PC game


Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8


Any processor with 2 Cores




ATI or Nvidia videocard with at least 256MB, or Intel GMA 950 or   newer

Hard Drive

750 MB HD space


  • Battle your way through 50 levels, buy over 100 upgrades and get all of the 50+ achievements
  • Captivating story that takes place in a universe created for this game only (sequel pending), told with over 100 pictures
  • English / German
  • English / German voiceover in all cut-scenes
  • Towers with individual effects
  • Spells
  • 25 Level circle tower defense mode
  • 25 Level standard tower defense mode
  • Over 100 upgrades for your towers and your hero
  • Achievements



Check out more information about the game, including more screenshots.



The Impact


This game, that started as an idea, pretty much got out of hands after a few months. The graphics would have to be nicer, the controls would have to be more intuitive, path-finding, HLSL effects, the works. Soon we found ourselves to be part of a fully-grown development process of a pretty solid game. I think everyone who has ever programmed understands what we're talking about.


With your help we can fulfill those quality claims without having to make any compromises.
(Pleeeeease... I want to be able to program the multiplayer-mode so much!)


All people involved in this project and their families have invested vast amounts of sweat, tears and time for it to see the light of day.


Your contribution can make the difference and maybe, just maybe, there is a way for us to making a living out of it after all, so that we can make more games in the future (we have some pretty solid ideas already).



Stretch Goals


Stretch Goals



Stretch Goal at 15.000$


Designing a level tier isn't that easy. Everything has to fit and to be in the right place for the game to work properly, plus you have to write a spawning script and balance each single new level.
When we reach this stretch goal, we will add another level-tier (10 levels), with a new unique look and twist.



Stretch Goal at 20.000$


It's programmed pretty neatly and my preliminary tests suggest that the code could take it, so I'll promise you that we'll throw in a multiplayer-function (cooperative multiplayer over LAN and over WAN using a global server) as well as a multiplayer map or two. That will pull the game to a new level.
I have the networking-protocol already covered and the engine is pretty much ready for a deterministic lockstep approach...
Looking forward to it (given I get the time to do it :-)



Other Ways You Can Help


Even if you can’t contribute, you can still help:



  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign.

    Tell the people out there, that they can help in the development of an exciting new tower defense game.


  • Share this campaign on FacebookTwitter or other social media!


  • Post in your favorite forum about this game.
    (Please be sure that you're allowed to do so and that your post isn't intrusive in any way. Thanks.)
    Don't forget to send us a link to the post you made, so that we can brag about it and add you to the Wall of Fame.


  • Email your friends.



Just copy-paste the following lines into your email. They contain all the information necessary:




Hi there!


The developers of Throbax TD really need your help!

Please have a look at the project and support it if you like it and you are able to.

If not, then please help spread the word. Each email counts.


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Thank you so much.

The Throbax TD - Team.

Psilo & Wyzau 




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THANK YOU so much for your interest in our game!!


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