Though I Know the River is Dry

Though I Know the River is Dry is an independent, crowd-sourced, short film, scheduled for release in January 2013.

Urgent 20 day appeal to raise post-production costs to finish Palestinian/Egyptian short film in time for January premiere.

In 2011 we raised $14,000 to shoot a short film in Palestine called, Though I Know the River is Dry. Kais Nashif, star of Paradise Now, signed up on reading the script and we pulled together a crew of some of the best young people in the film industry in Palestine today. 

Because of ongoing action with the Egyptian Revolution (which the director and the producer are both deeply committed to), we had to delay the shoot by a year. But, in summer 2012, we filmed it and the shoot went brilliantly. 

We've now been cutting the film for the past three months and are on the cusp of finishing it. 

It's been invited to premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival in late January based on the strength of the rough cut alone, and has already secured it's MENA premiere at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. 

This is going to be a strong film.

What we need now is enough money to give it the professional finish it deserves. We have three weeks - this is plenty of time - but what we are lacking, as usual, is money. The money we raise here will allow us to professionally colour and grade the picture and to mix the sound. it will give the film the full depth of sound design and picture detail that it needs to make an impact. 


In order to give our film a professional finish and a chance on the international festival circuit we need the following:

$3000 per day for ingest, colour grading, conform and audio layback. We need 3 days.

Approximately $2000 for Pre mix for sound.

$250 per hour for final sound mix. We will need approximately 5 hours work.

$1,000 Hard drives for storage and screening purposes.

Flights and accommodation for the Sound Designer to supervise final mix.

It will also allow us to create the materials needed to push the film's festival run (DVDs, posters, entry fees). 

The hard work is done, the film is looking great. We just need a little help to finish and to get it out there and seen. 

So, if you don't feel you can contribute financially, you could also help us by organizing  a screening near you. 

And if you would like to make a major contribution, but feel you'd like to see more of the film, just let us know and we can send you a link to where we are.



Caught between his brother's past and his child's future, one man's choice triggers catastrophe for his whole family.

He has returned to Palestine. On his journey through the country he relives the trauma of his past and the choice that sent him to America - a choice between a passport for his unborn child and a safe haven for his activist brother.



Palestine, as a subject, can feel inaccessible and overburdened with history. Too often genuine drama and style is lost in ideology and political correctness. 

But film-makers have a responsibility, art has an obligation to tell people's stories, to tell the stories that are being buried. With this short I think we are telling a relevant and resonant story, and telling it in a way that is both challenging and dramatic. 

Having worked in Palestine for the last five years, living there for a month or two each year, I have been constantly thinking about how cinema - our most immersive artform - can hope to recreate even a fraction of the Palestinian experience.  

It is an experience that is at once deeply complex and remarkably simple. It is both cinematically physical and invisibly psychological. It is living forever in an uncertain present while both the narratives of the past and the possibilities of the future are under attack. It is an experience that needs to be told and retold thousands of different ways - this is just one of them. 



International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013

Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2013


Kais Nashif

Omar Robert Hamilton

Louis Lewarne

Hussam Ghosheh
Maya Abu Alhayyat
Salwa Nakkara

Mohanad Yaqubi
Idioms Film

Ahdaf Soueif
Alexandra Allman Van-Zee

103 crowdfunding individuals
The Abdalla Foundation
The Doha Film Institute

Basel Abbas

Bashar Hassuneh



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