This Is Jiu-Jitsu- a documentary film

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  • $1USD
    Heart felt Thank You!

    Thank you for getting us started. Every dollar counts and so does your donation. Welcome to our family! :)

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  • $5USD
    Web Promo Shout Outs!

    A special thank you mention within all web promotions. We want everyone to know they’re involved, even at the base level. So this one’s for you!

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  • $15USD
    Digital BTS Photo

    Everything before, plus you’ll be the first to receive 1 EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL PHOTO from the production locations and sets of the film. Emailed straight to you in a TIFF and JPEG form and unavailable anywhere else on the web.

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  • $20USD
    DVD First Print!

    Everything before, plus you’ll get a FIRST RELEASE OF THE FILM ON DVD or flash drive! Whichever you prefer, let us know!

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  • $50USD
    HD Copy Of The Completed Film!

    All the previous perks, plus get a FIRST RELEASE OF THE FILM AS AN HD (HIGH DEFINITION 1080P) FILE ON A FLASH DRIVE! Of course this adds an advantage over the DVD release by having higher quality image and audio. Now who doesn’t want that? :) And ADDITIONALLY YOU’LL RECEIVE THE DVD VERSION AS WELL.

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  • $100USD

    You’re now officially on board with the crew (okay, so maybe not w/ the Producers but, you get the idea). See your name immortalized on cellu—‘err in cinematic form!

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  • $500USD

    In addition to the previous perks, you’ll also RECEIVE 3, 8X10 PHOTO PRINTS of the location scouts, scenes and other adventures from the film’s production, with one signed by one of the stars. Oh, by the way, the photos will be SHOT ON CELLULOID FILM, NOT CAPTURED DIGITALLY.

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  • $600USD

    In addition to the previous perks, YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO THE “THIS IS JIU-JITSU” FILM PREMIERE. We’ll update everyone on the locations, times and of course get involved with the red carpet hub-bub. Schmooze away with the likes of BJJ masters and students alike.

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  • $1,000USD

    All previous perks and also YOU’LL BE INVITED TO THE INITIAL “THIS IS JIU-JITSU” PRIVATE PRESS SCREENING. This will be alongside other MMA press luminaries and will also include a Q&A sessions with the Directors, writers and even feedback suggestions for the near final edit. This is very different from the public film premiere, so not only will you have first-hand involvement with the post production process, but of course, bragging rights to go with it ;-)

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  • $2,500USD

    In addition to the previous perks, you also can now VISIT THE PRODUCTION SETS AS THEY HAPPEN. Of course depending on your location, that is. And, if you’re unavailable in the production’s area at the time, part of the package will also be REMOTE SKYPE UPDATE MEETING WITH YOURS TRULY. So whatever questions and comments you have, we can share face to face across the world. Not just in a forum :)

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  • $5,000USD

    ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credits, which now puts you into the “investor” category. All previous perks included, with also the added benefit of joining up for the premiere after parties with cast and crew. Oh yeah, it’s party time now!

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  • $10,000USD

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit. This is where it gets big. We couldn’t have done this film without you. You’re officially a major player within the film’s production. This includes also (of course) OPENING SCREEN credits and IMDB credits

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