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Help fund the 3rd micro-budget feature film by award winning Seattle-based filmmaker Nick Terry.
Nick Terry
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Campaign Update & Reel of Previous Work!

The Premise

Title: N/A (Will be determined at a future date)

Genre: Independent Comedy/Drama

Plot Summary: Recent graduate, Russell, embarks on a road trip to visit and propose to his long distant college girlfriend, who is home for the weekend visiting family. Bringing along his camera-toting buddy Ben to document the momentous event, the two hit the road.

All is well until a young, free-spirited drifter named Emma ends up in their vehicle and quickly displays her knack for derailing their best laid plans. 

A simple trip and a plan for a proposal turns into a dramatic and emotional journey that they are unlikely to forget.


Michael Ward (Russell)

Karin Redden (Emma)

Nick Terry (Ben)

Welcome, Friends.

Are you a fan of quirky comedies? Are you a fan of character driven dramas? Are you a fan of movies made on a shoestring budget with young, unknown talent, that are not a sequel, prequel, or remake? Are you a fan of rhetorical questions? If you answered yes to any or none of these, then this is a project you want to keep an eye on.

21 year old filmmaker Nick Terry is at it again, annoying family and friends alike with constant chatter about his next big project: A THIRD FEATURE FILM.

After his first (award winning) feature Senior Prom premiered at SIFF 2010, Nick quickly moved on to his second feature, The Historic.

And then he took a film class.

Actually receiving a real education in film was a big, welcome wake up call. Nick instantly saw all the flaws in the lighting, composition, sound, etc. present in his previous films and vowed to never make the same mistake twice. This film is his way of proving he can do even better and go even further.

And all on a micro-budget (less than what James Cameron gets every time he sneezes).

James Cameron sneezes money.

What We Need & What You Get

Nick has a new camera (a Canon 5D Mark III) and has been learning all of it its intricacies over the past few months. Time to put it all to good use.

But a good camera doesn't make a film. And that's where you lovely, lovely people come in.

The list of what we need is short, but necessary:

  • A Wide Angle Lens (Something to help us get some nice landscape shots!)
  • A DSLR Handheld Steadicam (Making the shaky, smooth)
  • Camera Batteries (It helps to have a camera that can be turned on)
  • 2+ Nights at a Hotel/Cabin (Needed for scenes in the film and for sleeping!)
  • Payment for our Cast and Crew (To make the unpaid actors from my other films jealous)
  • External Hard drive (Someplace to store all this sexy, sexy footage)
  • Various Unexpected Costs (Best to expect the unexpected)

The Impact YOU Can Have

Every dollar put into this project will make for a better final product.

With a track record few young adults can compete with, Nick has proven his passion for the world of film, and is excited to continue to push the limits of what a tiny budget and a group of talented young people can accomplish.

The only way to make it in the world of film is to continuously produce work. With each project, I (Nick is no longer speaking in 3rd person) gain an incredible amount of experience and skill. I learn new techniques, solve new problems, deal with new issues, and strive to make each film better than the last.

To have something that can be entered into festivals all over the country and seen by audiences everywhere.

To have something that may help my cast and crew get future work doing what they love.

To make something worthwhile that will impact the viewer and entertain them again and again.

This is where all that begins. Welcome to the ground floor.

The only direction we can go is up.

All the best,

Nick Terry

Other Ways You Can Help

Can't contribute $$?

Post this on all the social networking sites you frequent. Tell friends and family about it. Write it on a paper plane and toss it out the window.

Anything and everything helps!

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  • $10USD

    Get your name in the credits and free entrance to the sneak preview screening of the finished film. The cast will share a high five in your honor.

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  • $25USD

    All of the above PLUS receive a DVD copy of Nick Terry's award winning first film SENIOR PROM plus a copy of his second feature THE HISTORIC.

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  • $50USD
    Good Friend

    All of the above PLUS a copy of the BRAND NEW FILM once it has reached completion.

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  • $100USD
    Best Friend

    All of the above PLUS a copy of the new film signed by the cast!

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  • $250USD
    Associate Producer

    All of the above PLUS Associate Producer credit. Will receive special seating at sneak preview screening.

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  • $500USD
    Executive Producer

    All of the above PLUS Executive Producer credit. Will receive special seating at sneak preview screening.

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  • $1,000USD

    All of the above PLUS Producer Credit. Your name will be on the official movie poster. Will receive special seating at sneak preview screening.

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