This Book's All Lies

This Book's All Lies is a documentary by Patrick Zimmerman about his pop-culturally influenced childhood obsession with a girl named Jennifer Fox.



Nine years ago I had a crush on a girl named Jennifer. After two years of very slowly forcing myself into her life we started a short-lived relationship that ended on a dance floor. In this film I will interview Jennifer and many other people involved to try to tell the most honest and encompassing version of what happened. 

After writing some twenty or so songs, attempting a to write a novel, and even a short film, it's clear this is a story I have been trying to tell for a very ling time. Since before the story had even ended actually. Everytime I analyzed my conclusion, I found that the majority of what I had ended on was a lie. This film will be the final chapter in my many attempts to define this critical point in my childhood. 

Now that so much time has passed and everyone has grown up and moved on it is the perfect time to have these conversations and to explore a time that many people can relate to, but rarely get the chance to revisit in such detail.

Through contributing to this campaign you will be helping me create my first official feature film by allowing me to tell my angsty saga the way it should be told: truthfully.

About Me

I'm a recent film school graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, and I have had a few short films play in festivals and contests, but this will be my first feature length film. And I need your help.

What the Film Needs

I already completed nearly half the production when I was telling this story in a multimedia blog format last summer (which you can check out at http://thisbooksalllies.com/The2012Blog). This initial campaign will fund the completion of production and the beginning stages of post-production. 

The $2500 will go towards shooting materials (i.e. lighting and sound), hired help (actors for reenactments, an animator), food on set, a small portion will go toward publicity materials, and a portion will go toward wages lost. 

What You Get

All contributors will receive credit in the film. No amount is too small, especially for a smaller campaign like this. I am indebted to anyone who contributes and will promise to make the best possible film as a thank you.

Take a look at the perks to see what other awesome rewards are being offered!

However, if I do not reach my goal, the consequence is that the film will take longer to be completed. I want to finish this project by fall so it can make it to festivals. But that will only be possible if I can raise the funds. 

The Impact

Despite my former obsession with writing and singing about romance as a homeschooled teenager, this is really everyone's story; just told my way. Who hasn't hated a close friend for having feelings for the same person? Or realized at the end of a relationship that you never really got to know the person you were with all that time, and that most of those problems were really your fault?

This Book's All Lies is a film that in a sometimes sad/sometimes funny way will take you into the world of a young, pop-culture induced, child as he navigates through his own words to understand the essence of of art, love, and honesty. 

You can play a valuable role in bringing this film to others by contributing to the campaign.

Other Ways You Can Help 

If you can't contribute, please share this page on Facebook/Twitter/other social networking sites, tell someone in a conversation, or harass your wealthiest friend! 

Also - if someone contributes because of your recommendation, I'll add your name to the credits too! 

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