This App could save your family $1,000's and more

You will be shocked to learn what happens when you die without a Will. Dont take our word for it.
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Please don't fight over my stuff.... or my treatment if I become incapacitated.   

"Are you aware that should you die without a will, your assets are distributed according to the rules of intestacy – meaning your assets may not be going to those you would like them to go to.

Did you also know that without a Living Will or Advanced Directive  to tell medical staff and lawyers what sort of treatment you want should you be involved in an accident or become incapacitated to a point you can't communicate your wishes, more often than not the lawyers start making the decisions that any sane person would think the doctors should be making.

I lost a friend recently but that isn't the issue here. He knew he was going, what was terrible, was to see his friends and family squabbling over the reminders of his life.  Some stole, some lied, some cried but all suffered in some way.

  • My friend never gave much thought to how people behave under these circumstances, to be frank, he had other things on his mind.
  • His friends and family never gave it any thought either, they believed he had thought about it and made arrangements and had a recently updated will.
  • Everyone has since reflected and agreed, you need a will and it must be current and clear.
  • They also agreed most people don't do it because it's a drama and too hard to keep updated and we all think we have years ahead of us.
  • Nearly everyone has heard a story of how misunderstandings, poor records and intestate arguments have ruined friendships, broken families and cost time and a lot of money sorting things out. 

This development is about giving you the tools and an easy update facility from a smart phone or similar and the confidence that this won't happen to you, your family or your friends.  

Just take a look around you... Do you see any electronics, your smart phone, your computer, your favourite jewellery, how about that expensive bike.......


What about your car, motorbike, do you have a nice watch?  So, tell me this, who is going to get all of these when you go and if you do have a Will in place, does it cover everything you own, in the garage, the office, the cars, bike, jewellery? Do you have a pay-pal account.  Is it clear what you want to happen to all your assets?  When did you last update it?

What We Need & What You Get

  • We can work on this full-time if we can pay the salaries and the office rent for a while. We have a database expert, an interface designer, a security programmer, an applications designer, a product manager and even an accountant and marketing experts.

                Here is what we have achieved Pre-funding
  • If you help us we will make sure you are first to get the coolest app and access to the new product as soon as it's completed. 

    Sample screen shot from the web registry pages. Nothing complicated here.

    With these tools, the website and the smart phone apps you will easily deal to one of the toughest problems we all have to, or at least should deal with before you leave a mess for someone else to clean up.  

    Security is a massive responsibility and we have costed in the highest level that can by purchased and managed. All documentation and transfers are fully encrypted and are safe from prying eyes at all levels from your mobile app through to your online interface.


                     Here is the Post funding timetable

  • Dont worry if we don't reach our finance goal. We will still keep going, we won't give up, we will just keep beavering away until the job is done.
  • If we exceed our funding goal we will simply build more features in sooner than the original growth plan allowed.
  • Most wills and Advanced Directives are managed by your lawyer at some considerable cost and the very reason no one updates them on a regular basis is that it's too hard and too expensive.  We are going to do this for as low a cost as possible annually to cover the services and trust management, nothing more.
  • As early supporters you will retain the service at your original contribution level.

The value of your contribution

  • So many people will make use of this app and for just $25 per year. Where do you think you'll get a lawyer to look at anything for $25?  We genuinely believe the world will be a better place. Families will be comforted and mostly you can relax about the way you are able to manage your Living Will.
  • This team have all built other products, we know what we are doing and we have all the experience we need to complete this project.
  • We will keep you updated on this site and via direct email if you want us to add you to our email list. Of course we know how to do this, we are programmers :-)

Risks & Challenges

There are really no technical risks involved in this project. 

  • We are using commercially proven database management knowledge and technology.
  • We have costed in the hire of an international lawyer with expertise in wills and trust law so we can make this work for you in your country.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • If you have knowledge or expertise of specific laws relating to living wills, estate management or intestate law in your region, there will always be something we should learn and we would love to have you on the team to help design the regional content.


  • Please ask your friends to help fund this project, You will all get access to the launch product and some special surprises we have planned.


    Some of these follow on additions will be things that you need to help smooth the ownership of all this stuff you collect in your life.

    1. If you are taking photos and registering assets and shiny things for your Living Will, why not use the same database to manage your theft and fire insurance. We will give you a separate tool to handle this with date purchased, photo of the receipt, location etc. All this right from your smart phone, which you probably have on you when you buy most of this stuff anyway.

    2. How many things have you lent to friends, relatives and sometimes people you hardly know. Did you remember who they were, when you lent it? when its due back.. We can fix that... Just take their photo or put their name next to the item and tick the "LENT" and date due box...  easy..

    3. Finally, we will stay on top of changing laws, procedures, any events that are likely to affect your Living Will and keep you informed. Once you set this up, its now done, for life. (that could be some sort of Freudian slip) 

    4. is on its way.

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  • $5USD
    Living Will and updates

    In this pack you will be able open an account, list all your assets and do updates when and where you like from your internet browser or mobile phone App.

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  • $10USD
    Updates and legal

    With this pack you can do all your updates, plus get access to our constantly managed and updated legal database and advisory service. When we learn something new in your region we let you know so that you can never be caught out.

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  • $25USD
    Single Persons Pack

    The single persons application gives you the following: An annual license to operate a Living Will account Setup your personal details. Contacts, address and emergency contacts. List all your assets Record the location of your important documents including digital copies Register and give access to your chosen Executor. (Full or restricted access) List all your recipients List assets against recipients, can be changed, no limit Download and use the smartphone app to update your database

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    Estimated delivery: January 2015
  • $45USD
    Person with Partner

    You get everything from Perk One plus the following; A Partner account Optional separate register for you partner, A joint assets register Plus a separate assets register. (one each) Pre Nuptial register.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2015
  • $69USD
    Assets and Photo register

    You get everything from Perk Two plus the following; A two (2) year license. Add photographs of all assets. List all assets by location, i.e. which property, office, garage, club etc.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2015
  • $129USD
    Assets, Photos and Export

    You get everything from Perk Three plus the following; An additional separate register for each member of your family, including extended family as long as you can show a relationship. No limit. Basically with this perk you are giving your loved ones a free Living Will service. Access to the Wills legal database for your region Opt in Special offers from our partners, legal advisors for your region, end of life medical experts, Plot providers, casket designers and service providers.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2015
  • $399USD
    Family and Referal Pack

    You get everything from Perk Four plus the following; A 4-year license on all Living Wills accounts you register for yourself and any extended family. An additional one years licencing for every 5 referred successful applications. Basically, keep refering and run your Living wills program for free.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2015
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