They Played For Their Lives

Holocaust survivors tell their extraordinary stories of how music saved their lives!
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Our Story

They Played for Their Lives captures the remarkable stories of Holocaust survivors who played music in the ghettos and concentration camps and whose lives were saved by music. During their darkest moments, playing music provided people hope, spiritual strength, and a refuge from the unfathomable genocide which was taking place around them. The survivors in this film have made it their life mission to pass on their love of music and their stories of survival to the next generations. They want to inspire people all over the world to be more tolerant and accepting of others who are different. Music literally saved their lives!

 Please help us complete this film by supporting our mission and getting involved. To learn more about the stories that we have captured so far please click here:

The Impact

The remaining Holocaust survivors today are our "living history." They are here to tell us their stories of survival and help us better understand the historical events that touch the lives of millions of families worldwide. They Played for Their Lives documents these stories (some of which have never yet been recorded) from a perspective that has been little explored in film. Holocaust survivors are an invaluable resource for current and future generations, and with each passing year we are in danger of losing their invaluable histories. We must ensure that their stories are captured before they are no longer with us. For this reason, time is of the essence. The film’s mission is to educate future generations about the Holocaust and to strive for more tolerance and acceptance among people worldwide. The film will include a complimentary curriculum compiled for the educator who faces the challenge of teaching children and teens about the Holocaust.

About Me

Hi! My name is Nurit and I’m a Classical music composer and a music professor at Stanford University. Teaching, sharing my love of Classical music with others, and composing are my greatest passions. I’ve had the opportunity to have my works performed worldwide by leading players, conductors, and orchestras, and it’s been a wonderful journey! As a 3rd generation of Holocaust survivors myself, I’ve become very involved in the topic of music during the Holocaust. I travel nationally and internationally to present music that was composed and performed in the camps. I have also exhibited artwork by survivors that was created postwar which expresses the survivors personal experiences during the Holocaust. I’m devoted to capturing the stories of music and survival by the remaining survivors around the world before they are no longer with us. Please help me complete this invaluable journey!

What We Need & What You Get

Dear Friends,

This fundraising campaign represents an important piece that will bring us one step closer to COMPLETING THE FILM. This means that we are on the home stretch, with one more shoot to go, and then editing/post production. 100% of your donations will go to fund the following three areas:

·                Final shoot (two survivors in LA, as well as a Holocaust music expert) - $3,500
·                Research of original footage (photos, film, music) - $1,500
·                Editing/post production - $15,000

We greatly value and appreciate each and every donation that we receive, and make sure to designate it solely for the completion of the film. We therefore do not offer goods or services of significant value as Perks in exchange for your donation, and we thank you for your understanding. All donations are tax-deductible.

Other Ways You Can Help

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