They Cage the Animals at Night

They Cage the Animals at Night - Movie Fundraising Campaign - Bestselling Book based on a True Story on the author Jennings Michael Burch.
Rex Mize
Los Angeles, California
United States
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Walking by his mother's side down the sidewalk holding her hand with warm innocent embrace. Jennings unknowingly moves to the beat of his mother's lead, her pain suppressed silence exudes a desparity she can not speak to her oblivious son. Jennings inquisitively asks his mom where they were going she does not respond... eyes straight ahead willing every bit of strength left in her ill worn body she drives her spirit forward pulling Jennings into the foster home.

Jennings looks all around curiously studying this strange, cold, mysterious building they just walk into. Knowing she is doing the best for her son given her sick beaten body fights to stand tall, she tells him she would be right back and leaves abruptly. The nun assures Jennings all will be fine as she escorts him to bed.

Days later, stunned, shocked, scared, wondering where his mom has gone Jennings, snaps into realization that his life has changed. Crying til his heart hurts to the point to where his whole body aches he holds on his mom's words to return to give himself courage.

Quickly Jennings befriends other kids in the foster homes, and before he can get adjusted he is thrusted from one environment to another without notice, not knowing where his next home will be. Jennings fear and pain take a toll yet the inner strength he carries keeps him going. Jennings would not have been able to make it through without Doggie, Mark, Sister Claire, Officer Daily, good ol Sal and others along the way. Jennings's yearning desire for someone to love him, know him, hold him and find a home is the journey we want you to experience with us through his tears to find happiness.

       *The team sincerely desires to pay respectable tribute by maintaining authenticity and honor to the story, through state of the art production value, utilizing the best equipment, hiring a professional crew, best set production to match the time period, classic cars, and costume design etc.. 

* We have a major studio that has expressed interest in distribution upon completion of the film! * 
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Rex Mize (CEO/Producer-Executive Producer)

Founder and Owner of Rex Talent Management, talent manager and producer Rex Mize's background begins with richly diverse collaborations with top music producers such as Joe Chiccarelli whom has produced albums with the world renown band U2 as well as others. Rex was a musical artist touring with her band in Asia and her management team was coordinating for her to open up for the late pop icon Michael Jackson, however upon his untimely passing she had to move on with her tour. Her extensive history as a producer has mainly been music however it has lent for a smooth transition into producing films with a raw natural ease in regards to working with people. 

Her experience while working at the Blue Focus agency with the top Oscar winning film composers in the world has set the bar for the highest standards in all the work she produces. A television network is now considering the new series, “Daytime Chronicles,” that she collaborated with Creator/Director Minh Nguyen. This award winning director is highly sought after and delivers a powerful vision through his style of directing. Rex Mize leads the producing team with confidence combined with her unwillingness to compromise on anything less than perfect. Rex is extremely passionate about bringing this film to life and foster care with a drive to unify both projects to make the world a better place. 

Her soul mission is to ensure that part of the proceeds from the theatrical release of this movie will be donated to foster care and organizations. 

Minh Nguyen (Director/Producer)   <---> (Director's Reel) 

To view a personal message from Minh Nguyen please click on link below:   

Balancing humility, personal mission and hard work, filmmaker Minh Nguyen has found his unique path of self-expression in his art. Minh wants to change the world, softly, smoothly, gently, and unyieldingly. Behind the calm visage and peaceful demeanor is a foundation of granite, a determined warrior, a man with a plan to break down the walls with storytelling, powerful images and his serene spirit. Minh likes truth; it is the most effective mirror for his film’s subjects, and a weapon he wields wisely; as he likes to make his actors feel comfortable. “I’m low key, and my directing approach is to make them feel at ease; when actors come to set, many are anxious, and I prefer to ‘guide’ them so that it feels natural; I lead them to what’s going on…for them to deliver their best.” This naturalistic approach says everything about Nguyen; his personality is like an orchid bud; it opens slowly, blooms, and surprises.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Business Management in 2001, Minh moved to Los Angeles, for acting. Minh transitioned into making films as a director in 2004 with the beginning of his work in casting for independent casting director and then working on productions such as the acclaimed hit television show CSI: NY. Although not formally going to film school his work on set with over 20 plus productions under his belt is very much attributed to his solid film production experience. He has studied with a world-renowned screen-writing teacher Pilar Alessandra whom is a script consultant for the major studios such as Dream Works. He began to earn his awards for the music video he produced Jes Hudak's "Another Day" honored best Music Video of the year at the LA music awards 2009. In 2010 the short film "Gumbo" which Minh co-produced won an Audience Choice award at the Hollyshorts Film Festival. Minh also consulted a student film director at the New York Film Academy/NBC Universal program into winning an award for their short film titled "Voice in Silence" in 2011.

A consistent track record, a positive attitude and the inspiring faith he carries his presence completes the producing team. His heart and intentions is to deliver direction to the film that resurrects the emotional pulse of the story that Jennings Michael Burch lived.    

Joseph Kibler (Producer/Creative Activist) 

Joseph Kibler is a creative activist and producer who was born on March 22nd, 1989 in Upstate, NY. Born with HIV and impaired physically development, doctors predicted Joseph would never live beyond 4 years of age and if he did, he would never walk. Joseph went from a wheelchair, to walker, crutches to cane in only 18 years. 

Joseph began working as an actor at 18, working in theatre and short film formats. Joseph eventually went on to obtain an Associates of Science in Film. Upon graduating he began building his career in casting, starting up Kibler Casting in 2010. Kibler Casting focused on equal rights opportunities for actors of all ethnicities, sexuality, gender and disabilities. Joseph has done casting for several award winning short films.

In addition to being a producer on They Cage the Animals at Night, Joseph is currently touring festivals with a feature documentary entitled Walk On. Joseph is not only behind the camera as co producer but also part of the subject matter. The film raises awareness about HIV/AIDS following Joseph and several others in their journey as young survivors born with HIV. Walk On has won Best Documentary at both Timecode: NOLA Film Festival & Burbank International Film Festival.   

Mickalean "Mick" McCormick (Producer) 

In fighting form and ready to rock, producer Mickalean “Mick” McCormick will make your movie better-- and stay on budget. Named for a character in John Ford’s 1952 movie, “The Quiet Man”, which starred John Wayne as a boxer who returns to Ireland to find love, Mick grew up on a steady diet of classic, romantic black and white films, and Irish pride. A grounded, no-nonsense hands-on kind of guy, Mick knows how to inspire loyalty, motivate, negotiate, and keep things moving with an eye for quality and heartfelt storytelling. He’s not the blockbuster boy—he’s your gem-maker. “I want to make layered stories, about real people that make you feel.” It’s in his Irish veins. A first generation shamrock from “The kingdom” of County Kerry, Mick’s DNA runs thick with the blood of tenacious warriors-- for a while he pursued a career in law enforcement. Growing up in New England, and following in the footsteps of his dad, Mick worked in Providence Rhode Island’s police department, executing the grisly task of fingerprinting and photographing victims of violent crime. After two years, it got under his skin. Fighting depression particularly at the sight of children and women robbed of their futures; Mick opted for a more upbeat career. Invited by his brother to participate in a comedy sketch show, Mick found his calling as the cable shows they worked on the “URI TV Comedy Show”, took off. Producing and directing was a piece of cake after his pre-morgue tenure, and Mick embraced it with gusto. “We wrote our own shows produced and directed them, they got picked up for cable,--it was great fun.”

Graduating with a BSA in acting from University of Rhode Island, Mick tasted the first delights of on-camera performing during a local shoot “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol” where his realistic performance drew a crowd and applause. Shortly thereafter, Mick left for Hollywood. “That was in ’96, and when acting gigs slowed down, I started working on sets—gripping, gaffing, stage-managing.”

A brief mentorship by Warren Beatty on the set of “Bullworth” changed Mick’s life. “Warren told me “You can’t ‘just’ be an actor, you have to stay in the game”. “I remembered that and what I saw on that set stayed with me; Warren would not spare any expense—he taught me to hire the best people you can get.” Eventually Mick found his true calling behind the scenes; producing. “From doing all of the different jobs on set, I came to outright producing.” Using his street smarts, Mick went the distance. “I’d get great deals, I knew all the vendors in town, and I’d even do the lights.” You might still find him at the top of a ladder replacing a bulb or adjusting a gel. ”That’s the kind of producer I am; I come to set dressed to work; I blend in with the crew—I like to stay close to the guys so that I know what’s going on.” Mick knows the value of a well-oiled team. “I’m a loyalist—I like to hire the same crew when they do their jobs well, and weed out the ones who don’t“. On set producing and line producing is his primary focus. Great with a budget, you won’t find Mick lounging in the studio production office with his feet up, swilling a Coke Zero. His roll up your sleeves, get the job done, no- prisoners approach has taken him on location productions to Arizona, Texas, Rhode island, Boston, California, Nevada, New Mexico. “You want to find the hidden gems to shoot in”. His film producing credits include “Lyla Wolf:Infractus”, “Assisting Venus”, “Black Gloves”, ‘Stickers” , “Terran” “Fat guy in my head”, “Dead Girl” , “The Frank and Judy Show”, “Love and Revenge”.

Mick is currently multi-tasking as Director/Teacher/Actor/Gaffer/Grip and Set Builder at the Plano children’s theater in Texas.  

Louis Lombardi (Actor)

Having appeared in notable feature films such as the Oscar-winning "The Usual Suspects" and Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers," Louis Lombardi (born and raised in the Bronx, NY) has made a career out of his natural acting style. Louis just completed his first feature film,"Doughboys", which he wrote, directed and starred in. The movie was filmed on location in his hometown.

In 1993, Louis co-starred in the Sundance Film Festival darling, "Amongst Friends." Lombardi's performance in the independent hit film garnered the attention of director Oliver Stone and led to the actor's role in "Natural Born Killers." Most recently, Louis has played featured roles in the comedy hit "The Animal" with Rob Schneider and "Deuces Wild."

Among Louis' other directing credits is the short film "The Boss," an independent film which he wrote, directed and starred in. Filmed at the Roxbury, a trendy Los Angeles nightclub, "the Boss" tells the story of a cruel nightclub owner on New Year's Eve. Louis' ultimate passion is to write and direct.

Among Lombardi's many television credits is the hit series "24", where he appeared as the love able computer systems analyst Edgar Stiles. In addition, Louis has had recurring roles on the television series "The Sopranos," where he played tough NY federal agent Skip Lipari. His other credits include: "Entourage" and "Las Vegas" He also co-starred in the role of the brutish Cal, Mr. Roarke's obedient jack-of-all-trades, in the ABC remake of "Fantasy Island." In addition, he has co-starred on CBS's "EZ Streets " and "CSI."

Louis is truly prepared to fulfill the role of Sal.   

Julie Daniels (Actress) 

The youngest of four children, Julie has moved 17 times - and not just around the corner. Born in Germany to American parents, Julie's done a lot of packing. She's lived in Italy, Nebraska, Kansas, Maryland, Virginia, Alabama, Florida, and now, California. Daniels' family moved to Cordignano, Italy when she was age 8, and partly to keep her ear attuned to English, her dad played cassettes of Broadway musicals; 'Les Mis, and 'Phantom on the tape player. It grabbed Julie right away. 

Julie's maturity and soul-deep accessibility were forged by personal tragedy, the illness of her mother, and the deaths of her brother and her father. With the support of her family, she attended Florida Atlantic University, earning her BFA in Theatre Performance. Julie's unflinching introspection and survival skills gave her confidence for fearless auditions. Julie delivered award-winning performances in The Balcony and Three Sisters.

Julie is ready to embrace her dream role as Sister Clair.    

Dove Meir (Actor) 

Dove Meir is an up-and-coming, charismatic and powerful actor. In October Dove worked with Chris Carter on his new pilot for the Amazon network, The After, which is hoping to equal his legacy, the X Files. This year Dove has also had a recurring role on N.C.I.S., has been nominated for BEST ACTOR in the Burbank International Film Festival and will be in an episode of Major Crimes December 16th on TNT. Dove has most recently been cast in a scifi film produced by Cantina Creative and Madhouse Entertainment.

Dove is excited to step into the role of Officer Daily. 
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