The World's Biggest Waterslide

Live More Awesome is a charity raising awareness and helping people with the problems associated with depression. This is our fundraiser.

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Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket or donated. We still have 16 days left so we will be putting up more perks soon. Check back. We still need to get to $100,000!!!


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(This is an R16 event & a No Alcohol event)

Live More Awesome (www.livemoreawesome.com) is a New Zealand Charity by two simple men, Jimi & Dan, raising awareness about the problems associated with depression, both here and around the world and to create initiatives that help people beat it without drugs. 

The World's Biggest Waterslide (www.worldsbiggestwaterslide.com) is our fundraiser. On the 23rd & 24th of February we're putting on a big event in Helensville, thirty minutes North West of downtown Auckland. All the proceeds will go to fund our charity and the continued assault on depression. Depression is an epidemic in NZ, we need to make it stop. Help us get the word out that it is ok to ask for help and help us raise some money to make sure that we can help those that ask for it. 

We need your help to make it happen! 

Buy a ticket (tickets are in $USD due to the platform) and you will get;

650 metres (2133 feet) of awesome. AS LONG AS TWO AUCKLAND SKYTOWERS! And, it's down a massive hill, so it will also be fast, and IT. WILL. BE. EPIC. 

SLIDE 2) A 90 metre long slide with a jump at the bottom to send riders hurtling through the air into a pool! Excitement overload! This slide will not be for the faint hearted!

SLIDE 3) A 60 metre grandma slip'n'slide on a nice gentle slope that EVERYONE can enjoy as much as they like!

Your full day festival ticket will include:
- UNLIMITED rides on all slides;
- A Secret Line Up of Top NZ Musical acts and DJs with help from George FM;
- Entertainment in various forms such as a massive inflatable Soap Soccer pitch;
- Sun, smiles, and a view of all of Auckland city;
- Access to a variety of food and drink stalls;

So pack a picnic (you can bring your own food and sealed drinks (no alcohol)), bring some friends, and break a world record for a great cause! 

This is YOUR ONLY CHANCE to ride the world's biggest waterslide, and it's only 30min from Auckland CBD!

What if you can't make it or want to do more?

That's great. Thank you. Please buy a Rubby Ducky or a Love perk to help donate or go to livemoreawesome.com to donate a different amount there. 

Feel like helping out? We always need more volunteers. Please email volunteer@livemoreawesome.com


We're not some multi-national charity with massive resources, we're just some Kiwi guys trying to do some good. We would love & appreciate your help to spread the word.

The best way to help is to share this very page with your family, friends, and co-workers!

Best ways to share this campaign are:

  • A short email. Think about the people in your life that may benefit from this message (or appreciate helping to spread the message). Write a short note to them in an email! We'll owe ya! :)
  • Old fashioned word-of-mouth. Unplug the computer and your phone and just talk with people in your lives about it! Few things beat a genuine, face-to-face conversation. :)

Again, any way you can help - big or small - is deeply appreciated! The more conversations we can start around this issue... the better!


Contact Jimi Hunt (Founder):

Contact Daniel Drupsteen (Founder):

More about the project and team:

When in doubt, reach out to us. We'd love to chat about any media opportunities, unique circumstances, or hear your feedback.



Are the prices in $NZ?

Nope. Indiegogo is a US website so the money is in $US. Approximate exchanges are written in each perk.

Can I buy multiple tickets at the same time?

Unfortunately not. The way indiegogo is set up you can only purchase one "perk" at a time. Don't worry, you're little bit of extra effort will be worth it! (Or tell your mates to get their own tickets!)

Why is it R16?

Our charity helps people with depression, so the people we want at the event are the age group we help. Also, and more importantly, these slides are pretty big and crazy. We can't guarantee the safety of anyone younger than 16.

When will I get my ticket?

Your ticket will be sent to you via the email that you put in when you pledge. It will be sent out about a week before the event. You simply need to print out your ticket and present it at the gate.

What if I just want to donate?

You can either choose the USD$5 Love pledge or the USD$10 Rubby Ducky pledge, or, you can donate directly by going to www.livemoreawesome.com or email jimi@livemoreawesome.com for details.



Thanks again for all your support! It means the world to us!

We'll leave you with one of the crew's favorite quotes...

"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of." 

Oh, and...

This is an R16 event & a No Alcohol event. 

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