The World Is Burning

A short film following a young man's return to rural Newfoundland after tragedy strikes.

The World Is Burning is a short narrative film set in Newfoundland, written and to be directed by Justin Oakey. The story focuses on a young man living in Toronto. After learning his grandfather was fatally attacked by coyotes, he returns to rural Newfoundland to be with his family. His return becomes a reunion with a traditional lifestyle he had left behind when, late one night, he finds himself deep in the forest hunting the coyotes.

The film primarily takes place during Newfoundland's distinct (and excessive) winter season so you can expect snow covered trees, icy waves crashing against the coast and gorgeous depictions of rural life on the island. We will be shooting in Fortune Bay, NL as well as in St. John's, NL and Toronto, ON.

The story explores the disintegration of the bond between a man and his land. Our main character has a strong connection to his roots and traditions but has left them behind in order to follow what he thinks is the "conventional" path. At its heart, it is an examination of culture and identity. 

We believe it will resonate with people around the globe, who feel the ache of being away from home. The story is influenced by my (director, Justin Oakey) personal life and came about when my grandfather was pursued by coyotes on his land, in a very small community on the south coast of Newfoundland.

We're trying to raise $5,000 - anybody familiar with filmmaking knows this is a modest budget, but we're confident we can complete the project for this amount. Of course, if we raise more than this figure, we'd be able to make good use of it! If we do not meet our campaign goal, we will try to raise the remaining money in other ways to ensure this project goes ahead.

Fortunately, we have a dedicated crew of people who all want to see this project succeed. As the film is set across two provinces, our small (but efficient) crew will be traveling. A good chunk of the budget is being used to cover travel costs (land and air). The rest of our funds will be used on camera, lighting, and sound equipment (in both provinces) as well as art department costs and having warm food on set.

As many times as you've heard it before - any amount donated will help our project succeed. We have some perks listed for those who enjoy gifts as much as they enjoy helping out - some (such as hand-cured pelts) may really intrigue you!

If you choose not to donate, please take a moment and share this page with anybody you think might be interested! Thank you for checking out our campaign!

Justin Oakey (writer/director) is an avid outdoorsman born and raised in Newfoundland, and a graduate of Ryerson University's Film Studies program. In recent years, he's been directing short narrative work and music videos, including work for internationally acclaimed artists such as the Spellemann-nominated Ulver (Norway) and Emma-nominated Hexvessel (Finland). View his director's reel here!

Amanda Row (production designer) is a multi-talented Torontonian filmmaker and artist who frequently collaborates with the director, completing nearly a dozen projects together in the past year.

Adam Reynolds (producer), also from Newfoundland, began collaborating with Justin and Amanda earlier this year and has since produced a wide variety of projects.

Team on This Campaign: