The Work-Ship

A New Type of Work Environment for the Modern Web Worker.


The Workship is a floating workspace for the modern independent Internet worker. It will be the inaugural launch of a movement to help continue the progression and success of independent Internet entrepreneurs. This workspace will be designed as the elite destination for top web talent in their respective city. If you're on the Workship, you're in good company.

  • My name is Daniel Redman and I am one of several hundred independent creatives, affiliates, bloggers, and etailers in San Diego, CA.
  • I've spent days/months/years staring at a wall in offices and decided that this type of living 'aint no livin a-tall'. After speaking with some industry friends and business partners, we think that it's time that the Internet community reward itself with the anithesis workspace of our tasks. We are breed to work under the ultra-fluorescence, isolated, at late hours in the evening with little more than inter-email communication with clients, contacts, and friends. Let's be honest with ourselves, we are a creative group. You sort of have to be to continually reinvent at the speed of 'web'. Your surroundings make 1000% influence on your output. With better atmosphere, we believe, will come greater production.
  • If you help fund this project, you will not only aid the growth and progression of the Internet Marketing braintrust in San Diego, but give momentum to a life/work balance that is needed in our industry.  
  • Support us now, and we will appoint and name a project manager in every contributing city until dynamic work environments become the new status quo for the web community.
  • After the initial contribution, this project is expected to be self-sustained by daily shipmates.  


What We Need & What You Get

Only 1,000 contributors at an average of $70 will make this a reailty!  Here is a cost breakdown for the project:

  • After some research and lean-operating cost calculation we have made the following determinations for conquering this task. This is totally within reach!
  • A suitable (used) floating machine can be acquired for approximately $25,000. Here's an example of the type of boat we are seeking.
  • We expect a refurb cost of $5,000 to create workspaces within the boat.
  • The technology needed to fit the Workship with technology required will be approximately $5,000.
  • Our expections of mooring and maintenance of the ship is $25,000 (1 year; shipmate sustainability expected to be acheived in year 2).
Your Involvement:
  • A $10 contribution will grant you a guided tour of the Workship.
  • A $25 contribution will automatically reserve one day of work aboard the Workship.
  • A $75 contribution will automatically reserve one weeks work time (Mon-Fri) aboard the Workship. (the earlier contributors will have more open time slots to choose from)
  • The top corporate contribution of $10,000 or more will be an official sponsorship of the Workship. (ex. Petco's Workship)
  • The top private contributor of $500 or more will be project manager in their city and given a complete download of our process, trials & tribulations for the next workship/coach.  
  • Donations of necessary equipment can also be accepted as fair market value contribution.


The Result

We have high hopes for this project.  Not only is our goal to launch workships to support and bolster web communities across the country, but that our fragmented world can eventually unite in a central online hub for all workshipmates.  

The initial group of shipmates will build and support the Shipmate-Forum. This will be an intel exchange and booking engine for those independent webpreneurs to collaborate, trade, and share experiences aboard their beloved floating workspace.  

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

If you are involved in yacht sales or have an appropriate boat...

If you have feedback on tackling this project logistically...

If you have experience refurbishing boats...

If you would like to take part in the IT architecture of this floating command center...

If you would like to give us some social love...

We are happy to give trade opportunities for any of the above! 


And that’s all there is to it.  We look forward to you joining in our dream and turning this incredible life and work changing project into a reality.  Let's grow!

Team on This Campaign: