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Our Story

We are Weavers. We bring light to stories that are otherwise in the dark.

The Weave seeks to contribute to positive social change and the cultivation of an informed citizenry by providing critical perspectives on important stories, voices, and processes that are not receiving sufficient public attention.  Originally created at St. Lawrence University and inspired by the example of projects such as War News Radio, Project Censored, and Dropping Knowledge, the Weave is a small but determined response to media consolidation (the concentration of more and more media power in fewer and fewer hands) and the failures of the mainstream media to provide the depth of information and the breadth of perspectives that are crucial to a healthy democratic culture.


The Impact

We provide a space for democratic dialogue and debate.  Our Big Questions project is a unique video archive that can be used freely by educators, activists, and concerned citizens.  We also provide important learning opportunities to students who want to improve their research and writing skills, contribute to positive social change, and help build a young and growing organization.  We make a difference through education, collaboration, and independent journalism. 


What We Need & What You Get

We are raising money to help support the next stage of building the Weave project.  Our goal is $5000. Here are the three main ways in which your donations will be used:

1. Grants & Fellowships for bloggers: We will offer a limited number of competitive fellowships for bloggers to assist them in investigating underreported stories.  The funds could make the difference between a blog that is based solely on internet research and a blog that incorporates an on-the-ground perspective based on first-hand investigation.  Bloggers may also use the funds to attend national media conferences. 

2. Weave Events: Your donation will help us organize high-quality events that promote our work and feature speakers who have important perspectives on the kinds of issues featured in our blogs and our Big Questions project. 

3. Big Questions equipment: We need funds to upgrade the equipment in our Big Questions interview studio, located in the Global Dialogue Center at St. Lawrence University.  Better equipment will help us make our interviews even more professional. 

If we do not raise all of the money, we will not give up. We are constantly seeking alternative means of funding, and we are committed to pushing these efforts forward.  Our mission is too important to stop now!  

In order to show our appreciation of our donors, we have created a variety of perks at various donation levels.  The best thanks, however, will come in the form of an expanded Weave project that provides you with the critical, independent media coverage you crave! 


Other Ways You Can Help

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    Collateral Language

    Receive $10 perks and signed book co-edited by Weave Director, John Collins.

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    Big Questions Interview

    Receive $10 perks and we will interview YOU for our Big Questions Project

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