The Wave Maker

A feature documentary about a medical maverick's quest to assert a paradigm shift in our understanding of the universe and of our own bodies--by making waves.
Kiira Benzing
New York, New York
United States
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Even the smallest contribution to our campaign to complete the feature documentary THE WAVE MAKER could help us achieve a SEA CHANGE in thinking about disease prevention and cures, wellness and sustainable energy!  Good for our planet and good for YOU!

If, like us, you believe the role of independent media is to probe beyond received ideas to enlighten the way we all live, then read on: we need your help completing this unique and special film.


For the past three years we’ve been intensively capturing the radical world of Dr. Irving Dardik.  From his insights on the workings of nature, to his observations of the human body under stress; to mainstream media coverage of his ideas: we’ve covered every angle.  We’ve interviewed the naysayers, and we’ve captured the stories of those whose lives Dardik has saved.  We’ve documented his medical work based in cyclical exercise and circadian rhythms.  We’ve also engaged with his paradigm-shifting ideas about matter and the make up of the universe, interviewing a range of prominent physicists who candidly share their views.

We’ve met many who would dearly love to see Dardik’s integrity, conviction and dedication properly represented. It doesn’t matter where you end up in relation to Dardik’s principle; our exploration of his proposed paradigm shift is fascinating in its own right.  Anyone will enjoy the power of his ideas about biological rhythms, disease prevention and the body in tune with the larger patterns of the planet.  In our film you will see how the scientific establishment tends to dismiss ideas that don’t fit existing formulae.  Sadly we are convinced that, without our film, Dardik’s ideas will continue to be marginalized.

Because, well… pigs might fly.  


“What does this have to do with the fundament of the universe, the nature of life, metallurgy, physics, physical chemistry, reversal of disease, wellness, athletic performance?  You will have to read further here and further again since these connections are still being tested in many reputable institutions around the world, including my own.  But the answer will turn out to be that the wave concepts of Dardik shed new light on all of the issues in question and more.  His idea could turn out to be the most important new understanding of nature in our age.”  -- Dr. Michael McKubre,
Stanford Research Institute, 2005


The reason we’re asking for your help is because we urgently need to move forward into post-production.  A brilliant editing team is poised to create a film that will poetically convey what Dardik struggles to communicate.  THE WAVE MAKER will become a stunning film that will open the doors to new forms of understanding, in disease etiology and pathology, and in cold fusion technology.  A multilayered film like ours needs to be properly crafted by experienced editors to create a truly cinematic journey. As you’ll see from the trailer above, our film has a lyrical bent. It’s not your average science or medical documentary, thank goodness.  And our editors have got what it takes to make this a gripping story. 


Completing Production ($6K):  We have some final scenes to shoot and we need to rent a very special camera, the Red EPIC to shoot this crucial footage.  We have budgeted for only $6K to rent this camera and hire the appropriate crew to make this moment in the film absolutely beautiful (think Agnes Varda. Or, if you’ve seen “Man On Wire” think about that film’s masterly use of art directed “archival” footage). This is cinema, after all…not television journalism.

Transitioning into Post Production ($4K): To store all of this massive high definition footage we need some massive storage space.  We will purchase 6 RAID hard drives to store the footage from this artistic shoot and to reorganize the footage we have across other hard drives.

Preparing for Post Production ($5,600): We have to finish organizing our 80 hours of footage and hire Assistant Editors to help with this and to finish transcriptions.  We would also like to get our Editor started with editing the film.


A donation from you now and an email or Facebook/Twitter share to all your friends is all it takes to create this sea change!  Think big! Our beautifully edited film will screen internationally, stirring debate on health and wellness, cold fusion, and bringing Dardik’s ideas to the whole world!  Just think of the impact a gift of even as little as $25 will make! Every drop in this ocean counts!


Indiegogo tracks contributor referrals so we are offering BONUS awards to the people with the   most referrals to this campaign that result in contributions.  Simply sign up for an Indiegogo account and spread the word.



  • First place referral prize: Choose your perk from the $750 “The Cycles of Life” package and below!
  • Second place referral prize: You receive the $100 “Wave Watcher” package.
  • Third place referral prize: You receive the $50 “Flying Pigs of Merit Award.”


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We are offering credits for the Associate Producer level at $30,000, the Producer level at $50,000 and Executive Producer level at $100,000.  Your name will appear in the credits of the film.  These donations are tax-deductible through our 501(c)3 partner NYFA.  

Please note that these are honorary titles and do not engender any creative or business involvement, nor does the credit entitle any claim of ownership. For more information about producer credits, email us at: subject line “Producer.”


KIIRA BENZING (Director) As an international creator Kiira Benzing has trained and organized projects at the Sorbonne in Paris, the National Theater Institute, and MXAT.  Benzing holds a Post-Graduate degree in Classical Acting from LAMDA.  In 2007 Verizon named her a “Local Hero.” In 2009 she founded Double Eye Productions.  In tangent with “The Wave Maker” she created a web series “Finding The Wave” which she directed, wrote, and co-starred.  She directed a short film “The Astra Approach” and is in post-production on “Matterspacetime” an experimental short.  This year she served as a Regional Emmy Awards Judge for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 

KIM JACKSON (Producer) Kim Jackson is the founder of Streetwise Pictures Entertainment and has over 15 years of experience in the film, TV and commercial industry.  She currently serves on selection juries at NYU First Run Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival, SVA Dusty Film & Animation Festival as well as the Daytime Emmy Awards.  Jackson's credits include: “Blue Caprice,” “The Shells,” “Young Americans,” “Children of God,” and “TUB,” a Sundance Official Selection among others.  She is currently in production on “In the Summer Pavilion.”

ALFREDO ALCANTARA (Cinematographer) Alfredo Alcantara grew up in Mexico City and worked in the commercial industry under a variety of cinematographers.  Alcantara’s documentaries include: “The View from Bellas Luces” and “An American Promise.”  Narrative films include: “Shudder House,” “Rock & Control,” and “Exodus in Melancholia.”  He recently wrapped a TV series for A&E. 

DAN HALLE (Composer) Halle (ASCAP) holds a BA from Lehigh University in Music, with concentrations in composition and conducting, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  His music has been performed by the Allentown Band, Lehigh University’s Philharmonic Orchestra, the Lehigh University Choir, the Princeton Singers, and the Serafin String Quartet. Halle is pursuing his Masters in Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  He recently worked on arrangements for James Gray’s latest feature film. 


Is anything unclear or making you pause for thought? Please don’t leave this page if you are confused or concerned about any aspect of this campaign, because we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us directly at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Waves of Gratitude

    Postcard image from film with handwritten note from Director.

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    Good Vibrations

    Digital download of an original song by composer Daniel Halle based on themes from The Wave Maker score and Special Thanks on website.

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    The Flying Pigs of Merit Award

    Flying pig frisbee, digital download of song and Special Thanks on website.

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    Wave Maven

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    Be The Wave

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    The Cardiological

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    The Silver Lining

    A specially-commissioned silver necklace that spins with tiny diamond 1mm chip inspired by waves and created by designer Scosha and Director (can be ordered in brass), DVD, postcard and Special Thanks…

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    The Cycles of Life

    “Cycles” Poster signed by filmmakers, Trampoline Lesson in NYC, DVD, song download, postcard and Special Thanks…

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    The Gift of Perspective

    Hot Air Balloon Ride in NY, Cycles Poster signed, DVD, song download, postcard and Special Thanks…

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    The Impact Zone

    Visit to set during final shoot, 2 tickets to premiere in NY, “Special Thanks” credit in film, "Making Waves" book signed by Dardik, DVD, song, silver necklace and postcard.

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  • $7,000USD
    The Tsunami

    Lunch with Dr. Dardik, Visit to set during final shoot, 2 tickets to premiere in NY, “Special Thanks” credit in film, hot air balloon ride, DVD, song, silver necklace and postcard.

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