THE WAKERWOOD BUTCHER: An Independent Feature Horror Film

Blood, gore, violence, and brute force is guaranteed in this horror about a serial killer and the cop who has to stop him.

The Story

An ill individual, in need of a family, finds intimacy through killing a series of women in his small town, and only one cop knows how to stop him.

My Ultimate Goal

I plan to shoot this project starting August 17th near Paddock, WI for 5-7 weeks. I am putting everything I know in this film. I film fast. I edit fast. We are filming under water. This is a pure passion project, and I want to create my own work, make it bloody as hell and pay my cast and crew to help bring my vision to life! I am writing, producing, directing and editing this feature and I want to inspire people with my work! This is true horror!

Contributors will fund the look of the film first: blood & special effects, makeup and props. A majority of the effects will be made physically, and computer effects will be at a minimum. Second on the list for funding is cast and crew. A flat pay rate per day will be established once enough funds are raised. As of right now, everyone has agreed to work for free, but with this campaign I want to take care of my people and feed them well while on set.

What We Need & What You Get

We need $80,000 to fund:

-Special Effects & Makeup Department



-Food on set

-Daily minimum pay for cast and crew members

-Additional film gear


The Impact

I am asking to help provide me with the opportunity to make this feature horror film the way I want it to be. Overall, it will help the filming process go very smooth. I am quick at thinking on my feet when directing, and having a safety net through funding is always a good thing when a lot of people are involved on a production such as this. Last minute expenses and other emergencies need a budget and this is where I am looking to cover it all. I would pay for everything out of my own pocket if I could. Thank you to all who are able to help!

Other Ways You Can Help

I understand that some of you can't contribute, but you can help by spreading the word! This is my biggest project to date and I plan on making this memorable for years to come. My venture into the horror genre will make noise. Help it get noticed!

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