The Victor Ship - 'Contes de Fees'

A fundraising campaign to finish our new album

NEW GOAL - $3,000

With nearly a month left in the campaign, we are setting a new goal of $3,000 -- Double our original goal! There are many perks still available and anything you can contribute will be put back into funding other things like vinyls, t-shirt, and much more! So please help in any way you can!

- Much Love,


UPDATE - 3/16/12

WOW! You guys are incredible! We reached our initial goal of $1,500 in 24 hours! This is absolutely surreal to us and we cannot thank you enough. We did not expect this at all. 

So, this campaign ends at the end of April. Instead of calling it quits and waiting for the campaign to end, we'd like to keep it running. As a band, we play music purely as a passion. We don't make money doing it, and are thrilled if we get to break even. But unfortunately, there are always more expenses, mainly touring.

We were planning to start another campaign once our album was released in order to raise money to help buy a tour van, but due to the momentum and energy of this campaign (not to mention the fact that we have six weeks left!), we thought we'd ask for some of those donations now. Rest assured, your contributions DO NOT support our lavish lifestyle of eating Wendy's for every meal. 

So, what do you get? If you notice, we've added 3 new perks, at $35, $75, and $150 which push the personal experience even farther. For those who have already contributed but want to upgrade to a higher level, just donate the difference! Those who've contributed higher than any of these new perks will automatically be included. 

So we come to you humbly for your loving support, and ask you to donate whatever your heart desires. At the very least, grab yourself a pre-order of the album! We couldn't do this without you, and can't thank you enough for your continued support!! 

Much love,



Here's the link to our original pitch video:


Our Story

Hello friends! We are a four piece post-alternative/progressive rock band from Los Angeles, CA. We've been a band for nearly four years, have done a couple national tours, and are now in the midst of finishing our sophomore record, "Contes de Fées." It's a five-song concept EP, based around various modern fairy tales and famous stories. We've been working with producer extraordinaire, Chris Collier, with whom we recorded our cover of "Everlong." He's been professionally producing, engineering and mixing bands for nearly 10 years and has worked with many artists, including Carmine Appice, Pat Travers, Alice Cooper, George Lynch and Danny Saber to name a few. Needless to say, the record is sounding incredible so far. You can hear short previews of the songs in the pitch video above. 

We, as a band, are constantly striving to bring our fans something new by experimenting with different genres, sounds, and styles, all while striving to remain close to our musical roots. Our first record, "In Somnis Veritas," was a great success, and we plan to deliver the same level of thought provoking, energetic and passionate music to this new project. We've been working on "Contes de Fées" for almost a year, making sure it's exactly how we feel as a band and as a group of individuals. We couldn't be more excited for you guys to finally hear what we've created this time around. But in order for that to happen, we need some help!

The Impact

We feel very strongly about the music we make and care deeply about the feelings it brings about within you, our listeners. By helping us finish our record, we hope to make you feel more a part of the process, which is something we've preached since our inception. Our music has and always will be for you, and without you, we would have nothing but some songs floating aimlessly around the interwebs. You are a special kind of person, who is moved by music in a way others don't understand, and we strive to move you in just that way.

As we're sure at least some of you know, the music industry is a terribly shady and cutthroat business. We are not a glitzy, pop group, who racks up millions of album sales. We are merely a band devoted to bringing you music that we pour our hearts and souls into. We happily and willingly forego the conventions of the "industry" so that we are able to continue doing nothing less than exactly what we want. Unfortunately, bands like us with business models like that don't make much (if any) money. Yet we soldier on, because we truly love what we do. We know how heavily we rely on our connection with all of you to keep us afloat, and we could never begin to explain just how much it means to us that we have your continued support. So we ask you again to do what you can to make this dream record of ours a reality. Anything that you can donate is sincerely, honestly, and humbly appreciated.

What We Need & What You Get

So here's what we ask of you, the best fans in the world: We are looking to raise $1,500 by the end of April. We know that's a short period of time, but we want to get this music to you as soon as humanly possible!

The specifics:

$200 of that will go towards finishing the recording process (vocals, percussion, etc.) 

$1,000 of that will go towards the mixing and mastering of the album. 

$300 of that will go towards pressing of the album on CDs, which will be hand-printed and hand-numbered by us, ensuring each copy is different with its own set of artwork. 

To the right is a list of perks, incentives that you'll receive if you pledge at the various levels. Everyone who pledges automatically gets a copy of the album, so you know that your money is really going somewhere. We promise. Beyond that, we have everything from T-Shirts to Hand-Printed Posters to Special Thanks credits in the album's liner notes.

For those of you who donate at the highest level of $250, we will shoot a live video of us covering any song you wish and post it to our YouTube page for all the world to see. You'll also receive free admission to all of our shows for the next year! 

We have a number of pledge levels to choose from, so take a look and donate anything you can!

Other Ways You Can Help

Fundraising campaigns like these don't succeed unless the word is out in full force. Unfortunately, we are only four dudes, with only so much reach, so we need you to help spread the word! Click on those "Share" buttons and show people how awesome you are by telling them you pledged to make our album happen! 

We can't do it without you so please help us make this fairytale come true! (We really can't help it with the dad jokes. Sorry.)


The Victor Ship is Matt Battaglia, Chris Buongiorno, Madison Megna, and Matt Romero.

Team on This Campaign: