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Vegan enthusiast Alex Wolfe is taking her mission on the road. "I don't want to change your mind, I just want to cook you dinner!"
Alexis Wolfe
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UPDATE:  Actor Ian Harding offers an exciting incentive if you donate.  Check out the video below...

Project Details:

“Changing how Americans think of food, one surprise meal at a time"

According to the 2013 research study conducted by the Harris Interactive Service Bureau and Vegetarian Research Group, there are 7.3 million Americans who identify as vegetarian and 1 million Americans who identify as vegan. However, vegans are still a minority. The myth and perception is maintaining a vegan diet is too complicated, too expensive and too much work. That veganism is a coastal lifestyle that is not sustainable anywhere else in this country and that vegan diets do not contain the necessary nutrients and protein to maintain a balanced diet. Join us on the vegan road trip, and watch how we show that through simple planning and preparation it is possible to maintain a plant based diet and that there are thriving communities of vegans and people who are dedicated to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle all through this country.

An actress, photographer and blogger, Alex Wolfe is an avid cook with a passion for vegan food. Mmm cookies.  On “THE VEGAN ROAD TRIP” Alex will take viewers on a trip across America, introducing the viewers to the trailblazers and the communities that have dedicated themselves to living a vegan life. In each city and town that we stop in, Alex will meet with an array of different people, introducing them to existing communities dedicated to sustainable living while also empowering them with the tools to change, if they want.  All the while, Alex will share her experiences and fears from her transition to a plant based diet and show them that by changing the way they look at food, it will not only change them health wise, but change the way they see the world. 

Each stop will culminate in a surprise dinner for the families or individuals prepped by yours truly using locally sourced ingredients demonstrating that not only is it easy to prepare a delicious vegan meal, it’s easy to prepare a vegan meal that’s more than just eating roots and through this process these families or individuals will start to learn to overcome their fears of cooking, meet communities of practicing vegans who can share their experiences, learn simple cooking techniques and start to educate themselves in the make-up of the products they are putting into their bodies in the hopes that they will start to think about food differently.

The road trip will take us through some of the most iconic cities and towns across America as well as locations that aren't exactly known for plant based eating. We will introduce you to local vegan establishments, animal friendly markets and suppliers and sustainable living communities throughout the country. Each week we will highlight a new city and introduce you to a new family or individual yearning for change (or let's be honest, at least willing to consider it).  Our passion is to show these people the experience, strength and support available to them should they choose a plant based lifestyle.  At the end of our time in each city and with each family, we hope to leave them with the tools to succeed in making the change, but if not... that's okay, too.  We simply hope to come to the table (pun intended) with an open mind and open hearts and have an honest conversation about the fears that come with such a huge lifestyle change.  

Your contributions will directly fund the logistical costs of the trip: 

Groceries, crew, equipment, extra hard drives to dump all our amazing footage, hotels, post production, and if we exceed our goal additional funds will go toward The Vegan Road Trip cookbook comin' atcha 2015, AND...10% of the extra money raised will be donated to The Humane Society.  

Cast & Crew:

Alex Wolfe:  Creator and visionary behind The Vegan Road Trip/Host/Actress/Photographer/Vegan/Animal Lover/Travel Blogger/Friend/Mentor/Daughter/Musician...

Alex doesn't define herself so easily, as she believes we are the sum of ALL of our parts.  Alex graduated from the prestigious BFA acting program at Carnegie Mellon University in 2006 (which may or may not make her 30).  She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her dog Pepper.  Her greatest accomplishments to date are:  learning to love with an open heart, making the brave and dedicated choice to a plant based diet, mentoring Keiri (her little sister in the Big Brother Big Sister program) and most importantly June 1st of 2013 was the last time she told a lie, even the little white ones we call harmless. She's got nothing to hide.  She's a real spitfire -- oh and she's done some film and TV, some plays, blah blah.  If you really care about her resume you can IMDB her.  Unfortunately it doesn't list all the projects she almost booked.  Her most recent creative endeavors include: pre-production on The Vegan Road Trip, co-produced, co-wrote and starred in The Adventures of Tim and Alex (a web series premiering this fall), started a photography business (www.alexwolfephotography.com) and recorded an EP with her band, Loretti (like us on Facebook ; )...  Oh and she's been baking up a vegan storm.  Like...literally.  

Christopher Chou: Producer Extraordinaire

Christopher has a diverse background that includes creating and producing material for film, television and the web. A graduate of Boston University's College of Communication, Christopher began his career as part of the Agent Trainee Program at the Writer's & Artist's Agency, before eventually working in both the Motion Picture and Television Literary Departments. He followed that by joining Walt Disney Animation Studios, working as part of the production team behind the animated feature, "The Jungle Book 2." After wrapping the production, Christopher took varies positions working for several high-profile film and television producers, giving him the opportunity to learn the business from the ground up, before joining Renegade 83 Entertainment, a television production company best known for creating and producing the hit shows, "Blind Date,” “The 4400" and “Naked and Afraid”. He worked his way up at the company, from Coordinator to Producer, having had a hand in the development and production of several network, cable and web projects, including "Gone Country” seasons 1, 2 and 3 for Country Music Television, "The Boot" for Black Entertainment Television and "Answers on the Street" for Yahoo. Christopher has also produced numerous award-winning short films that have been shown in several prominent film festivals across the country. Aside from his production experience, Christopher is an experienced film festival programmer and part of the programming team for several major film festivals including AFI Fest, Los Angeles Film Festival and Outfest. Christopher is the founder of Euston Street Interactive, a social media and web consultancy, that helps independent filmmakers engage their audience and maximize the reach of their creative properties in the ever evolving new media landscape.

Reuben E. Reynoso: Director of Photography

"Reuben Reynoso is a Los Angeles based Photographer/DP. He has a passion for both still and motion images, and enjoys shooting both on land and underwater. Reuben has been published in Swedish Elle, The Los Angeles Times, Jalouse Magazine and has shot footage for "Season on the Edge", The Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and was the underwater camerman for the award-winning short film "As High as the Sky"


Still seeking a Location Sound Mixer....

What We Need & What You Get

We are hoping to raise a minimum of $10,000 to fund the cost of our project. Let me break it down for you:

Groceries:  We are hoping to shoot 5 episodes, which means 5 meals.  Because most people's kitchens aren't yet prepped for an epic vegan cook sesh, we want to make sure to stock their pantries with the goods.  The Vegan goods : ) Nutritional yeast, coconut oil, spike (it's an all natural spice), agar agar....these are things you may not have heard of and they are CRUCIAL in creating a memorable plant based meal.  We anticipate needing approximately $1,500 for groceries and one surprise (shhh... we can't say where yet) visit to a vegan restaurant for one lucky sucker.  It may or not be in Omaha, Nebraska and that's all I'm gonna say... for now!

Hotels:  Here's the deal folks.  I'm no spring chicken anymore, so sleeping in the car isn't really an option at this point.  Not to mention my incredibly enviable Toyota Corolla, though spacious and luxurious would have a hard time sleeping four crew members and a dog!  That's right, our mascot Pepper will be joining us for the drive!  At roughly $150/night for a room for four on a ten day shoot we're looking at $1,500 for lodging.  

Crew:  This is a passion project for my producer and me.  Having experience in the film industry, we both know how incredibly important a good DP/director and sound are.  Ever seen a great movie with bad sound?  That's right, you haven't.  Because successful filmmaking doesn't skimp on sound.  It's simply not an option for us.  Our crew is small, but given that we're starting in Washington, DC our Los Angeles team will need to be flown out and paid SAG ULB daily minimum rate of $100/day plus airfare.  We're lookin' at around $3,000, one of our biggest and most important costs, The Vegan Road Trip firmly believes in the importance of paying people for their time and talent.   Can you help?

Gas:  Hey gas prices!  Thanks so much for being on the rapid rise just in time for our trip!  Gas prices average $3.67/gallon as of May 13, 2014.  My luxury vehicle (please note sarcasm) gets an average 31 mpg (whoop!).  So I'll do the math for you: $550.  Hey, that's not so bad!

Hard drives/memory cards:  That's right, the average documentary shooting ratio is 100 hours of footage/hour of final film.  We are aiming to shoot five videos averaging 5-7 minutes each, which means we'll acquire approximately 40 to 50 hours of footage.  We'd like somewhere safe to dump it, ya hear me? We estimate that this will cost us around: $1200. 

And that's it...Wait, THE CREW NEEDS TO EAT!  At least occasionally.  We need to budget approximately $50/day for the four of us at ten days equals cha ching! $500!

Oh no something went wrong:  There's an old adage, goes like this: Expect the best, plan for the worst!  You never know when unanticipated adventures arise and force you to deviate from the plan.  While we expect an awesome, smooth shoot, we plan for unexpected issues that may arise.  And remember! Any additional funds left over will go to post-production costs, the promotion of project, and 10% of anything we raise beyond $8,250 will go to The Humane Society.  


Other Ways You Can Help

These is hard times, we understand that.  At this point you're probably heavily invested in our project, but may be feeling ill equipped to help financially.  Fear not! There are other extremely important ways you can help: 

1)  Make some noise.  Get this out on your twitter, facebook, instagram, google plus, get on your rooftops and shout about us.  We'll holler back and help support you in your creative endeavors as thanks!

2)  Loan us your equipment and we will give you extra special thanks in our credits.

3)  Let us know if you have family/friends around the country who might be open to participating in our project by inviting us in for dinner...that we cook, of course.

4) Lastly, and perhaps most importantly take a minute and consider eating a plant based meal here and there.  I'd bet you a vegan cookie that it will make you feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually.  After all, animals are our friends...and we don't eat our friends.  Am I right?

*Don't forget to use the indiegogo share tools!

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  • $10USD
    Sincere Gratitude

    You will have our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your support, plus a personal thank you from us on our social media outlets. And a digital print emailed to you from The Vegan Road Trip!

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    Exclusive Recipe

    At $25, you will receive an exclusive original vegan recipe from Alex, plus a special mention on our social media page.

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    First to the Party

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    The Photograph

    Alex Wolfe is an accomplished photographer. At $75, you will receive an original Alex Wolfe photograph, plus a digital download of the pilot episode as well as a special thank you on our social media page.

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  • $100USD
    The Vegan Curious

    You will receive a social media shout out. Exclusive access to a cooking demonstration video by Alex, including the recipe and your full name in our credits under “Special Thanks”. Alex will also bake you a batch of her famous choco chip cookiez.

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  • $200USD
    The Filmmaker's Package

    At $200, you will receive a digital download of the first three episodes of the series. Your full name in our credits, plus receive special behind-the-scenes video of our production as well as an exclusive 30 minute Skype session with both Alex Wolfe and Christopher Chou on our production process. We'll throw in some homemade treats for your generosity, as well.

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  • $500USD
    The Chef's Special

    A special thank you on our social media page. Your full name in our credits. Receive a digital download of the first three episodes of the series. Three exclusive vegan cooking demonstration videos by Alex and a voucher for a free digital copy of Alex’s cook book. And cookies!

    1 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Associate Producer

    You will receive an Associate Producer credit. Receive a digital download of the entire series. Plus a 30 minute Skype Q&A session with Alex and Christopher and choose ANY one perk from above.

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  • $5,000USD

    You will receive a Co-Producer credit. An exclusive copy of our production diary. An exclusive preview of the rough cut of our extended documentary and choose ANY three perks from above.

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  • $10,000USD
    Executive Producer

    You are our benefactor. You will receive an Executive Producer credit. An exclusive copy of our production bible. Join us on set at any location of your choosing. Exclusive dinner cooked by Alex. Invitation to our premiere party (airfare and lodging not included). A voucher for a hard copy of Alex’s cookbook when published with an exclusive personal message and ANY five perks from above. PS…one of the recipes in Alex’s Cookbook (2015) will be named after you!

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