The VeerOut Project: Shirt for Shirt Donations for Underprivileged Children

High quality Tshirts for America. For each shirt you buy, one identical shirt will be donated to children in need of clothing across America.



Our mission is to allow anyone with a creative mind to express themselves artistically on their clothing while sharing their art with children of less fortune. The impact art has on a childs life is priceless. We want to help children by giving them high quality t shirts as well as expose them to beautiful art that will inspire their own creativity and artistic expression. 


Our current screen printing startup, VeerOut Screen Printing, based out of Santa Barbara, CA, has been greatly expanding in recent months. We now see an opportunity to start giving back to the marginalized communities that often get forgotten about by businesses such as ourselves that serve those who can afford our servcies.

The idea for the VeerOut Project started because people kept asking us to just make just ONE shirt for them with their original designs. We were unable to do so because our screen printing equipment takes too much time to set up, and costs too much for the consumer in the end. We decided that we needed to get a DIGITAL garment printer so we could just make one shirt any time that someone asked us to do so. Our team quickly realized that the opportunity to create individual customized tshirts for our clients at a relatively low cost also presents another, more phillanthropic opportunity to provide a child in need with a BRAND NEW TSHIRT for every order we recieve from our clients. We recognize that there are many foundations in the US dedicated to prividing children and their families with used, hand-me-down garments. A brand new shirt, however, is something that is not commonly received by these children. It is our goal to not only provide a child with a new shirt-- but to give them a gift that will provide them with a sense of pride and excitement--something hand-me-downs cannot provide. The founders of VeerOut were moved by the One-for-One vision and decided to separate this piece of the business into its own project and allow artists to express themselves through philanthropy.


Our entire business revolves around promoting growth in our communities. We decided to start by helping American families first.

According to the US Census Bureau:

  • US Population: 311,591,917 
  • Approx. 13.7 million single parents
  • Responsible for raising 26% of all children
  • 27% of single mothers and their children live in poverty
  • 13% of single fathers and their children live in poverty
  • Impoverished households rely heavily on medicaid, foodstamps, public housing, rent subsidies and other types of aid.


For each t shirts that you purchase, we are donating one identical t shirt to those in need. We chose the buy one, give one model because it makes an immediate and tangible difference in the lives of those in need.


Yes! We cannot print copyrighted material so we need consumers to upload original art (graphics, fonts, etc).

Let your imagination run wild!




As founders of the VeerOut Project, we are proud to bring together our diverse backgrounds to promote growth in our communities. We want to share original art with families across America to alleviate the stress they ususally face when buying new clothes.

Please watch our video so you can get a full picture of what we are doing and why.


If you are unable to donate you can still help us reach our goal by sharing our cause with your family and friends!


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