In the land of the blind the one eyed man is King, The Story of a Homeless Vigilante
Nathanael Hopkins-Smith
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The Vagabond

The Vagabond 

A new black & white comic series is ready to hit the Independent Comic Book scene and its homeless hero is leading the way in The Vagabond. 


Panels from the Vagabond


The story follows the journey of a Homeless Vagabond, who gets himself into all sorts of Bizarre Situations. The protagonist is forced to embrace Vigilantism and becomes well versed in saving people along his travels, even though hes more concerned about where his next meal is going to come from. 

Vagabond Face

Interior Art


Nathanael Hopkins-Smith (Writer)


The Vagabond was originally a short film made by the Writer in 2005. In 2006 he continued his passion for making movies by attending Film School, which eventually landed him a job in TV where he has been working behind the scenes for the last 3 years.

The type of films Nathanael wants to make requires a lot of time & money (which he doesnt have hence indie gogo campagin) So he combined his Passion for storytelling with his love of comic books and decided to turn "The Vagabond" into an on going comic series.

Nathanael is in the process of getting several comic book ideas off the ground, including "The Vagabond" so expect to see more projects from him in the near future.

Sam Finlay (Artist)

Sam is an artist, graphic designer and animator. He has been exhibiting work in various galleries around Sydney, Australia for just under a decade and in the last 5 years has moved into the digital realm by studying a Masters of Animation and is now working on various animation projects and mobile game art, animation and development. Vagabond is a project combining his traditional work, digital design and love of comics as a unique artistic medium.

You can check out Sam's animation and game art on his site:

Comics by Comic Fans

Written & Illustrated by people who love comics for people that love comics.

Our influences range from 70s-80s Action/Martial Arts Movies to the classic Marvel & DC lineup, to the more cult classics Such as Garth Ennis (Punisher/Preacher/Hitman) Alan Moore (Watchmen/V for Vendetta/From Hell) Mark Miller (KickAss/Wolverine: Oldman Logan/Civil War/Superman Red Son) and Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead/Invincible)

 Cosplay Showing Love for The Vagabond


Supporting Independent Comic Books

The Australian Comic Book Industry is very small and needs all the help it can get, with Australian Actors making it big in Hollywood and even playing Iconic Comic book characters such as Wolverine, Thor, Dr Doom, and Hulk, its about time we see some Australian Comics get the exposure they deserve.


How you can Help?

By donating to our cause from as little as $1 you get a personal thank you on our blog and facebook page, $6 gets you a Digital copy of the comic, $10 for a signed copy, $20 for Signed Copy + Digital Print & Stickers,$30 for Vagabond Album + Previous Perk $300 for Original Artwork + everything in the previous Perks. If you're a bit low on cash but still want to help, give us a like on facebook and be in the running to win Awesome Prizes.


Where does the Money go, you ask?

The money that you so kindly donate will go to such things as: Fliers, Advertising, Printing, Stalls at comic book conventions and last but not least future Issues of The Vagabond.


Plugs for the Vagabond

Low on Cash? Give us a like on facebook to be in the running to win prizes like Original Art & Free Comics 

For Updates & Release Dates



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    A personal Thank you from the Writer and Illustrator on our Website/Facebook Page

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    1 Digital copy of #1 of The Vagabond

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    #1 of The Vagabond sent anywhere in the world with signatures from the Writer and Illustrator

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    #1 of The Vagabond sent anywhere in the world with signatures from the Writer and Illustrator + Prints and Stickers.

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    Black Smith Hopkins Blues Rock band Vagabond Album + #1 of The Vagabond sent anywhere in the world with signatures from the Writer and Illustrator + Prints and Stickers.

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    Original Art + Previous perk

    #1 of The Vagabond sent anywhere in the world with signatures from the Writer and Illustrator + Prints and Stickers + An Original Piece of Art from the comic.

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