The V-Spot

This interactive art piece celebrates the feminine, provides shelter during community events, and raises awareness to end violence against women and girls.

Welcome to the V-Spot

Welcome to the V-Spot: an interactive art installation which provides shelter during community events, houses art, provides educational materials, and serves as a gathering place for a number of art and community events.

This project was originally conceived to be an art installation for Frostburn, a regional Burning Man event that took place in Brookville, PA Feb 14-18th.  http://www.frostburn.org

Even before the launch of this Indiegogo campaign, interest has gathered in the Burner community and within women's social organizations, to make this much more impactful and positive for women and girls.  

We hope that you can help us to meet our goal to have the V-Spot be a transformative experience for visitors as they enter the V-Spot by pushing through the opening into a 6 foot tunnel, which leads visitors into a womb. 

Once funds have been raised to cover costs for the v-Spot, any additional funds will go to V-Day, a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.   

The Impact .  

As a way to build on the playfulness of this project and to embrace the feminine, The V-Spot will provide temporary shelter from the elements and will house a wide range of social events providing numerous opportunities for people to connect. 

EDUCATION: It will also provide educational materials to visitors on female empowerment and sexuality. It will also raise awareness of the wonderful work being done by V-Day to prevent abuse of women and girls.

COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION:  As Frostburn is a community oriented event, all are welcome to contribute ideas and help with the project. Women have already stepped forth to provide lectures and classes. As there has been an influx of first timers to the Frostburn community, this project provides an opportunity to those who are looking for ways to participate.  

What We Need 

In order to achieve our full vision for the project, we have established a fundraising goal of $7097.  This accounts for the heavy duty durable structure, insulation, decor, educational library, fuel to run generator for lighting, materials for art projects, food, drink, stove and wood.

Budget Breakdown:

$ 4345
18'x23' Heavy duty outdoor tent structure
Interactive heated tunnel
Kitchen area

$ 1512
Entryway, decor, comfort, art 

$ 1040
Food and drink beverages for event, educational materials, giveaways

$ 200

We are doing fundraising wine tastings, and other events to try and raise the full amount and have listed $4015 here on Indiegogo.  We hope to raise the full funding here, so that we can focus on the art itself. 


Other Ways You Can Help

We so appreciate our supporters, in whatever way they are able to lend a hand!

If you are unable to donate financially to this project, we absolutely still need your help! Please get the word out and spread the word about our project!

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Have something you feel would add a “magic touch” to the V-Spot Lounge?

Let us know! We LOVE community contributions in any capacity. 

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