The Trainer

Former boxer John D'Angelo takes a stand against a corrupt politican and arrogant developer determined to tear down his gym in favor of a new riverfront deal.
Joseph Horning
Norristown, Pennsylvania
United States
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Who We Are

Joseph Horning and Jonathan Cross have been working together on various projects for the last six years.  They each own their own production companies which they operate in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Joe is the owner of Quarterly Entertainment, LLC and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia.  He’s worked on several short film projects throughout the years, most notably ‘Masterpiece’ and ‘Roads Not Taken.’  In 2012 his screenplay ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’ won the Regional Award in the Shoot in Philadelphia Screenwriting Competition and is currently shopping it around to studios.

Check out the trailer for 'Masterpiece':

Here is a link to the Philadelphia Film Offices website for the Shoot in Philadelphia Screenwriting Competitions past winners:

Here is a link to the 2012 Top 25 Finalist for the Screenplay Replay Competition:


Jonathan is the owner of WorldRock Pictures and has produced and directed five feature films.  His debut feature ‘Cry of the Drummer’ released in 2003 was based on a novel he self-published in 1996.  In 2012 his feature film ‘The Bookie’ garnered him some recognition within the Philadelphia film community and was his first theatrical release.

Check out the trailer for 'The Bookie':


In 2012, they formed New Galaxy Pictures to produce 'The Trainer,' a screenplay they co-wrote over the winter of 2012-2013.

Check out our Facebook page to stay updated on all the latest developments with 'The Trainer.' 


The Story

‘The Trainer’ is the story of John D’Angelo, a former boxer who now owns a gym where he trains kids to box as well as keep them off the streets.  His son Anthony is on the local planning board and has just pushed through a riverfront deal that would redevelop the area around his father's gym.  John and Anthony never see eye-to-eye on issues because of his political ties with Mayor Shane O'Connor who John sees as corrupt for always pushing agendas that seem to benefit himself and not the public.

John's gym is not supposed to be part of the deal, however a developer named Frank Riley wants to build a casino and the gym is on the chopping block.  To make matters worse, Frank was once a boxer who fought John in one of his final fights and lost.  Frank sees this as an opportunity to get John back in the ring to get the rematch he's always wanted.  If John wins he can keep his gym, but if he loses Frank gets to tear it down effectively ruining John's life.

It has a lot of heart and deals with relevant social and political topics that we read about on a daily basis.  It’s the little guy standing up to big government and not backing down in the face of adversity.  John D'Angelo is that guy that we'd all like to be.


A Story To Be Passionate About

When we sat down to write the script, we wanted to tell a compelling character driven story that tested the boundaries between a father and his son.  We also wanted to present characters that were passionate about the causes they were fighting for and through difficulty learn to come together to resolve their differences.  Both John and Anthony are stubborn and constantly at odds with one another, showing a unique dynamic in a film family that normally would have the two of them standing side-by-side on the same issue.

There are some really intense scenes not only between John and Anthony but John and his rivals in city hall who are fighting him for control of his gym and the surrounding neighborhood.  The character of John D'Angelo becomes a symbol of hope when he states 'you've gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything!'


What We Need & What You Get

Your contributions will help bring John’s story to life.  Every dollar you contribute helps towards bringing ‘The Trainer’ from the page to the screen.  Some of the things we’ll be using the money for are:


  • We have several locations that have committed to allow us to film there as long as we provide insurance.  The Borough of Conshohocken, PA is behind us in our effort to make ‘The Trainer’ and we have the full support of the council and the police department.

  • The town council of our hometown of Norristown is also behind us.  They have agreed to allow us to shoot in the Mayor’s office and the community meeting room of the Norristown Borough Hall.

  • The Great American Pub in Conshohocken has also given us permission to use their upstairs banquet hall for an important dinner scene.


On Friday we were successful in securing another location for 'The Trainer' - the East Reading Boxing Club in Reading, PA.  Special thanks to Andres Acuna for his support!

Paying Cast and Crew

  • We have a cast of 9 principal actors as well as dozens of extras and our crew is small.  Everyone’s time is valuable and many of the actors and crew will be giving up time from full time jobs to work on ‘The Trainer.’  We know that their time is valuable and we want to compensate them for their dedication to this project.

Actor Stephen Rinaldi joins the cast of 'The Trainer' as Anthony D'Angelo, the son of John D'Angelo.


Providing Food

  • We’re going to be feeding everyone on set every day of the production.
  • Our biggest scene for food will be in The Great American Pub where we’ll have to provide food in the restaurant for ALL actors playing principals and extras as well as our crew.  There are going to be at least 50 actors in this dinner scene that we have to provide food for.

 Props and Equipment

  • Our props will mainly consist of boxing gear: punching bags, gym bags, various gloves and workout gear, headgear, jump ropes, etc.
  • Some other props might include custom made newspapers or boxing posters.
  • On the equipment front:  We have mostly everything we need but we’d like to upgrade a bit and buy some new lenses, microphones, reflectors and c-stands.


  • We’re trying to be as frugal as possible and shoot wherever we can for free, however there are some locations that are going to require rentals fees that are not cheap.
  • There are also some scenes that will require us to shut down streets and we would have to pay for permits as well as the police needed to keep traffic away from the set.


  • We’ve already begun marketing the movie on Facebook and Twitter, but we’ll have to be more aggressive as the movie nears completion.  This will require us to advertise in newspapers, have posters printed and pay for theaters to showcase the film as well as to submit it to film festivals.


  • Rental of Sound Stages for audio overdubs.  Everything will be captured during the shoot, but there are always unforeseen circumstances that pop up where we might have to do some ADR work.
  • Paying for the film score
  • Extra external hard drives for storing our footage.
  • DVD duplication and packaging.

We've got some really great perks to give away for your contributions.  Besides the obvious copy of our finished film and special thanks in the end credits, there’s an opportunity for you to have your name or image appear somewhere in the movie.  We call it our ‘Easter Egg’ Package No. 1 and No. 2.  In the first package, your name will appear either in a newspaper article shown on screen, or it may even be given to one of our unnamed Extras throughout the movie (i.e. ‘Waiter’, ‘Waitress’, ‘Council Members’, etc.) The second package allows you to have your image pop up somewhere on a wall or mantle.  Be a member of the D’Angelo family or as a prize fighter in one of John’s photos in his gym; perhaps Shane O’Connor’s wife in a photo on his desk; even appear as a picture in a newspaper article.

Another great perk is our 'Championship Package' where you'll have the opportunity to own an authentic title belt.


A unique perk is our 'Press Kit Package' where all contributors will have a biography written up into a press kit and will receive exclusive photos of the cast, crew and behind the scenes.  The 'Press Kit Package' will be what is sent out to all media outlets (i.e. festivals, newspapers, etc.) upon the movies completion.  It's a unique way for you to let the world know that you were part of the movie making experience.

The final package we dubbed the ‘Decision Maker.’  Donors will receive an ‘Executive Producer’ credit on the movie as well as have the opportunity to vote on the final packaging of the movie (i.e. DVD menus, DVD packaging, posters, lettering and color, opening credit sequence and final music mix).  The spec marketing tools you get to make decisions on will be sent to you before all other prizes involving our ‘Promotional Package’ are sent out.  Marketing tools will be submitted within a month of the end of the campaign.  All materials in this package will be what we submit to festivals and theaters, as well as the distributors for mass production.

In the event that we have no donations at the 'Decision Maker' level the final designs for the marketing material will be chosen by us.

Check out our full list of perks that we are offering.

The Impact

Obviously, the more contributions we receive the better the product we can produce in the end.  We feel very strong about ‘The Trainer’ and believe that it will be the best film either of us has made.

Once 'The Trainer' is completed we plan to submit it to film festival around the country with our primary focus on the New York and Los Angeles markets.


How Else Can You Help?

Spread the word!  Even if you don't contribute anything tell everyone you know what we're trying to accomplish with this movie!


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    Special Thank You

    A 'Special Thank You' to everyone who donates listed on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    Extra Special Thank You

    A 'Special Thanks' on our website, Facebook and Twitter page, plus updates emailed to you weekly with photos and various takes from the set.

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    The DVD Package

    The $10 prize plus a special 'Thank You' credit in the final movie and a copyof the DVD autographed by the stars!

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    Learn Your Lines

    The $25 prize plus a copy of the screenplay autographed by the writers.

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    SIng... Or Hum a Tune!

    The $35 prize plus exclusive clips of the soundtrack as songs are written.

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  • $75USD

    The $50 prize plus selected storyboards from various scenes of the movie with notes by the cinematographer.

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    The Promotional Package

    The $75 prize plus a 'The Trainer' poster, mug and t-shirt. This prize (and other prizes in the following tiers) is subject to final approval of designs by the donors of the 'Decision Maker' package (i.e. 'Executive Producers).

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    The Championship Package

    The $100 prize plus your very own red, white and blue satin Championship title belt similar to the one seen in 'Rocky.'

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  • $500USD
    The Easter Egg Package No. 1

    The $100 prize plus have your name appear somewhere in the film. Your name could appear in a newspaper article shown on screen, or may even be given to one of the many unnamed Extras throughout the movie (i.e. ‘Waiter’, ‘Waitress’, ‘Council Members’, etc.). We will tell you what scene to watch for to see your name.

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  • $500USD
    The Easter Egg Package No. 2

    The $100 prize plus have your image pop up somewhere on a wall or mantle. Be a member of the D’Angelo family or as a prize fighter in one of John’s photos in his gym. This will require you to send us some candid photos of you with friends and family (i.e. family gatherings, weddings, sporting events, etc.), or of just you along with a signed waiver giving us permission to allow/use/Photoshop your image on screen. We will tell you what scene to watch for to see your image.

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  • $1,000USD
    The Press Kit Package

    The $100 prize plus a Press Kit for ‘The Trainer’ featuring behind the scenes photos, cast photos, plot summer along with biographies of the cast and crew, including all of the financial backers from the $1,000 tier level and up. This will require you to send us a brief biography of yourself to include in the package which will be submitted to all contests and festivals around the country once the movie is completed.

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  • $2,000USD
    The Digital Producer Package

    The $1,000 prize plus an advanced rough copy of the movie before the final editing and sound mixing is completed. Give us your feedback and let us know what scenes you like and what you think we can do to improve the movie before we ship it off for distribution and to festivals. In addition you will receive clips of any alternate takes not in the movie. Receive an ‘Associate Producer’ credit at the end of the movie. This credit is limited to the donors of the $2,000 tier.

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    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $5,000USD
    The Producer Package

    The $2,000 prize sans the ‘Associate Producer’ credit. Donors will receive a ‘Producer’ credit on the movie as well as a jacket with the title of the movie on the back, as well as their ‘Name’ and ‘Producer’ on the front breast pocket area.

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  • $10,000USD
    Decision Maker Package

    The $2,000 prize sans the 'Associate Producer' credit. Donors will receive an 'Executive Producer' credit on the movie as well as a jacket with the title of the movie on the back, as well as their 'Name' and 'Executive Producer' on the front breatst pocket area. Donors in this perk also get a say on the final packaging of the film. See the full description of this package in the 'What We Need What You Get' section.

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