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JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis wrote some of the world’s most beloved stories. They also shared a friendship – for a time. Their story has not yet reached the stage.
Andrea Loewen
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Vancouver, British Columbia
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Ron Reed is a professional theatre artist - an actor, director, and award-winning playwright - who's also a Tolkien/Lewis enthusiast.  He has been fascinated by the lives and friendship of these two men for years.  Now he wants to tell their story on stage - something no one has done yet!

Why We Need You

Tolkien may have written The Lord of the Rings in his spare time, but he took decades to do it.  Writing takes time and space, and to do this great story justice, Ron needs to devote more than evenings and weekends.

The initial $3,500 goal will get:

  • A small commission fee for the first draft of the script so Ron can devote his full-time attention to the task of researching and writing.
  • A professional dramaturg*.
  • A group of professional actors to read and workshop the draft script.
In return, we have some fantastic perks for you.  Full descriptions are below, but they range from some fun eStickers (to help you declare your love for all things Inkling to the world) to the script, exclusive artwork, and more.  

As the perks increase in value we'll draw you deeper into the playwriting and research process - whether you're passionate about learning more about the lives of Tolkien and Lewis or about the process of creating a play from historical figures, there's a lot to explore!

*Dramaturg: a professional who understands structure, pace, and storytelling who helps shape a script.  An essential "outside eye" for all playwrights.  Ron has done the job for others, but of course, you can't dramaturg your own work. Vancouver playwright and actor Shauna Johannesen will dramaturg the Tolkien-Lewis New Play Project.

The Perks

Toss us a fiver and we’ll give you a BIG thank you and let you choose one of four fun eStickers we’ve created, declaring your love for Tolkien and Lewis to the world!

Wish you could hang out with the Inklings?  We’ve got the next best thing –a postcard with original artwork depicting Tolkien and Lewis together, mailed to you directly from Oxford.  Plus you’ll get all four of our original eStickers.

Get an electronic copy of the pre-production script and stay up all night practicing your Tolkien and Lewis impressions.  You’ll also get a postcard from Oxford and the four eStickers.

*note: the script is for personal use only and cannot be used for public readings or performances without the playwright’s permission.

A personalized, signed hard copy of the script. Plus eStickers and an option of an electronic copy of the script, if the hard copy just isn’t enough for you.

Get a special, limited-edition print copy of the premiere script.  This will include cover art designed by Emily Cooper (see examples of her poster art here), and exclusive bonus material, including research notes, history, production stills, and more.

Here you have a choice! 

Choice #1: Get inside the writer’s process with a hard copy of the annotated manuscript.  An early draft that includes the playwright’s notes and edits, written right onto the script!

Choice #2: A copy of Lewis scholar David Downing's renowned book The Most Reluctant Convert, signed by Mr. Downing himself as well as our playwright, Ron Reed.

Both choices get an electronic copy of the script and eStickers.

This one's perfect for the Inklings-obsessed or a playwright!

Ron has compiled a detailed chronology of Tolkien and Lewis’ friendship - a spreadsheet that includes every major event that has been recorded in their lives, along with some minor ones.  Pair this with a video where he will explain how he incorporated the research into a play.

Finally, Ron has selected key dates along the timeline and they will be turned into a beautiful piece of typographic timeline art created by Andrea Pennoyer.  The art will be approximately 24"w x 12"h - perfect for your study or conservatory, should you be that fancy.

Includes eStickers and electronic copy of the script.

Get copies of scenes emailed to you as they are written.  That means you’re right in on the playwriting process, and you get exclusive access to scenes that may be cut from the final script.  Plus, it’s like getting a little gift in your inbox – an out-of-order serial about your two favourite writers.

IN ADDITION you get a choice of one of the following:

Play & Dessert: Tickets to Freud’s Last Session at Pacific Theatre - CS Lewis meets Sigmund Freud at the dawn of WW2! - followed by dessert and conversation with Ron Reed (Freud) and John Emmet Tracy (Lewis) after the show. April 24-May 23, 2015.


Meeting of Minds: A Skype Salon with Ron Reed and David Downing, noted Lewis scholar and author – the perfect option for those who really want to dig in on the lives of the Inklings.  Between August 16-19, 2014.


Dessert with Tolkien & Lewis: Tickets to to the Tolkien-Lewis play once it is produced at Pacific Theatre and dessert with the actors playing Lewis and Tolkien afterwards!

All options get an electronic copy of the script and all four eStickers.

Want all three of the options above?  Here you can get the Hot-Off-The-Presses Scenes, the play & dessert, and the Skype Salon. 

Plus, you still get the electronic script and eStickers.

Now we're really getting into it.  Here you get the Hot-Off-The-Presses Scenes, plus THREE choices:

Play & Dessert: Same details as above.

Meeting of Minds Skype Salon: Same details as above.

Timeline Art: That timeline art from Perk #6 is back in the game!  Add on a beautiful print of typographical art that depicts the key dates in the friendship of Lewis and Freud.

Personalized Original Scene: A personalized original scene written by Ron Reed with you in conversation with Tolkien and Lewis.  Before writing the scene, Ron will email you to gather some background information about you so it's truly a unique, personalized piece.  Now you, Lewis, and Tolkien will be friends forever!


Live Stream of First Rehearsal: Get seriously inside.  Virtually sit in on the first rehearsal.  This will feature director, artistic director, and playwright introductions, design presentations, and the first table read of the script with actors!

Dessert with Tolkien & Lewis: Tickets to to the Tolkien-Lewis play once it is produced at Pacific Theatre and dessert with the actors playing Lewis and Tolkien afterwards!

Want a Tax Receipt Instead?

If you'd rather have a tax receipt than a perk, just click "Contribute Now" at the top of the page and enter the amount you would like to give.  Pacific Theatre is a registered charity and able to offer Canadian tax receipts to those gifts.

About the Playwright

Ron Reed is a playwright, actor and director in Vancouver, BC, the Founding Artistic Director of Pacific Theatre - an award-winning professional company that just completed its 30th anniversary season.  He has an MFA in acting from CalArts, and has been six times nominated for Jessie Richardson Awards as an actor, including his portrayal of C.S. Lewis in Shadowlands. He is the author of over a dozen plays with more than 50 productions across North America, including A Bright Particular Star about Scottish writer George MacDonald and his daughter Lilia, an actress. Book of the Dragon won the Chalmers Canadian Play Award,Tent Meeting (co-written with Morris Ertman) was nominated for Dora Mavor Moore and Stirling Awards, and Refuge of Lies was produced Off-Broadway by Firebone Theatre.  

Connect to Ron and get an inside scoop on what's going on through his FACEBOOK PAGE.

    Other Ways To Help

    A dollar someone gives because of you is just as good as a dollar that you gave yourself.  If you can't give, please share!  Post to your Facebook, tweet it, email your Inklings-loving friends.  The more people who know about it the closer we'll get to doing this epic tale justice!

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    This campaign ended on August 15, 2014
    Select a Perk
    • $5CAD

      Toss us a fiver and get a choice of one of four fun eStickers we've created, declaring your love of Tolkien and Lewis to the world!

      1 claimed
    • $15CAD
      Postcard from Oxford

      Get a postcard from Oxford depicting Tolkien and Lewis together, plus all four eStickers.

      6 claimed
    • $40CAD
      eScript + postcard

      Get yourself an electronic copy of the pre-production script, the postcard from Oxford, and all four eStickers.

      9 claimed
    • $75CAD
      Hard Copy of Script

      A personalized, signed hard copy of the script, plus the eStickers and an option of an electronic copy of the script, if you want.

      5 claimed
    • $100CAD
      Annotated Script OR Book

      Choice 1: Get inside the writer's process with an annotated copy of the manuscript. Choice 2: Get a copy of CS Lewis scholar David Downing's book A Most Reluctant Convert, signed by the author and playwright! + eStickers and eScript.

      7 claimed
    • $100CAD
      Premiere Script

      STRETCH PERK: Get a special limited-edition print copy of the premiere script. Includes cover art by Emily Cooper, research notes, history, production stills, and more.

      2 claimed
    • $250CAD
      eResearch + Art

      Get deep inside Tolkien and Lewis' lives with an electronic copy of Ron's detailed chronology of their friendship and a video where he will explain how he incorporated the research into a play. PLUS a beautiful piece of typographical timeline art with key dates from their friendship, and the eStickers and eScript.

      0 claimed
    • $500CAD
      Hot-Off-The-Press Scenes + 1

      Get copies of scenes emailed to you as they are written, plus one of the following: Play & Dessert: Tickets to see Ron in Freud's Last Session at Pacific Theatre and post-show dessert. OR Meeting of Minds: A Skype Salon with Ron Reed and David Downing. OR (STRETCH) Dessert with Tolkien & Lewis: Tickets to the play (once it's staged) and dessert after with the two lead actors. + eStickers and eScript.

      2 claimed
    • $750CAD
      Hot-Off-The-Press Scenes + 2

      Want both options from the last perk? Get them all here. + eStickers and eScript

      0 claimed
    • $1,000CAD
      Hot-Off-The-Press Scenes + 3

      Get Hot-Off-The-Presses Scenes plus three of the following options: -Dessert with Lewis & Freud -Meeting of Minds Skype Salon -Timeline Art -A personalized original scene of you with Lewis and Tolkien -STRETCH OPTION: Live stream of first rehearsal -STRETCH OPTION: Dessert with Tolkien & Lewis

      0 claimed
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