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Help us showcase A play about the Life and Times of HOWARD ZINN at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August!
Bianca Bagatourian
Los Angeles, California
United States
1 Team Member

This campaign is over but if you would still like to support our project, you can contact us at: bbagatourian@gmail.com

See 10 min. Video by Clicking Here:

KPFK 90.7FM Radio Int.   -   Hear us discuss "The Time of Our Lies" (go to min. 45:00)



As Featured on TRUTHOUT! http://www.truth-out.org/speakout/item/22898-the-time-of-our-lies-howard-zinn

Also in Resident Magazine: http://resident.com/2014/02/01/the-time-of-our-lies




AUGUST 1, 2014


 A Play About the Life & Times of
Howard Zinn

The piece unravels through Zinn's personal story as it brings to life the stories of other soldiers of war, examining whether there can possibly be better solutions to mankind's problems. It draws upon various Dickensian and Orwellian characters whose comments are interwoven into the narrative along with puppets, multi-media and Butoh dance. The format is loosely that of Greek Tragedy with lyrics from Howard's work for the chorus to rap as he struggles to represent the voice of the people. We follow Zinn's story as the primary narrative beginning with the bombing of a village in France during WWll and how he continued on his life's journey from there.

"A wonderfully imaginative play that uses my father's words as the unifying thread. Songs, nursery rhymes and tapped-out rhythms add a playful lightness and humanness that illuminate the horrors of war."  
                                                                Myla Kabat-Zinn

                            2 Minute Interview by Bianca with Howard


5 ACTORS, 2 PRODUCERS, A DIRECTOR, A PLAYWRIGHT AND A STAGE MANAGER to travel Edinburgh and live there for 30 days and perform each night! We need to pay for our venue, lights, puppets, props, music, and videos to put on the play. And we need to eat. That's it!

Edinburgh is the leading theater showcase in the world and we really want to put out Howard's message to the whole world! We think we can reach our goal, but just in case we dont, we will put on the play here in the United states of America which will still be nice.


I'm a playwright who had the honor of working with Howard Zinn before he passed away. When I first met him, I said I wanted to do a play that turned entertainment into news as so much news was entertainment. He shook my hand and we were off. He saw the first draft and said:

"Bianca, of course with a play, so much depends on how it is staged before, who is performing, etc. But what you have here is both lively and substantive." 
                                                          Howard Zinn

DIRECTORJosh Chambers was the Artistic Director & Resident Composer of Fovea Floods Theater from 1996 – 2008 where he created over 30 productions. 

"Having directed Howard before, I share his desire to connect with our ancestry and dig deep into history."
                                                                 Josh Chambers 

Michael Blaha and Nigel Miles-Thomas have been taking plays to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for over 14 years. In fact they had a hit play there last year. Here they are and if you want to read more about them: 
                                                   Fringe Management Site

SONG CLIP:"A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea" :30


               Who are you making war against?

             The tyrant or his people?

             Because the people of Iraq,

             and the people of Afghanistan,

             are people like us.

             People like you and me.

             Like the kids in school

             on every Main Street.

"The term 'just war' contains an internal contradiction. War is inherently unjust, and the great challenge of our time is how to deal with evil, tyranny, and oppression without killing huge numbers of people."
                                                            Howard Zinn

Theater forces an audience to come face to face with issues, there is not mute button here. Howard wrote three plays himself as he realized the impact of his words. We can do this together. One small act is all it takes!

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"Exciting project.Very clever title! Howard would chuckle."  


"Howard would sooooo appreciate this project!"

Paul Alan Smith - Howard's Hollywood Agent

"We need to decide that we will not go to war, whatever reason is conjured up by the politicians or the media, because war in our time is always indiscriminate, a war against innocents, a war against children. War is terrorism, magnified a hundred times."

Howard  Zinn





                                          JOSH CHAMBERS BIO.
Josh has also produced his original plays Dollbody, Goose/Goose, Paul Pry (Saratoga Stages, Saratoga Springs, NY), Mount Weather (DC Arts Center, Washington, DC), & Bull Spears (CSV, NYC).  In 1999, he co-wrote & directed A Sleep of Reason Creates Monsters with Scott Feldsher for the 1st Annual Chekhov Now Festival at Access Theater, NY. In the fall of 2002, he co-wrote & directed Not in Our Name – "An Evening of Conscience" at The Great Hall, Cooper Union in NYC, which included Edward Asner, Danny Glover, Tony Kushner, Marisa Tomei, Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory, & Howard Zinn. In June 2003 & June 2004, Chambers was guest artist with LAByrinth Theater Co. at their summer intensive, where he directed workshops of Brett C. Leonard’s Guinea Pig Solo, & Alice Tuan’s Hit. At CalArts, he directed Erik Ehn’s Book of Tink, Monteverdi’s Orfeo, an original adaptation of Hamlet entitled "A Toy in Blood”, & his own adaptation of Ibsen’s Ghosts.  In 2004, he directed the world premiere of Erik Ehn’s Medusachrist at the REDCAT theater space in LA. For Perfect Disgrace, in Boulder, CO, he directed Brian Bauman’s Elegy for a Mid-Shipman, & Porridge. In 2008, he directed & composed his own adaptation of Miss Julie at Sledgehammer Theatre, San Diego, as well as the Gold Star For Robot Boy extravaganza for acclaimed rock band Guided by Voices in NYC. In 2009, he directed Big Bro / Lil’Bro by Jonathan Ceniceroz for Company of Angels at the Alexandria Hotel, & an original adaptation of Moliere’s Tartuffe for The Theatre at Boston Court, Pasadena. In Jan 2013, Chambers presented the first installment of his original play, Speed Curses, at the Collar Works Art Space in Troy, NY.

                                  COLLAGES BY JOSH CHAMBERS

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  • $25USD
    Postcard and Public Thank You

    Get a postcard from the cast & crew from Edinburgh and a shout from us

    26 claimed
  • $50USD
    Above + Howard Zinn Book

    The above perks plus a Howard Zinn book

    10 claimed
  • $150USD
    Dinner with A Team Member

    And a Postcard from Edinburgh and Poster from the show

    1 claimed
  • $250USD
    Playwriting Consultation

    1 hour consultation of your next project with the playwright

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  • $350USD
    Directing Consultation

    1 hour consultation of your next project with the director

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  • $500USD
    A Meet/Greet w/ Cast and Crew

    Post card, Poster, Signed Script and A Meet and Greet w/ Cast and Crew

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  • $750USD
    VIP Seating

    Post card, Poster, Signed Script, and VIP seating for the opening night

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    A CD of all the Original Songs

    A Postcard, a Poster, plus a CD of all the original songs and 2 tickets to the show

    0 claimed
  • $2,000USD
    Original Collage by Director

    Plus Postcard, Poster, VIP Seating

    0 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    Program Mention

    1 Original Collage, Plus Postcard, Poster, VIP Seating and a thank you printed in the program

    0 claimed
  • $3,000USD
    Ass. Producer Credit

    An Associate Producer Credit, 1 Original Collage, Plus Postcard, Poster, VIP Seating and a Thank You printed in the program

    0 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Co-Producer Credit

    A Co-Producer Credit for the production at Edinburgh, 1 Original Collage, Plus Postcard, Poster, VIP Seating and a Thank You printed in the program

    0 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Producer Credit

    A Producer Credit for the production at Edinburgh, 1 Original Collage, Plus Postcard, Poster, VIP Seating and a Thank You printed in the program

    0 claimed
  • $15,000USD
    Ex Prod Credit

    An Executive Producer Credit for the production at Edinburgh, 1 Original Collage, Plus Postcard, Poster, VIP Seating and a thank you printed in the program

    0 claimed
  • $20,000USD
    Ex. Producer Credit + Song

    An Executive Producer Credit for the production at Edinburgh. The composer will also compose a special song about you that delves into your identity, ancestry - your history and your past. 1 Original Collage, Plus Postcard, Poster, VIP Seating and a thank you printed in the program

    0 claimed
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