The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe

The tale of one man and his self destructive, occult journey to utter ruin! And you can help get it to print!!!

About This Project

My name is Jordyn F. Bochon. I'm an artist and filmmaker currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A long time in the making, The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe is the macabre story of one man's self destructive, occult journey to utter ruin told through a veil of humor, gore, and glamour. This project is a labor of love, spanning several years. With this fundraiser I hope to self-publish the first three issues and get my work out to a larger audience. I've been publishing my own comics for years because I am passionate about what I do and can't imagine doing it any other way. 

A new online comic starring Finnegan Strappe can be seen here: http://finnegan.8et8.net/

My portfolio site: http://8et8.net

Why Indie Gogo?

It's quite a feat to create comics, and it's another one altogether to fund them. The reality is, I'm not able to bring together the funds I need to do this on my own. I'm hopeful that there are enough people out there who have been enjoying my work for free over the past several years who may also be interested in investing in it's evolution. By investing in this project, you become an important part of it.

What We Need & What You Get

The goal is to raise $2500, which would prominently go towards printing three 8.5x11" issues. This is a large format comic, very satisfying to read, and full of work unavailable anywhere else. In addition to this, I'm trying to get my comics to wider audience by bringing them to events in the US (first time ever). Conventions in the future include SPX in Bethesda, MD and MIX in Minneapolis, MN. This fundraiser will help make this happen!

Everyone who contributes will be included in the credits and thank yous of each issue. The more you donate to the cause the more you receive in turn! Not only will you be able to look forward to receiving three separate stories in the mail, but you will also be rewarded with a variety of treasures befitting the contribution.  There are limited edition screen-prints, Terrible Death tote bags, original art, and even a personalized adventure comic starring you and any of my characters of your choosing!!

Other Ways You Can Help

You can also help me by spreading the word far and wide! The more people come to see this pitch, the bigger chance it has of making it! To make the goal I would only need 100 people to donate $25! That's not a lot! Any help you can offer to my cause is deeply appreciated.

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