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A 15 yr. old girl travels the world turning the lens on herself and others to find out what it means to be a true global citizen.
Global Sunrise Project
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Toronto, Ontario
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Kasha-15 years old

The Sunrise Storyteller (C): 

Follow a teenage documentary filmmaker around the world as she discovers what it means to be a global citizen.

This marks the end of our Indiegogo Campaign ! THANK YOU to everyone who contributed and helped us get this far. Although the campaign is over you can STILL DONATE  by getting in contact at theglobalsunriseproject@gmail.com  

Accepting email transfers and will have paypal available on website soon theglobalsunriseproject.com

Hi there, my name is Kasha.  I'm 15 years old & live in Toronto with my mom. I consider myself a lucky girl to live in a place where I have certain basic human rights, access to education, clean water, food and a roof over my head. This is why I have a passion for social justice and have been an active contributor to many local and global causes since I was 8 years old. 

I believe I can raise awareness for issues in communities around the globe using my talents as a photographer/filmmaker/blogger. In March this year, I went to the United Nations as a youth delegate and was so inspired by the women who I met at the 57th Commission on the Status of Women that I knew I could do something more to spark the interest of young people my age to take action too. 

I entered a contest 13 days before the final deadline (it had been running 2 months already)  with an idea I had called "Picture the Power of People for a Purpose". The point of it was that I’d use my camera to tell inspiring stories of people rising above their problems to show what is possible. This project was an entry to a contest with a travel company who do a lot of good social justice work as well called G-Adventures. It was for an idea that would change the world and an opportunity to win $25k - which would have covered this project. I was very close to making it into semi-finalist position out of 350 entries worldwide. All amazing projects too!!!

Ok, so when one door closes another one opens right?  Right :) That's where the idea for The Sunrise Storyteller (C)  came about. I brainstormed with my mom on how we could do it. She agreed that I could miss one semester out of school if we could raise the money to go because she’s a single mom, not a magician…so here we are…and here’s my idea:  

The Project: 

For six months, I will be travelling with my mother, living out of one small bag and a few changes of clothes, filming, photographing and writing about the people & places I meet, giving them a visual voice. But,  I can only do this with your help.

With your help, I'll produce a short documentary film from a teenager's perspective, along with a book of stories/reflections on global citizenship. You'll be able to join me on my journey & get glimpses of what I'm doing when you visit our website as well.  http://www.theglobalsunriseproject.com

There's even a reward where you can check in with us live on location and awesome prizes for the greatest number of referral contributions!

I'm really excited and I hope you are too!  

Jumping into the water we can create ripples...like the ripple this project will create if we exceed our goal.

What Your Contribution Means:

We know that selfless giving is the best reward there can be and connects us to a greater sense of purpose in the world and we humbly acknowledge this.

For contributing to our campaign you will not only claim the perk associated with your donation, you will be forever inscribed in our hearts as Global SunRisers…people who care enough to make a difference!

In fact, your contribution have the power to make an even bigger difference.  We’re really hoping to double or even triple our goal and deliver a really great holiday surprise to Free the Children to help support them deliver Aboriginal Education in Canada and to help provide funding for alternative income projects to women living in poverty abroad. 

When we go over our $25k goal any additional funds will be donated to these two programs. 

Everyone benefits this way! 

Who needs all that over-packaged, over-priced holiday stuff anyways! Plus if you follow us on social media, you have lots of chances to win some awesome things.


Supporting this project will create a further ripple effect to help others because I'll be able to create many additional products with my photography (cards, e-card, postcards, calendars, posters, phone skins, prints, t-shirts, journals, bookmarkers, bags, e-book, etc.) to sell from my journey to help raise awareness and funds in support of the people and communities I visit. 

The documentary film I shoot, it's dvd, the pictures I publish are all intended as vehicles to help others and will be available in the Shop for a Cause e-store on our website http://theglobalsunriseproject.com/?page_id=146


So, PLEASE, sign up for great perks or even just give for the joy of giving, knowing you're helping to make a lot of dreams happen for many great causes under one umbrella. 

Do you know why I can do this?  

Hint: I'm the Sunrise Storyteller who's a teenager...how many of us do you know that get up at the crack of dawn?  And I do it without coffee...my mom can't say  that!

No, seriously,  I am also a young entrepreneur  with two products  - Sweet Scrub(C) and Kasha's Cards of Kindness (C)   I raised enough money to get my start in photography and filmmaking and I contributed to 25% to charities with every sale and then started a social justice club where I inspired others to do the same. So......



I'm asking for your help to go above and beyond! 

Here's Why:

Excerpt from Free the Children's website, 2013:

"Today, 1.2 billion people live on less than $1 per day. This kind of crippling poverty forces many parents in developing countries to send their children into the workforce to provide for their family instead of going to school. They can’t afford proper meals, adequate living conditions or even health care if their children get sick. For mothers, the grip of poverty is even worse. Across the developing world, women’s education and literacy rates pale in comparison to those of men. And with household responsibilities keeping them at home, many mothers have neither the mobility nor the means to earn a living.

When mothers are given the education, tools and skills to earn and sustain an income, their children gain access to education, are healthier and are removed from situations of child labour.

With alternative income and livelihood resources and training, women become empowered and proud and act as wonderful examples to their daughters and other girls, impacting everyone. The result is an educated community that is more equipped to lift themselves out of poverty."

Photo: Free the Children




Excerpt from Free the Children's website, 2013:

"With the support of Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative, Free The Children is delivering programming that will educate non-Aboriginal Canadian youth and help make Aboriginal issues a priority in Canada.

Through campaigns, leadership programs, inspirational We Day events, lesson plans, video clips, blog posts and social media channels, Free The Children is educating Canada about Aboriginal culture, history, traditions and more.

Together, our Aboriginal programming:

·  Is non-political, youth-friendly and designed to create empathy and understanding.

·  Provides tools and support for young people to actively support their Aboriginal peers      in improving their access to quality education.

·  Helps educators meet curriculum requirements.

·  Provides interest and encouragement for students to further explore Aboriginal culture    and history.

·  Is always created through collaboration with experts on the topic and Aboriginal              representatives to ensure all materials reflect their experiences and views.

By forming partnerships with leading Aboriginal organizations, Free The Children is expanding its Aboriginal programming offerings to ensure more Canadians are aware of, and equipped to take action on the issues facing Aboriginal Peoples."


Your generous contributions will go to help fund the first stage for an educational documentary film & book which will be it's content development and the expenses incurred to do that which include but are not limited to:

  • Transportation & travel costs such as:
  • Airfare, buses, trains, taxis, transfers & taxes, etc. – I’ll do a lot of walking but I can’t walk on water yet…
  • Accomodation/food – mom has to keep a kid safe and fed.
  • Health Insurance – ditto.
  • Passports/visas/immunizations – don’t like that part but I’ll deal.
  • Film & photography equipment/permits - this part excites me.
  • Training & courses - for film/editing 
  • Translators where needed - an app can only get you so far 
  • Sim cards & data plan -we need to stay connected
  • Guides - 



“I truly believe that the best way to educate children and youth is to open them up to the world culturally as early as possible, and I'm excited and honored to support the Global Sunrise Project. Beyond being exceptionally talented, Kasha's fortitude in wanting to learn more and understand the world at such a young age is highly commendable.”Lola Akinmade-Åkerström Stockholm-based writer and photographer who has contributed to digital and print publications such as National Geographic Traveler (both UK & US versions), BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet,  AFAR, San Francisco Chronicle, Fodors.com, several in-flight magazines, and  many more. http://akinmade.com/articles/ She was featured in a South Africa vignette “Through The Lens” that airs on National Geographic Channel and her photography is represented by National Geographic 


“Having spent the last 5 years working with students on social justice both domestically and internationally, one of the things that are invaluable to nurturing global citizens is hands on experiential education. Allowing students the space to experience the world first hand and form their own opinions on how they can contribute is essential. The Global Sunrise Project, a beautiful joining of mother, daughter and experiential learning provides that hands on, see with your own eyes experience. Having worked with Kasha over the years, I look forward to her transformation on this journey and how she will use it to further make the world a better place.Spencer West, Author “Standing Tall: My Journey”,  Visionary & Motivational Speaker for Me to We & Ambassador for Free the Children. Be sure to watch the documentary about how his inspirational work is changing the way we think "Redefine Possible": The Story of Spencer West  http://www.freethechildren.com/redefinepossible/



 “As someone who has also traveled around the world with their children, I very much appreciate the commitment Marla is making to help her daughter better understand the world. After all, the world is the ultimate classroom and a passport filled with stamps is as valuable as any diploma. The time spent with mom on the road will teach her daughter more than any school could possibly provide over the same time period. I personally look forward to reading their stories as they share this wonderful experience with the world. And, if we’re lucky, maybe this act of courage will inspire more parents to do the same with their children” RainerJenss –Smart Family Travel Inc., Former VP & 13 year veteran of National Geographic Society, Contributed weekly for National Geographic’s award-winning Intelligent Travel Blog Ranked by Babble.com as of the top 25 Family Travel Blogs, and works with Scholastic, Galvante Media AFAR.com to promote the benefits of family travel.



“A great start for someone of 15 with an obvious keen awareness of the world around her” –Cliff Durfee, Author, "Stories for the Inner Ear", foreword by Jack Canfield   http://www.storiesfortheinnerear.com/


Use the SHARE buttons (below the video) to share this campaign on Facebook and/or Twitter (be sure to use the hashtags #sunrisestoryteller,  #globalsunrisers #theglobalsunriseproject).

Use the EMBED button (below the video) to embed our Indiegogo video on your blog, Facebook, etc.

Email friends, family and colleagues about this campaign. Maybe your company would even like to help out?

Keep sharing throughout the duration of the campaign.

If you cannot make a donation online, we will also accept cash, cheque, or email funds transfer and we will make the donation on your behalf!

Follow us on facebook and twitter for  the most up-to-date news & promotions & special announcements about the campaign. 

Subscribe to our website http://www.theglobalsunriseproject.com 

We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a message and keep the conversation going on our social network.

Keep in touch. Join our Indiegogo team! 

Become a Global SunRiser, sign up for our newsletter on our website.

A word from Mom


Kasha’s very much a typical 15 yr. old teenager who needs to be reminded to clean her room and help with the dishes but cares a great deal about the planet. She attends a Toronto high school which ‘supports and promotes social justice through five core tenets of education’: Human Rights, International Development, Peace Education, Environmentalism & Multiculturalism. ***NB: (She chose this school outside of our neighbourhood even though she could have rolled out of bed to be at one of two other high schools located right on our street!.)  

Kasha is an aspiring filmmaker, passionate photographer, blogger & social entrepreneur which has helped her modestly provide funds to fuel her love of her craft while simultaneously contributing to causes she cares about. 

There's no need to worry about her doing her part...she already is.

By supporting her in this project we're empowering a new kind of leadership, an empathic one, which this world so desperately needs. Let's help her now so, in turn, she'll be able to shine the way forward for many others. 

I am proud to support my daughter Kasha, The Sunrise Storyteller and co-founder of The Global Sunrise Project. Her mission is to inspire the caring catalyst in each of us.

Let's be Global SunRisers(c) together - Please share widely and contribute for a great cause!  

With gratitude & appreciation. 

Thank You! 


Photo by: Kasha Slavner (C) 

 Be sure to check out our gallery above often for videos, inspiration, referral contests, etc..

***Note: We have added some new perks IN ADDITION  to what is listed:

Everyone who contributes $25 or more will  also get an exclusive monthly behind the scenes view with 2 VINES AND a one-of-a-kind e-photo just for you with a personalized message from the Sunrise Storyteller. 

For anything over $250. you can also skype live to location with The Sunrise Storyteller and her mom for 10 minutes.

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  • $10CAD

    Add your spark to our campaign and we’ll send an email valentine, PLUS a thank you in the written credits on our film, website and book. As well as 10% off any purchase in our Shop for Cause on our website!

    12 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $50CAD
    Ray of Light

    Add your ray of light and we'll send you a personalized e-card on the Summer Solstice (June 21st, 2014) Plus two 4x6 signed photograph cards, one for you and one blank for you to send to a friend, a post card sent from us while on the road, PLUS all of the perks above.

    14 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $100CAD
    Inspiring Light

    Because you're an inspired giver, we'll send you an exclusive signed 8x10 photo of the Sunrise Storyteller at dawn on location. PLUS ALL of the perks above.

    9 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $250CAD
    Radiant Light

    For the ripples of light that will radiate out into the world for your contribution, The Sunrise Storyteller will send you thank you e-photograph message with your name on it on location. PLUS all of the perks above.

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $500CAD
    Unlimited Shine

    For all the light created by your contribution, You're invited to a 20 minute skype on location call with the Sunrise Storyteller. We'll customize a personal VINE (6 sec. video) from The Sunrise Storyteller on location thanking you for your contribution. A full set of 12 Kasha's Cards of Kindness(C). PLUS all of the perks above.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2015
  • $1,000CAD
    Morning Star

    For being a beacon of light The Sunrise Storyteller will send you a personalized thank you video from on location, PLUS, All of the perks above, AND, you will be acknowledged alphabetically by name and company link (if you have one) in the thank you section of our sponsors/contributors' page on our website AND a 12 oz jar of the Sunrise Storyteller's famous all natural Sweet Scrub(C).

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2015
  • $1,500CAD

    For your deep commitment to service, we'll gift you with an Exclusive Audio Sunrise Guided Meditation download and you'll also be acknowledged alphabetically by name and company link (if you have one) in the thank you section of our sponsors/contributors' page on our website. PLUS all of the perks above.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2015
  • $2,500CAD
    Laser Light

    For your stewardship, At this level you're invited to an Exclusive Skype talk with the The Sunrise Storyteller, facilitated by a member of her mentors' circle on the topic of leadership. Plus we'll send you a personalized thank you video from on location AND you will be acknowledged alphabetically by name and company link (if you have one) in the thank you section of our sponsors/contributors' page on our website..PLUS, All of the perks above!

    0 claimed
  • $5,000CAD
    Galaxy of Suns

    For your stellar contribution, At this level you're invited to an Exclusive Evening Talk in person with the The Sunrise Storyteller and a panel discussion facilitated by a member of her mentors' circle post trip. AND we'll send you a personalized thank you video from on location, AND, you will be acknowledged alphabetically by name and company link (if you have one) in the thank you section of our sponsors/contributors' page on our website..PLUS, All of the perks above,

    0 claimed
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