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A retreat exploring intimacy, connection and self-expression. Visit for tickets and booking transport, dining, accommodation etc.
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This campaign is complete! Here's how to get your tickets, book your transport, dining, accommodation, treatments and more!

On June 16 the crowdfunding deadline hit and we are delighted to announce that thanks to your help The Summer House Weekend is definitely on. Your pledges helped us raise 40% more than the bare bones minimum, and 70% of what we need for the whole event. If you pledged in the past 24 hours we will write to you personally with more information.

If you have just discovered this event you may be interested in reading this page, but where you need to go for the full information is our website at





Watch the video!



Pictures of the house


Welcome Home!

Hosted at a private country house about an hour outside London over August 16th to 18th this year, The Summer House is a marvellously magical experience like no other. It starts a bit like a retreat - workshops, sessions, talks, treatments, games, swimming - and crescendoes into a private house party featuring fabulous performances, music, dancing, storytelling and late-night conversations in front of the log fire. With plenty of opportunities to learn together, dine together and play together, The Summer House is not only a great party but also a place to make meaningful and lasting connections.

When you come to The Summer House you're more than just a guest: you're part of an extended family of friends-of-friends. You're home. We believe in inclusivity, respect and community-building - because we want everyone to feel equally free to participate and express themselves. 


What you can expect to find: 

What you will find


Workshops and talks: cuddle workshop; "Morning Glory" dance session; yoga; storytelling; consent and communication; speed dating; flirtation; talks and debates from well-known authors; mask-making; hula-hooping classes 

Activities: Lake swimming; tennis; badminton; croquet; giant Jenga; lawn Twister; boules; treasure hunts; 

One-on-one treatments and sessions: Massage; hair and make-up styling; photo portrait parlour; face painting; facials; hair styling; more.

After dark: Cabaret/performances; music; DJs and dancing; a ceilidh; storytelling; poetry; vintage cinema; log fires and a bonfire


 Now it's over 100%, what happens next?

As you can see, this crowdfunding campaign has hit its minimum target. First of all, thanks to everyone who has pledged so far and who has helped spread the word. We're grateful for and touched by your enthusiastic support. We said from the start that the minimum target would only cover the basic infrastructure of the event (as shown on the first budget sheets below.) 

The full budget is £30,000 so we still need your pledges! In crowdfunding it's allowed to overshoot the minimum and raise more funds during the campaign, which is what we need your help in achieving so that we can secure the more fancy elements like performance.


Why pledge now rather than wait?

For you: Pledging now enables you to get the cheapest possible prices with no booking fees. These are £65 for Saturday night, £80 for Saturday day onwards, and £90 for the whole weekend. Also, if you pledge now you get access to all the perks (see the list further down the page), which includes an invitation to a special celebratory get-together in London in July and a crowdfunders' drinks at the House on Friday 16th August. 

The prices after the crowdfunding campaign will definitely be quite a bit higher, with booking fees.

For us: Every penny that is pledged during this crowdfunding campaign will go directly into improving the event with extras like performance, music, extra workshops shown in the second budget sheet below. The more that gets pledged now, the more easily we can guarantee certain items from the second budget will be at the event. Plus, the more accurately we can predict the final numbers, which will mean a better-organised event all round.




How you benefit - how we benefit



Early programme / plan




Read the feedback from guests at our inaugural event last year:  

Quotes from guests last year



Every penny you pledge in this campaign goes directly into the costs of the event. Thanks to your generosity we are about two thirds of the way towards our final target. 

The full budget and what we need to achieve

What we'd like to provide

The bare bones of the event was achieved in phase one of the campaign - thanks to your help!

Stage One Budget complete, on to Stage Two




Food: If camping you may bring and cook your own food, but please no open fires. Alternatively you can feast with the food prepared by our team of chefs. A more conventional page will open up for booking dining once the crowdfunding campaign is complete.

A hearty dinner will be served on Friday night and a delicious summer dinner of salads and soups on Saturday night (cost approximately £30 per head per night). A rustic breakfast will be served on Saturday and Sunday mornings (cost around £10 per head). There are about three dinner servings per night; guests serve themselves from the banqueting table and can eat together - outside if the weather is good, inside if not. We can cater to vegans, vegetarians and those with dietary requirements, if given notice. In addition, independent street food chefs will supply healthy meals, tea, coffee and ice cream all day every day with meals at under £10 each. Unless included in your reward, food costs extra. 




Transport: Getting to and from the House is easy. To ensure privacy and security, we do not publish the address of the House until 1-2 weeks before the party. It is approximately 35-45 minutes from London Waterloo by train on the line to Portsmouth. Or by car (close to A3/M3/M25) 40 miles / 75 minutes from central London. There is car parking at the house. Gates open 14:00 on Friday and close at 17:00 on Sunday. No arrivals after 22:00 Friday or 21:00 Saturday. If you need to book trains in advance please contact us and we will advise.

At peak times we will provide a shuttle minibus between the local station and the House (£5 charge). Also, we will charter coaches to transport guests from central London to the House on Friday lunchtime, Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday evening. There will be coaches back to London at 03:00 Sunday morning and 17:00 Sunday afternoon. Unless included in your pledge package, the coach will be charged separately. We can't confirm exact prices yet but they are likely to be £15 return, ie cheaper than the train.




Accommodation: Four accommodation options are available:

• Sleep in the house - all of these bedrooms are now sold out, except one wheelchair accessible single bedroom on the ground floor. 

• Glamping - sleep in a splendid 5m canvas bell tent from Blue Bell Tents, with bedding for 2, 3 or 4 people plus light and mirror, pitched ready for your arrival. Or a Shikar tent which is more like a room you can stand up in, complete with hanging rails and furniture. These will be available shortly priced £245 for two.

• Self-camping - no cost - pitch your own tent in the grounds of the house (we encourage you to decorate your camp!) No cars in camping area - campervans may set up in their own zone in the nearby parking field. We provide toilets, showers, running water at no extra cost.

• Local hotel / B&B - While we would prefer for you to stay on site, we will of course provide a list of local hotels and B&Bs to all guests who pledge.



Adults over 18 can come provided that they stick to our code of conduct, which is designed to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe whatever their age, gender identity, sexuality, disability etc. We ask that everyone arrives and leaves accompanied by at least one friend who vouches for their behaviour and vice-versa. This is called the "PAL system" and is invented by KS San Francisco and licensed under Creative Commons. In short, no flying solo: simply team up with a friend or two who you know and trust and come with them.

If we don't yet know you or if you haven't been sent in our direction by an existing friend we will ask you to introduce yourself so we can get to know all our guests. Expect to meet people from a wide range of alternative communities like Burning Man, Nowhere, Decompression, Rumpus, Secret Garden Party, KSL, AP, Night of the Senses, Sacred Pleasures, Wonderland, Planet Angel, TG, White Mischief, 5 Rhythms, the world of tantra, the dressup and vintage scene and more.


Here's what last year's guests said: 



Tickets and perks

If you want to come to the event, a pledge of £65 will get you in on Saturday night; £80 on Saturday daytime onwards; and £90 all weekend. The Indiegogo tickets are the cheapest possible "Earlybird" prices, with no booking fee, and include various perks as detailed below.

After the crowdfunding campaign, expect prices to go up to something like £75 for the Saturday night and £125 for the whole weekend. Please note that your pledges are in your name, non-refundable and the perks cannot be transferred to other guests, other events or other times.

All pledges of £25 or £50 include the reward of upgrading to a ticket at the Indiegogo prices any time up to July 8. It's like a part-payment!

Some of the other perks do not come with tickets, so make sure you read the information under each perk package. if you want more than one perk, all you have to do is contribute to more than one option!

"THE BACKERS' PACK" is a pack of perks included in all pledges of £65 and above and features: Invitation to a celebratory London get-together in July • A Summer House badge • Your name or nickname as a credit on our website • Updates on the project • Access to a secret feedback group • A pack of music downloads from artists who have performed White Mischief • A pack of photo downloads from previous White Mischief events • Wallpaper downloads featuring Summer House illustrations • A memento book PDF inspired by the weekend.

BUT you don't need to attend the Weekend to pledge! You can pledge any amount you like and you can choose the option marked "No perk, I just want to contribute". You can also pledge on someone else's behalf if they can't afford it themselves.




If you have any questions about perks or bundles please add a comment on this page or on the Facebook page. If you have an idea for a particular reward that you can't see listed, contact me and I'll try to make it happen. Particularly multiples or bundles of different perks.



By default, Indiegogo lists the names of backers who make a pledge. If you want to remain anonymous so that your pledge is not seen by others, you can choose to make an anonymous pledge or you can give a different backer name.

Only we the organisers see your real name. We won't pass on or share the details of people who pledge without their express permission. We are also happy with guests using nicknames in public spaces. But if you are attending the Weekend we will need for you to give your true identity to us in advance as our door / accreditation staff will be checking photo ID on arrival.




None of us on the team is wealthy, so we do sympathise! Putting on an intimate independent weekend like works out more expensive, per person, than a corporate enterprise with guests in their thousands or tens of thousands. The entry price you see in these pledge packages is as low as we can make it. There are no hidden booking fees or camping charges for you...and every penny from the pledge goes into the event costs. We feel that the value compares well to other weekends this summer.

But we understand there will always be some people who can't commit the full amount. So we offer a Saturday night only option, which is a little cheaper and allows you to enjoy the climax of things. We also offer a sort of part-payment scheme, so that anyone who pledges £25 or £50 in the crowdfunding campaign gets the power to upgrade to the earlybird price ticket by July 8.

If you're in dire financial straits, please pledge what you can now, even if it's just a pound, to help us towards the campaign target. (If you don't have a bank card please post a message here on our Facebook page so we can register your details.) Assuming the project gets off the ground we'll contact everyone at the end of the crowdfunding campaign with details of how to get hold of low income tickets. How many we can make available depends on how much is raised. Share this page with your friends and encourage them to contribute so that more low income spaces can be subsidised!



We want to make this event as enjoyable and accessible as possible for all our guests. The venue has one ground floor toilet (with shower) set aside specifically for disabled guests. The majority of the entertainment and food is based around the ground floor though there is a first floor, with some workshop and party / play space, accessible via  stair case. There is no lift but our team will be happy at all times to give assistance in accessing those spaces. Also we are happy to offer free places to helpers or carers. We have created a work-in-progress document describing the accessibility of the venue including photos and floorplans. Please leave a comment on this page or on our Facebook page if you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way.



The downside of crowdfunding a weekend arts event is that there will always be people who have prior engagements and can't make it. We're sad to miss you! But still, in order to make this concept happen we need to everyone's support regardless of whether or not they personally can come. If you believe in this concept and you'd like to see a similar weekend occur every year, please pledge what you can even if you can't come.  Everyone who pledges as part of this crowdfunding campaign will get early access to the cheapest earlybird prices for next year's event. And do pass the link on to trusted friends who you know will appreciate the ethos. 





The curator of The Summer House Weekend is Tobias Fauntleroy Slater, founder of White Mischief; helping put together the sessions and workshops are the team from Sacred Pleasures. In addition the team includes a wide range of people with experience in everything from events to roleplay and storytelling to spirituality and self-development. Everyone who is getting involved is doing so because they're passionate about the idea and want to be there themselves. The organisers won't be taking a penny from this crowdfunding campaign.

In order to create something that is sustainable and has the requisite safety / security, we will be paying professionals for their expertise, as you can see on the budget above. Some practitioners (eg massage therapists) may also charge extra during the weekend for one-on-one sessions that you can book separately. The main organisers make their income not from this crowdfunding but during the weekend, from selling drink and juices. Even still, it won't be a huge amount for what is a big project to organise. The main thing we get out of this is the pleasure of seeing it happen.



Thanks for reading! We'd also like to thank those who have contributed their skills to this page:

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  • £10GBP

    Every little bit brings us one step closer to making this very special weekend happen. YOU GET: A selection of downloadable wallpapers featuring the Summer House illustration • Our eternal gratitude and, if you so desire, your name or pseudonym as a credit on the backers page of our website • Updates on the project

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    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £25GBP

    YOU GET: The power to upgrade your pledge to an earlybird ticket any time up to July 8 (just like a part-payment) • A pack of music downloads featuring artists who have performed at White Mischief events in the past • Access to a secret feedback group where you can see The Summer House plans developing and ask questions • And a downloadable PDF book inspired by the event. PLUS a credit and EVERYTHING else in the previous tier

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    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £50GBP

    YOU GET: Power to upgrade your pledge to earlybird ticket up to July 8th (like a part-payment) • Your choice of message on our Wishing Tree and a photo of it • PDF book of pics from previous White Mischiefs • ONE regular ticket to a White Mischief event in Lon Jun 2013-14 or a Gemini and Scorpio event in NYC 2013 (G&S is NYC equivalent of WM, hosts KS NY and eccentric shows) or Mondo in San Francisco • Excludes dining, holiday or sold-out events • EVERYTHING from ALL the previous tiers.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £50GBP

    YOU GET: A one hour massage during the Weekend with Matt from Sanctum Studio - "a blend of remedial and oriental styles including pressure points, manipulation and soft tissue release". We will put you in touch with Matt in advance to book an appropriate timeslot during the Weekend. More details on Sanctum at: ... NB: TICKET TO THE EVENT NOT INCLUDED! You will need a separate ticket but can upgrade until July 9 at earlybird prices.

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £50GBP

    YOU GET: A one hour massage during the Weekend with Malika from Sacred Pleasures - "nurturing, relaxing holistic massage. De-stress, unwind, let go... peace, relaxation and healing." We will put you in touch with Malika in advance to book an appropriate timeslot during the Weekend. More details on Malika and SP at: ... NB: TICKET TO THE EVENT NOT INCLUDED! You will need a separate ticket but can upgrade until July 9 at earlybird prices.

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £65GBP

    YOU GET: ONE TICKET to The Summer House for the climactic party between 19:00 and 03:00 on Saturday 17th August (no overnight stay allowed, sorry!) • PLUS the ENTIRE BACKERS' PACK as featured under "Rewards" to the left • All guests agree to be accompanied at the event and to follow our code of conduct • [These are cheapest prices, buying later will cost more!]

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £80GBP
    THE SUNNING FISH Sat+Sun tix

    YOU GET: ONE TICKET for all of Sat and Sun • Includes access to ALL GROUP WORKSHOPS and entertainment (private practitioners extra) • PLUS exclusive crowdfunder opportunity to put a message inside the WELCOME PACK • Download of CROWD PHOTO taken from the lawn on Sat • Downloadable MEMENTO PDF • PLUS The ENTIRE BACKERS' PACK listed under "Rewards" to the left • Guests agree to be accompanied and to follow our code of conduct • [These are cheapest prices, buying later will cost more!]

    8 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £90GBP
    UNICORN'S HORN - W'end ticket

    YOU GET: ONE TICKET for the entire weekend • ALL GROUP WORKSHOPS and entertainment Fri-Sun (private practitioners may be extra) • INVITATION to CROWDFUNDERS RECEPTION on Fri eve • ALL REWARDS in the PREVIOUS TIER including welcome pack, crowd shot download, memento PDF • PLUS The ENTIRE BACKERS' PACK listed under "Rewards" to the left • Guests agree to be accompanied at event and to follow our code of conduct • [These are cheapest prices, buying later will cost more!]

    46 out of 60 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £100GBP

    YOU GET: A one hour private session during the Weekend with either Faerie or Claire from Sacred Pleasures: "An exquisite journey into intense sensation and surrender". We put you in touch with Sacred Pleasures so you can choose your practitioner and book an appropriate timeslot during the Weekend. More details on Claire and Faerie at: ... NB: TICKET TO THE EVENT NOT INCLUDED! You will need a separate ticket but can upgrade until July 9 at earlybird prices.

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £125GBP

    YOU GET: 3 hrs of Tobias's expertise / labour on your project up to Jun 2014. (Nothing weird please - Lon or web-based work; expenses extra. Examples: music composing/ recording; event production or promotion; performer booking; Photoshop + video editing; training in social media / Wordpress; digital marketing help; crowdfunding advice; computer / iPhone/iPad setup or training; brainstorming...Want more blocks of time? Order more of this perk! Includes THE BACKERS' PACK (left) but no tickets.

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  • £180GBP
    HORNY UNICORNS (2 tix,no food)

    YOU GET: TWO weekend tickets with all the same rewards and access listed as part of "The Unicorn's Horn" package above • [You can upgrade later to add extra if needed.]

    24 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    HUNGRY UNICORNS (2 x w'end+)

    YOU GET: Dinner for two on Friday night and Saturday night and breakfast for two on Saturday morning and Sunday morning (drink not included). PLUS one massage each • PLUS TWO weekend tickets with all the same rewards and access listed as part of "The Unicorn's Horn" package above • [You can upgrade later to add extra guests if needed.]

    6 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    SNOOZING UNICORNS 2w'end glamp

    YOU GET: A beautiful canvas Blue Bell Tent rental pre-pitched for you with mattress, linen, duvet and pillows, flooring, lighting • Dinner for two on Friday night and Saturday night and breakfast for two on Saturday morning and Sunday morning (drink not included) • PLUS TWO tickets with all the same rewards and access listed as part of "The Unicorn's Horn" package above • [You can upgrade later to add extra guests and dining if needed.]

    6 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    DOZING HOUSEKEEPER 2 ppl + bed

    YOU GET: BEDROOM for 2 on private top floor of house (no en-suite, shared access to 2 bathrooms on same floor) • CHOOSE NAME of one of the ROOMS/AREAS in the House • Dinner on Fri and Sat night, breakfast on Sat and Sun for two (drink not included) • Return COACH for two from Lon or local station • TWO tickets with all the same rewards and access as "The Unicorn's Horn" package above • Your pledge helps subsidise two guests to come on "low income" tickets • [You can upgrade to add more if req'd]

    0 out of 0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
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