In 2009 a documentary team went looking for proof of the supernatural...Unfortunately for them, they found it.

Newsline -New Orleans, LA. Iron Dragon LTD, a Louisiana based media company, has announced that it has finally regained its footage to the ill-fated 2009 paranormal investigation, now to be released as THE STUART HOUSE RECORDINGS .

In the summer of 2009, New Orleans based paranormal investigation team, Paranormal Searchers, disappeared during an investigation to a supposed haunted house. To date police have given no comment on the disappearance of the team.

“When one thinks of Louisiana, most rarely think of it as a location for paranormal events of the spiritual kind. But in New Orleans there is thought to reside one of the most active haunting in the Northern Hemisphere”, says Nick Pope of the Axomic Foundation For The investigation Of The Preternatural

“We have been working with the estate of the missing Professor Matt Adler”, says Lancelot Mallia of Iron Dragon LTD. “And after a protracted legal fight with the authorities, we have finally obtained the footage. We agree with his estate that the Stuart House Recordings need to be seen and not covered up."

Doctor Jonathan Hargrave, of the University of New Orleans, and colleague of Professor Adler, believes otherwise. “Yes, Matt went looking for proof of the paranormal, and unfortunately I think he found what he was looking for. But I have to emphasize, what he found should remain sealed. The tapes, the files, everything dealing with the Stuart House should be destroyed.”

“I have been shooting documentaries for years, this footage is like nothing I have ever seen”, says Kevin Bingham, producer for THE STUART HOUSE RECORDINGS. "I will admit, however that we have been plagued by problems. We’ve had to increase our security due to several unexplained break-ins at the studio. Despite the problems we intend to release THE STUART HOUSE RECORDINGS on time."

This is not the first time that problems have occurred surrounding the Stuart House, according to authorities. Doctor Jonathan Stuart the builder and original owner of the house disappeared along with his housekeeper Miyuki Ishakawa, under unusual circumstances in June of 1971.

Also, in 1974, Doctor Stephen Kaplan, well known debunker of The Amityville Horror investigated Stuart House, resulting in the tragic death of his colleague, Doctor Mary Leter.

THE STUART HOUSE RECORDINGS will be released to the public in 2011.


Hello to everyone out there! We would like to thank for your interest in “The Stuart House Recordings”. If you haven't already figured it out by now, this is a fictional documentary

Our goal is to create 21st century ghost story, using a mixture of websites, background footage, and other new medias. The end result, is an immersive multi-dimensional tale of terror. 

We are a pair of dedicated film makers, and we've got a motivated and highly imaginative crew. We need your help to raise funds.

“The Stuart House Recordings” is the first part of a planned series of movies, that we hope to establish with your contributions.

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Lancelot J Mallia & Kevin J Bingham


Genre: Documentary(Found Footage), Horror, Supernatural Thriller
Format: HD
Length: 90 min
Language: English (Japanese & German subtitles)
Script: Kevin Bingham & Lancelot Jean Mallia
Directors: Lancelot Jean Mallia & Kevin Bingham 
Producers: Kevin Bingham

Created By: