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The Spirit of Junkanoo is a full length documentary that will cover the world renown Bahamian street festival Junkanoo.
The Spirit of Junkanoo
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Chicago, Illinois
United States
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Short Summary

 The co-directors of this documentary, The Spirit of Junkanoo, are Jamaar J and Cam Be. Jamaar J, a Bahamian-American, has seen and been captivated by Junkanoo from an early age, and after experiencing Junkanoo, a passion arose to produce a film that will captivate the spirit of Junkanoo. His passion for Junkanoo extended beyond himself to his cousin and friend, Cam Be. Hailing from the Chicagoland area, Cam Be is an Emmy Award winning videographer, and his work stands out from amongst the rest. Their collective creativity, passion, history, experience, and artist wit will put this film at the forefront of the film industry.They have worked on several film projects together over the years. They are also joined by a third member and glue of the team, Cyril Jervis.

Junkanoo is the national street festival of the Bahamas. It is held annually on Boxing Day, December 26th in Nassau, Bahamas. The festivities start on Bay Street. On Bay (Bay Street), many Junkanoo groups hit the streets one by one to  battle it out to be crowned the best. As they are "rushing" down Bay Street, droves of people cheer on their favorite group. It all comes to a head as each group arrives at Rawson Square where the competition intensifies; here, each group is  judged on theme, costumes, music, choreography and more.

Since Junkanoo is a celebration and expression for freedom, we are launching this Indiegogo campaign for the documentary The Spirit of Junkanoo. The Bahamas gained their independence forty-one years ago on July 10th. As a way to pay homage to this important event, we are looking to bring awareness and appreciation to Junkanoo. 

In the film The Spirit of Junkanoo, we will cover the past, present and future of Junkanoo. Also, we will look at its importance in Bahamian culture and significance to the world as a whole. 

What We Need & What You Get

We are looking to raise $10,000 to finish production of this film. The funds will be used to cover travel expenses (filming of the event, interviews, archives), fees, equipment, and production costs to finalize this documentary.

We are excited to supply you the with authentic official Spirit of Junkanoo Merchandise in return for financial contribution. As a thanks for contributions, donors (based on each financial gift) will receive one or more of the following:  key chain, movie poster, T-Shirts  and/or original prints from Boxing Day.

If the entire goal of $10,000 is not met, we will use the funds provided for continued production of the film. With the funds raised, we will focus on what is most important to insure that the film is well done and finished strong. 

    The Impact 

    The theme of Junkanoo is one of freedom. This is a theme that resinates with many throughout the world. Its history extends beyond the Bahamas: the Caribbean and the Carolinas. There are many world festivals from Carnival (Brazil/Trinidad), to Caribana (Toronto) and Notting Hill Carnival (London) that are celebrated in a similar fashion  to Junkanoo. This is something that millions around the world can relate to.

    We feel an urgent need to finish this film project very soon. Due of the passing of several Junkanoo pioneers, we don't want to miss capturing first hand the history of Junkanoo from the ones who were there when is started. There are still many Junkanooers alive today that were instrumental in making Junkanoo what it is today, and their part in this festival must be heard. 

    You can help us capture history. 

    Risks & Challenges

    Since the inception of the film in 2011, there have been various risks and challenges. There was a risk in taking on the project. We knew the passion for the project would propel us, but we could not be sure of the success; however, we have been able to interview legends (that have since passed) and get behind the scenes footage. We have had to sacrifice time away from our families and jobs, spending countless hours working on this film. There has been great financial sacrifice as well. With a three or four person team (Jamaar J, Cam Be and Cyril Jervis and/or Jerome Jervis) working on the film things can become very expensive.  We have spent countless hours (of valuable time/without pay) and thousands of dollars out of our own pockets to come as far as we have and just want to finish it up. We have interviews ready to go but need the funds to take out our three man crew get there the locations.  We have clearance to get archived footage that we need to travel to retrieve so that we can finish our film.

      Other Ways You Can Help

      If you are unable to contribute, you can't still help:

      Help us get the word out! If you know people may be able to help us with this project, send them the link.

      Also you can use the Indiegogo share tools and send our campaign out to all your social media friends!


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      $10,000 USD goal
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      This campaign ended on August 22, 2014
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      • $50USD
        Key Chain

        Key chain baring the official movie title.

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      • $100USD
        Movie Poster

        Official Spirit of Junkanoo movie poster.

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      • $200USD

        Official Spirit of Junkanoo T-Shirt M-XXL

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      • $500USD
        Merchandise Packet

        Official Spirit of Junkanoo Merchandise Combo Key Chain, Signed Movie Poster & T-Shirt

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      • $1,000USD
        Super Merchandise Packet

        Key Chain, Signed Movie Poster, T-Shirt & Original Print

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      • $2,000USD
        2000 up We will contact you.

        We can talk about the perks and prizes

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