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Esther Armah hosts a 1 hour,weekly syndicated radio show feat 20 badass brilliant women of color. Distributed by AAPRC, recorded @ NPR studios.Smart is sexy.
Esther Armah
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MY RADIO SHOW: 'THE SPIN: all women media panel', a weekly one hour syndicated radio show featuring 20 badass brilliant women of color commentators from the worlds of acadaemia, arts, activism, journalism take on the big issues of the day too long dominated by straight white men.

THE CAMPAIGN: THE SPIN: #40for40, that is $40,000 in 40 days to cover 6 months' production, studio and programming costs. PLEASE DONATE

THE FORMAT: Recorded at NPR studios, co-produced and distributed by the AAPRC Network,  an organization committed to increasing diverse voices in public radio, serving 70  NPR, public, community and HBCU radio stations with programs weekly. 

WHY SHOULD YOU CONTRIBUTE? The Women's Media Center just released its third annual report THE STATUS OF WOMEN IN THE US MEDIA 2014. For the first time, there was a racial breakdown in the numbers. The conclusion? Not enough women of color. More women of color are needed on the mic, on the small screen, to have influence, to exercise power.

MY RESOLUTION: Critique the narrative. Create the counter-narrative. In other words, build the media you say you want. Build it brilliantly. That's what 'THE SPIN: all women media panel is: top quality progressive independent radio with women of color talking to as much of the US and world as possible. On this show, we talk social justice, politics, culture, love, gender, race.

WHO AM I? Hi. I'm the host and creator of this show, Esther Armah. I live in New York. I'm an award winning international journalist, a political commentator on MSNBC, a Contributing Writer on I was host of Pacifica WBAI's morning show 'Wake Up Call' for which The Nation magazine named me 'Most Valuable NYC Local Radio Host' in their 2012 Progressive Honors Roll.  That's where this started - as a 30 minute segment, I built it, researched, read, met and engaged with more brilliant women of color until a roster was created. I am a former BBC journalist, I am a writer, and someone who has never broken up from her love affair with radio. I am somebody who deeply loves the media.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: Your donation.. $40k in 40 days means 6 months production and programming costs. Here's the budget breakdown:-

BUDGET TOTALS: 26 WEEKS = 6 MONTHS production and programming costs


BUDGET BREAKDOWN: 6 months production costs



 Technical Editor...................................3,640



THE IMPACT: Your contribution protects the independence of this new show. Your contribution makes you part of the production team. It is crucial to this show's success.

(MORE ) ABOUT ME: My name is Esther Armah, I am an international award winning journalist, a political commentator, a playwright and a radio host. I've been a journalist for 15 years across radio, print, tv; first in London, across Africa and now here in New York. I am a former BBC journalist; I made radio documentaries, hosted current affairs shows, radio shows, worked on production, I hosted a daily morning show here in New York for which I received 'The Nation's 'Most Valuable in NY Local Radio' in their 2012 Progressive Honor Roll. I am a political commentator on MSNBC, and have appeared on 'All In with Chris Hayes', Melissa Harris Perry, 'Up with Steve Kornacki', 'Weekends with Alex Witt', NewsNation with Tamron Hall, 'Up with Chris Hayes' (before he changed shows). I am a Contributing Writer for I have always done both mainstream and independent media. I am a playwright: my 4th play 'SAVIOUR?' is running in Chicago's eta Creative Arts Foundation now until May 11th.

ON THE MIC: The Spin's Specialist Contributors: Each week you will hear from three women commentators. Those three women come from a rostrum of 20 brilliant black and brown women from the worlds of acadaemia, activism, journalism, art. They are in alphabetical order:- asha bandele - award winning journalist, editor and author; Monifa Bandele - Campaign director, veteran organizer, policy analyst; Professor Anthea Butler - Scholar; Dr Yaba Blay - Scholar, Producer, Publisher, Author; Staceyann Chin - award winning poet and author; Dr Brittney Cooper - Scholar and contributing writer; Professor Johanna Fernandez - Scholar, author and producer; Dr Christina Greer - Fordham political scientist and author; dream hampton - film-maker and writer; Shani Jamila - human rights advocate and artist; Charisse Jones - Journalist and award winning author; Professor Blair Kelley - scholar and author; Jamilah Lemieux - Journalist and Editor; Dr Aletha Maybank - medical doctor, preventive medicine, public health, and health inequities; Joan Morgan - Critically acclaimed author, award winning journalist and cultural critic; Imani Perry - Princeton professor and author; Sofia Quintero - activist and film-maker; Bhakti Shringapure - Scholar and Editor ,April Silver - social entrepreneur, writer arts and activism; Salamishah Tillet - scholar and author.


THE PARTNERSHIP: Loretta Rucker, Founding Executive Director of the African American Public Radio consortium is Executive Producer of this project. Loretta is the vision behind Michele Martin's 'Tell me More'. Loretta on The Spin: "The Spin" is a great example of why we created the African-American Public Radio Consortium's program service. Seven years ago the Consortium was fortunate to partner with NPR and work with Michel Martin to create her own radio talk show "Tell Me More" which still broadcasts on over 100 NPR stations today. Now operating our own network, Esther Armah has inspired us once again to step forward and work with a gifted host to develop this new iteration of cutting edge content, created by women of color. I invite you to an unforgettable weekly foray into the minds of brilliant and ethnically, culturally, religiously and professionally diverse women."


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