The Soundala Temple Project

A Sound Healing Temple that utilizes ancient art forms of Vibrational healing, creating a powerful and safe vehicle for personal and community transformation.

Who wants a SNEAK PEAK to the Lotus Flower Cymatics Display being incorporated into the Soundala Temple? ONLY 20 HOURS LEFT TO CONTRIBUTE!!! TO Manifest this amazing peice, we need to raise $965!!!


Lotus Flower


Step inside the Soundala and experience CYMATICS (visual presentation of sound on matter) in real time! Come visit the Lotus Flower Centerpiece, where lasers are being refracted through a clear water displaying complex patterns and tones. The Lotus Flower Display is fully interactive, where you can come and adjust the frequencies coming from the flower, play instruments hooked up to the flower and SEE how sound really affects the body.

We will be setting up microphones and instruments around the display for people to play, including tonal instruments such as crystal bowls and tuning forks, along with didgeridoos and drums. We encourage ALL participants to bring anything they would like to see affecting the display.

Objective: To spread awareness of the effects of vibrations on the world around us and in ourselves, based off the science of Cymatics. Cymatics is the study of the visible manifestation of vibrations. When sound waves travel through matter, many interesting and beautiful patterns can be observed. These patterns take various different visual forms, from simple ripples to complex sacred geometric shapes that are repeated throughout the universe.

Vision: To co-create a multi-sensory and healing experience of light, touch and sound through the vibrations of sound waves, by creating a connected collection of Cymatics-Driven art displays. This display attempts to deepen the understanding of how sound really affects the body. IT HAS REAL PHYSICAL CHANGES.


We hope to bring a unique and interactive experience that encompasses and spreads knowledge from many different fields, ranging from scientific to spiritual, in an attempt to raise awareness that everything in our universe is ONE, everything is VIBRATION!

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Receive a 1st Edition Geo Glyphiks canvas for contributing!

The Purpose of this Project:

Renee Cruz: Founder of the Soundala ProjectAlong my life's journey, I have found that I can be considered many things: A friend, a daughter, a wife, a woman and beyond... But above all else, I AM SOUND. I am a walking symphony of harmonic vibration.  And so is everyone and everything else…

Five years ago, I discovered sound in a way that I have never experienced before and it transformed my life forever. I discovered the human body is an orchestra of sounds. Every energy center, every organ, every bone, every tissue, every cell, every DNA stran has its own resonant frequency, its own vibration and sound.  My spirit felt like it had awoken into a new world of infinite possibilities.  I knew in those moments, I truly was given a glimpse into the world that is vibrantly alive, interconnected, and constantly striving for harmony.   

"Thermodynamic Horizon" By Adam Scott Miller

The Soundala Temple structure will utilize cutting edge techniques employed in sound and resonance therapy, targeting the senses to promote the self to return to its optimal state of sonic balance. From this space of emotional receptivity, we are able to better access healthier choice discernment patterns, creative and imaginative thinking capacities, and objective experiential perspectives.  Creating new expansive pathways of life prospective can have dramatically positive effects on our sense of happiness and well-being.  This is the essence of Soundala Project: The development of a safe, healthy, and comfortable container that can help facilitate positive personal and community transformation.

Design Plans & Funding Resource Breakdown:

Soundala Digital Design By Jalai LamaThis portable 8-sided Octagon structure represents infinity and the rebirth of the self. The structure will be solely handcrafted and designed with sound acoustic technology. It will consist of poles and beams to create the shape that slot together using peg, post, and beam technique. The canvas for the top will be custom made. The roof will be made from Tipi-like material, a very strong material that will still allow airflow, protect from the elements, and can be painted to enhance aesthetics in the future.  Example of Lotus WallsThe structure will be approximately 22 ft. in diameter, 6 ft. tall at the main entrance, with a maximum height of 10-12 ft. at its central apex.  We will use a CNC machine to make stylistic modifications on the archways and attaching arrowhead accents.  Additionally all wood with be clear coated and weather proofed and structurally double reinforced to ensure integrity in acclimate conditions.  

The sides of this structure will be able fold down and open up like a Lotus flower, revealing the inside of the Soundala. Airflow can be controlled by solar shades that will drop down from the sides. When the walls are open, the shades will maximize sound reduction and comfort levels as needed from the sun, wind and other elements. 

Itemized Budget List:

Lumber, Paint, Tent, Exterior Lighting, & Labor:

Lumber (Frame, Walls, Interior staging) - $1200

CNC Machine Rental Costs - $400

Paint & Sealer - $200

Tent & Tarping - $950

Lighting - $400

Labor - $2250 (60 hrs Master Carpenter & 60 hours unskilled labor)

STRUCTURE TOTAL:  $2950 without labor costs   //  $5150 with labor costs 

Inside Additives (All furniture weather resistant, waterproof and washable)

Seating, throw pillows, tapestries, art supplies, art subcontracts - $1250

Interior Lighting - $300

Auxillary chords, splitters, surge protectors, extention protectors - $200

Inside Turf - $300


For a comprehensive breakdown of the materials list please click here!

*Additional Funding will be used to add weathering support modifications and to resource the volunteers who graciously helped by contributing to our promotional video, design sketches, and campaign development team. 

The Greater Impact for our Community:

The Soundala Digital Rendering Front ViewThe Mandala is an ancient art form most recognized through its long storied use in Tibetan Buddhism.  The mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “world in harmony.” In Tibetan Buddhism, a mandala is a symmetrical symbolic pattern that is contemplated on during meditation.  Every color, design, and object orientation in the mandala has great significance, representing an element of creation, an aspect of critical wisdom or some guiding principle in one’s quest to obtaining a harmonious lifestyle.  The Soundala Temple acts in similar capacities as the ancient mandala, using sound, resonance and vibration as catalysts for achieving balance of body, mind, and spirit for those who enter.

My intention is to create a portable structure that fuses together vast scientific knowledge of resonance healing with ancient architectural and creative techniques honored by some of our world’s most cherished spiritual traditions. With the help of veteran craftsman and artisan Joel Whittaker, we will create an octagon based sound therapy free-standing experiential mandala structure.  This geometric sound healing chamber will be hand crafted, complete with ornate visual artistry and will house a bevy of both traditional and modern resonance therapy tools to create the Soundala Temple; a mandala of symbiotic sound. 

Material Perks Photos:

SolAwakening Postcard (Included in all offers):

SolAwakening Postcard By Erial Ali

Early Access Code to Stream the Soundala Temple Project Documentary (Included in $15 Perk)


SolAwakening Sticker & Patch (Included in all offers $25 & up)

SolAwakening Patch & Sticker!

Himalayan USB Salt Lamp (Included in $50, $400 & Up)

USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

Platonic Solids Stone Set - Choose from quartz, lapis, smoky, moonstone, or labradorite (Included in $75, $1000, & $2500)

Rose Quartz platonic Solid Set

Geo Glyphiks Visionary Art 18" x 7" canvas (Included in $125 & $1000) - Additional shipping costs for international contributors. 

"We Choose Paradise" By Geo Glyphiks

Geo Glyphiks Visionary Art 24" x 9" (Included in $200 & $2500)

"We Choose Paradise" By Geo Glyphiks

Hand Crafted Blue Tongue Didgeridoo (Included in $400)

Blue Tongue Didgeridoos

10" Frosted Cyrstal Singing Bowl (Included in $500)

10" Frosted Crystal Meditation Bowl

16" Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl (Included in $1000)

16" Frosted Crystal Bowl

18" Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl, Flight & ticket to Rootwire Festival 2013!! (Included in $3000)

20" Frosted Crystal Meditation Bowl

Come Join us at Rootwire Music & Arts Festival!

* Important Note on Commermorative Plaques:  For offerings between $200 - $400, your name will be added to a commemorative plaque within the Soundala Temple Project. For offerings of $1000 & $3000, your name will be featured on an individual commerative plaque as an honorary Co-Producer of the Soundala Temple Project! Full names, family names, and business names only.  No websites & promotional info of any kind will be used for the plaques. 

*Important Shipping Note* - Additional rates for shipping large perks and international shipping will apply for each perk.  Please send an email to Renee@Solawakening.com for estimates on international shipping charges.  

Other Ways You Can Help!


Special Thanks!

Thank you!! I want to send out love & appreciation to all of the hearts and hands who have made this project possible:

Design partner & Architect Joel Whittaker

Promotional Video Production By Christopher Essey of Thinking Eye Productions

Digital installation design By Jalai Lama

Geo GlyphiksAutumn SkyeAdam Scott Miller, & Erial Ali for use of their Visionary Art

Vibrasphere for the music used in the promotional video

Rootwire Music & Arts Festival and Solpurpose for the inspiration! 

My husband Ehren, family, friends, and most of all ~ ALL OF YOU ~ for making this dream possible!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

.:Visit www.solawakening.com for more on Sound Healing and Renee Cruz:.

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