The Solar system: Explore Your Backyard

Help us to finish this educational program designed to make the 'Experience' of learning more fun and intuitive, starting with 'The Solar System'.

First off, I would like to give everyone a HUGE 'Thank you!' for their truly amazing kindness. It’s thanks to people like you that this project has been able to get on its feed and really get that last push to get it done.

We have set a release date of May 21, 2012. It’s coming up quickly I know, but we feel it’s best to get the product out there for others to enjoy sooner rather than later.

Everyone who has contributed to this project will be contact within the next few days thanking you for your help. Those eligible for a free download will receive a copy of the product at this time (digital download). Everyone who is eligible for the 'Thank You' letter/card may need to hold on a little longer, You know, mailing service and all.


There are a few people who are missing their names in Indiegogo, so you may be contacted separately to obtain your proper name which may be required for the credits. (We are fine with using your Indiegogo name or removing your name entirely if you wish.)


Again, I thank you all SO much for all your kindness and truly hope you all enjoy running around this project as much as I have. :)


My Story

  Hey everybody. My name's Christopher Albeluhn. I would first like to thank you for taking the time to read my post.

  I have been in the video game industry for just over 7 years, and have worked on some great games with some amazing people, but life always throws the odd curve ball and i found myself unemployed. I needed to update my portfolio, so i began to create planet Earth in a video game engine as a simple test for a shader idea. It started out small, but quickly grew into a fully functioning solar system. I decided early on; If it were ever completed, that i would share it with the public. Every night i began making it bigger, better, and more of what I wanted to see in a space program.

  Before i knew it, i had all 8 planets (I am SO sorry Pluto), the sun and the Asteroid belt. They all had correct rotations, orbits, locations and speeds; their moons, information regarding the planets and their facts. All of these were fine, but i wanted something more, so i added in the constellations, all 88 of them.

  This went on for some time, but i never really told anyone. Not until my roommate posted a link to www.Reddit.com of a video i created, (located on Youtube so i could link my website to it), did i realize the potential this has. Within 24 hours it made it to the front page and the video received 50,000 hits.

  I was blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response. Ever since then I have received countless e-mails asking when it will be released, so that's what I'm working on now.

  As technology grows, so should the way we learn. Computers are no longer huge machines hidden in basements, they can fit in your hand. The technology this product is based off of can be transferred to the Iphone, and that is what i have planned for it in the future, however that is planned for after its PC release which is what i need your help with.

  Please check out the website and Facebook page for a more detailed description and the latest screen shots of the project. They are both constantly being updated.



 The Impact

   How we learn: I’m not sure about you, but growing up I was much more interested in things I could touch and hold than books I had to read. Knex, Legos, 3d puzzles; These are all toys, but they still teach kids about structure, stability and the forces of the world around them such as kinetic forces and gravity. As a kid I always wished I could experience the cosmos through something more than paper or TV documentaries; Something more tangible that I had complete control over. I wanted to fly trough space, see the rings of Jupiter, the storms on Mars, or the chaotic world of the Asteroid Belt

   That’s what this project has slowly turned itself into over the past few months. I want to give the world what I wish I had as a child, as i wish it looked like.

What I Need & What You Get

    I am looking to raise money for the following reasons:

1 - Living expences. I want to focus all my time into getting this finished, approved, put online and available for everyone to enjoy.

2 - The game engine license needs purchasing

3 - Outsourcing is required for Writing and Coding.

4 - Website creation / coding. Although one is currently put up, it was created by me and there are a lot of aspects that i don't know about.

5 - All remaining money will be used to port this onto the IPhone.


    As a huge 'Thank You' to everyone who helps, I am offering a few things back.

With a $10 Pledge: Your name will be posted on the websites official "Special Thanks" section.

With a $25 Pledge: You'll get the above, plus a downloadable copy of the game on its release.

With a $50 Pledge: You will receive the above, plus a letter directly from me thanking you for this extremely kind donation.

With a $75 Pledge: You will receive the above, plus your name in the credits of the IPod/IPad release planned for after the PC version is released.


Other Ways You Can Help

    I understand that not everyone is able to donate, but word of mouth can go a long way. Share this with your friends, like us on Facebook or link videos of the project on forums.

    It is amazing how a little bit can go a long way. Take my roommate for example, a 2 minute post turned into insane support through Reddit (Thanks to everyone on Reddit by the way).


A quick update:

So I have achieved the financial security I wanted to complete this project while surviving for the next few months.

So with any further investment I would like to start using the capital towards providing 'The Solar System' and hardware to schools and educational venues.

I'm not sure about the financial costs but these are the objectives and a rough idea of how much it might cost. Advice and comments would be very appreciated if anyone can think of a good way of using this capital to provide 'The Solar System' for educational purposes.

Edited With $13000 I can donate some copies of 'The Solar System' (either on ipads or with a projection system) to Science World in Vancouver BC. This is pending a conversation with them and confirmation, otherwise we will donate these items to another educaitonal venue.

Edited With $16000 we will start handing out pc versions for free to school and educational institutions locally. The amount of licences and which educational venues are still being considered. Hardware will also be included where it can be afforded and is necessary. Or alternatively we can possibly invest in some Ipads with the application installed that we can donate.


Thanks for taking the time to view my post and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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