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This campaign is to help raise money to cover the vet bills and aid in the successful prosecution of the person who needlessly shot and killed Slinky!
Tim Hardtke
Lake Tapps, Washington
United States
1 Team Member

My name is Heideh Sohi, I am a 25 year old peer specialist and I work in community mental health with the severely mentally ill. I have owned Slinky for 2.5 years since we rescued him.  We came to find out that his previous owners kicked him out the when he was a puppy during a major snow storm because he had chewed up some of the owner's couch. The guy straight up left him for dead and wanted nothing more to do with him. This man was the fourth owner to Slinky and he was only five months old.

Luckily for my boyfriend and myself my mother found him and even though he was shivering and starving on her front door step making our other dog nuts, she took him in and nursed him back to health. She called us and asked if we could help find his owners. We put up flyers around the neighborhood and ran ads on craigslist for a lost puppy but got zero responses.

My boyfriend Tim and I have been together for almost 5 years and we don't plan on having any children until after I finish grad school, so we decided to adopt the puppy because he was just the cutest little thing we had ever seen and we wanted a family so we treated him like our baby. We raised him in our apartment that we have been in for the past 3 years. There are only 12 units in our entire complex and everyone else that has dogs and little kids loved to be around Slinky. Nobody had ever expressed any concern and we never had a single incident ever as he simply wasn't "THAT DOG" that you had to watch out for or even had a slight concern about. He would run free with the other neighbor dogs and children all the time in the grass and just play. He was so full of life and love that it was just amazing to watch! 

Slinky was a neutered male, 34 months old, American Staffordshire Terrier-Shar Pei mix, brindle in color, 65 pounds. He was very affectionate, high energy, playful, silly, very submissive, he loved to run. Slinky loved every dog he met and was persistent in getting others to play even if they tried to chase him away. Slinky changed the hearts of every person he met. He was the true meaning of what I call a "Lover Boy" - a big, loving, lick happy, lap dog. He loved to play games, I worked his whole life to train him and make sure he would never act in a way that could be misinterpreted as aggressive, I teased him constantly and he loved it, thinking everything was a game that would end in kisses and a treat.

Having Slinky in our lives was a magical story from the beginning. We had never in our wildest dreams imagined that we could have such a deep and meaningful love affair with a pet. He slept at the foot of our bed and spent all of his time trying to cuddle with us on the couch and we took him everywhere with us. When we would drive in the car he would place his head on our shoulders for the entire car ride, he was just the sweetest thing! We threw him birthday parties and organized play dates and BBQ's with other friends who had dogs and he had his own Christmas stocking hanging next to ours during the holidays. He was truly a member of our family and we loved him like I could only imagine we would love our own child.

He gave us the best 2 and 1/2 years of our lives and we thank God everyday for bringing him into our lives and enriching our spirits and showing us what we have to look forward to once we finally have our own children. He taught us the true meaning of unconditional love and acceptance for all. His love didn't have boundaries like humans do. He was so free and willing to love any being that he came across no matter what form it took from humans to other dogs or cats. He is already so dearly missed that it is hard writing this and the sad reality is trying to sum up our love for him in these very few and short paragraphs is absolutely impossible. 


Tragically Slinky was violently ripped out of our home the night of Sunday June 30th, 2013.


Around 11pm I let Slinky out to potty, he always comes back after a minute or two so I sat down on my couch and accidentally fell asleep. The next thing I know the Pierce County Sheriff Department knocked on my door, told me my dog and been shot and to come deal with him. He refused to tell me who shot Slinky and told me it didn't matter and that Slinky should have been on a leash. Slinky was laying in the right side of the building (opposite side of where the shooter lives) curled up in a ball bleeding heavily. I could not tell where he was shot, but had been shot with a .40 caliber hollow point bullet. 


I took him to the Sumner Animal Hospital where I was told the Slinky had been shot in the face, the bullet went into his upper lip below his nose, blew out three teeth and went into his neck where it shattered. His tongue was severely mangled, the vet referred to it as "hamburger" when he spoke to me, he reconstructed it as best as he could. I went and saw Slinky the next day, his face was swollen to twice the size, he was coughing a lot to get the blood off his trachea, like when a person is  coughing  up phlegm. He was limping and having difficulty walking because the bullet fragments caused a lot of inflammation in the area. There was still a lot of bleeding in his drool and coming out of his nose.


Slinky was able to swallow, but not moving his tongue. The next day around 4:30pm I went to see Slinky again, they had to place an NG tube for him (they used 24 staples to attach it to his face and head so he would not tear it out)  because he had vomitted the food he had been fed by syringe earlier and it was bloody as his intestines had become lazy, likely because he had not eaten. Slinky had also developed aspirative pneumonia because of all the blood he ingested. The vet techs had to carry Slinky in with a leash and sling (he had shown his distain for the cone my going limp much like with a bath, but he was up and walking around up until that point) when he saw me he tried to run toward me but slipped due to being carried with a sling and was excitedly wagging his tail. I took all of these as good signs, he seemed to have a lot of spunk despite his extensive injuries. The vet said that she had a chance to look at his tongue and said part of it was black and blue meaning it was not getting enough circulation, but that the bleeding had stopped.


At 1:30am I got a call from the vet saying that Slinky had gone blind that night and become unable to use his limbs. Slinky went into cardiac arrest, they revived him but he had to be intubated and his heart rate was way down. The vet called to ask permission to euthanize Slinky as the bullet fragments had likely moved to places that were causing unknown issues and his quality of life would not be good and would have severe deficits if he did live. They stopped breathing for him and he died on his own immediately. He live for 50 hours after being shot. His bill totals $3032.89.


My landlord had spoken to the shooter and asked him what happened, he reported that Slinky had been walking around in his parking area and he had gone out to get something from his truck. He reported he went in and out of his apartment twice before getting his gun and shooting Slinky. The landlord asked him if that was the only resolution to the issue, he said yes. The landlord asked why he did not stay in his home or call the police he said his phone was in his truck-although the landlord said he uses a landline to contact him and he has a wife who also has a cell phone. He told my landlord that Slinky was "staring him down" and "charging him" although that story was found to be conflicting with a witness story. My landlord felt that the shooter was looking for a reason to discharge his weapon and obviously does not know how to interpret dog behavior, he said he was terrified of dogs although I have seen his wife walking two small dogs in the past. These people have lived here at least a year and a half and I have never met them. There are only 12 apartments here and Slinky knows everyone here including several neighbors in the surrounding area. Slinky has made friends with every dog and every person here. Everyone who has met Slinky knows his good character. He has always played with the dozen or so children in this area on a daily basis. The shooter and his family and being evicted because of his actions.


I spoke with the neighbor(s) who saw Slinky about 5 seconds before he was shot as he was sitting just outside their bedroom window barking, he looked at Slinky and told him to be quiet, Slinky looked at him, looked back and kept barking. They then heard the gunshot, he was shot in the exact same place they saw him barking. They reported that Slinky was NOT growling or charging (the sound of Slinky's collar when he runs is loud and distinct). The neighbor took a photo of the place where he was shot, the pool of blood was significant, early in the morning the shooter's wife was seen hosing down the blood. The witness is a LDS missionary so I will not provide his information out of respect, he has given his statement to the sheriff.


We have given everything we had to get Slinky the help he needed at the time he was still alive as they required money up front for services. We have nothing left to give in the form of "perks" except our love in the form of thank you cards. My boyfriend is a Reiki Master and is willing to set up a time to send distance Reiki to whoever wishes to receive it for themselves or even a loved one that is suffering from any type of illness. More info on Reiki can be found at WWW.REIKI.ORG


Please help us in bringing civil and criminal charges against this guy who murdered our baby boy! He was never attacked and never in any danger and he returned to his apartment 2 times before grabbing his gun on the 3rd and walking back outside and shooting Slinky as he sat in the grass between the two apartment buildings. He later told his neighbor who loved Slinky that he "Put that Pit Bull DOWN"


Every cent that is donated will go towards the vet bills and the attorney fee's. If there is anything left over we will donate it to another animal rescue organization as we have zero intention on profiting on the death of our little lover boy. We want to hold this man accountable for his actions and if no laws are in place to protect against this type of animal cruelty then we plan on fighting to enact such laws so that other people will never have to know this kind of pain and suffering for absolutely NO reason! Slinky needs a voice and we plan on giving him one. We want the world to know that puppy profiling is NOT ok and that all dogs of certain breeds are not created equally. Thank you for considering giving him a voice and helping us with this matter. We raised him to be a good boy and he exceeded our expectations in every way! 


In closing, to all of our friends and family who read this and know Slinky, please take all of your anger that you feel towards this guy for this senseless killing and please let it go and offer the thought of him forgiveness. Please do not be the vessel of anger and unforgiveness as anger only hurts the person who carries it in their heart! Letting go doesn't mean that you accept that what he did was right, it just means that you are no longer willing to suffer because of him and what he has taken from us that we can never get back. Slinky was an ambassador of love and peace and I ask that all of you follow in his foot steps as we are trying so hard to do the same!


God Bless!

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